2 minutes Halloween hair tutorial – Two ponytails for a broken doll look

Are you in a hurry to pull a Halloween look that can blow everyone’s minds? Did you perfect your Halloween makeup and outfit and not sure what to do with your hair?. I am here for you. And today, I will give you an easy 2 minutes Halloween hair tutorial for you. Next time you are going for creative Halloween looks such as a broken doll, Harley Quin and more, You will know how to pull a hairstyle with it. What could be Halloween without a broken doll look especially hair look one?. Right !?.

2 minutes Halloween hair tutorial-two ponytails for a broken doll look
2 minutes Halloween hair tutorial-two ponytails for a broken doll look.

The 2 ponytails hair look is a cute girly look that is perfect for Halloween when it comes to dressing up but not having time to do much to the hair. It is such a simple style that not only requires no time but completes your overall look. I previously did cat hairstyles for Halloween using my hair to create 3 cat ears hairstyles. I love that all these Halloween hairstyles will draw attention to the art you did to your face and define your look more. Additionally, this hairstyle will save you money for not buying a wig to be used for one day and then throwing away.

I teased my hair till it became so big more like a doll hair.

  By the way, I am no way good at doing Halloween makeup looks. However, the broken doll look is easy too but takes some time. I only used two eye pencils; black to draw the veins and white to define them. you can check it in detail in The whole Halloween DIY broken doll costume.  Now let’s go back to the 2 minutes Halloween hair tutorial.

2 minutes Halloween hair tutorial

The 2 ponytails can be sported for any short, medium or long hair. If you have really short hair, you can tease your hair and put it in a double ponytail in each side. Also, it will add volume and fullness to the hair and give you that crazy look you want. I will touch on this technique after I explain the 2 ponytails hair look. But for now, Let’s talk about the 2 ponytails to complete your broken doll look.

2 minutes Halloween hair tutorial-two ponytails for a broken doll look

Step-by-step 2 ponytails

Since I want to have volume curly “crazy” hair look, I followed a simple natural wavy hair method. This method is basically putting your hair in a braid before going to sleep to wake up with naturally wavy hair. You can check the method in the link I provided in here. Then I followed these steps shown below:

  1. Release the braids if you want to follow the simple natural wavy hair method. Please ignore if you have naturally curly hair. The hairstyle will look perfect for naturally curly hair.
  2. Start by parting your hair vertically starting from forehead to the back of your head. So, it is divided into two equal parts.
  3. Pull one section and secure it with a tie that’s the same shade of your hair to create your first ponytail and start teasing the hair till you reach the hair look you desire. The messier the hair the more fun the final look will be. You can also spray with holding spray to lock in the volume and the look. I skipped spraying since I know my hair will keep its style.
  4. Now take the other section and repeat step 3.

Voila!. You have a messy, crazy broken doll look in 2 minutes. Now, If you have short hair or you want more volume, You can have 2 ponytails in each section. Below I explain how to achieve the double ponytail.

Step-by-step double ponytails for short hair and/or more volume and length

This method is perfect if you are seeking to have more hair and volume in your ponytail. I have seen celebrities doing this technique whenever I see ponytail style on them. The result will make your hair look like you has grown inches overnight while adding volume and thickness to the hair. All you need is 4 ties in the color of your choice and a brush and maybe some bobby pin to secure fly hair.

  1. After you part your hair vertically in which you have two equal section, then now part the sections horizontally from ears to ears so that you have 4 sections. Pin one side
  2. Work on the other by pulling the top section up into a half up half down look and secure it with a tie. tease it and pin it up so you can work with the beneath section.
  3. pull the beneath section into another ponytail. and get it close to the first ponytail. so now you will create the first double ponytail look.
  4. release the other side of the hair you pinned and repeat 2 and 3.
  5. texture the style by teasing your 4 ponytails to give the volume you need.
  6. secure your short fly hair with a bobby pin.

Ta-da!. You have now a crazy messy Halloween hair look. Plus, no one would tell that your hair is short and has no volume. This is one of the tricks I use whenever I want to have volume in my ponytail. It can work with one ponytail or two ponytails look.

2 ponytails for a broken doll look

2 minutes Halloween hair tutorial-two ponytails for a broken doll look

2 minutes Halloween hair tutorial-two ponytails for a broken doll look
2 minutes Halloween hair tutorial-two ponytails for a broken doll look
2 minutes Halloween hair tutorial-two ponytails for a broken doll look
Note: Do not mind my look. I was just trying to be in character

This Halloween hairstyle is incredibly easy to pull. I love to have it whenever I am going for any look that requires a girly doll style. In addition, you will have time to spend it on perfecting the Halloween makeup look.

Now that you have seen my 2 minutes Halloween hair tutorial, Do you like the outcome? Let me know in the comment below and if you plan to be a broken doll for Halloween this year, take a picture and tag #chez_rama and follow me on Instagram for more hairstyles and fashion looks. I will reshare it on my Instagram.

If you are interested in some more hairstyles then check retro hairstyles for long and short hair, and messy curly hair using a diffuser.

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Such a fun Halloween tutorial! I love the makeup, it works so well with the hairstyle you created! :)Hope that you are having a great week :)<a href=”http://awayfromtheblue.blogspot.com.au/”>Away From The Blue Blog</a>


    Thank Mica! I am glad you love it :). Hope the same to you too love <3

Carrie @ curly crafty mom

So cute! And gosh, I wish I had as much hair as you! :)Carriecurlycraftymom.com


    Thank you so much love <3 Carrie! what's fun about this Halloween look that it can work with any hair type and any hair thickness. It is just messy ponytails.


This is so cute and your tutorial looks so easy! This is such a great idea for a last minute costume!Jill – http://www.dousedinpink.com


    Thank you Jill! It is indeed great last-minute hair look that is perfect for Halloween.

Amy Ann Arnold

Fun Halloween look! Amy Ann <a href=” http://www.straightastyleblog.com/ ” rel=”nofollow”>Straight A Style</a>


    Thanks Amy 🙂 glad you like it

Donna WalmslEy

Good, simple instructions – thank you! This is certainly a fun and manageable look! Donna 🧚🏻‍♀️❤️🙏


    Thank you Donna 🙂 I had really fun creating it


    Thank you Donna! I had so much fun creating it 🙂


What a great costume idea – thank you for posting this tutorial!<a href=”http://www.avecamber.com/”>http://www.avecamber.com</a><a href=”http://www.bloglovin.com/feed/blog/4006771/”>http://www.bloglovin.com/avecamber</a>Thank you for joining the Thursday Moda Linkup this week!Amber


    Amber! thank you my dear


Look at that volume! Love this easy ponytail broken doll Halloween tutorial. So easy to follow and it looks amazing! Maureen | http://www.littlemisscasual.com


    Thank you, Gorgeous Maureen.I am happy you love it


OMG loved the volume in your hair… Makeup is on pointwww.stylebasket.in


    Thank you so much Priya, I had fun creating it


This is a great and easy Halloween look! My hair is so curly I don’t even think I’d need to tease it!


    Laura my friend, You have fabulous curly hair. You will rock this easy look


This looks so much fun! Thanks for sharing dear. Jessica | <a href=”http://notjessfashion.com”>notjessfashion.com</a>


    Jessica, Thanks love! It is indeed fun and easy 🙂

Elizabeth Ramsey

I love this! It’s within my skill set and easy to find something to wear along with it! Only wish I had a party to go to -our friends that did one every year moved and boy, do I miss both them and their party! So fun to get our and cut loose!Betsy | https://nattygal.com

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