A twist to plaid trend fall 2018 – What I wore in Grenoble,France

Hello, my friends!. Plaid comes back each fall with new colors and new styles. And This fall season is no different. In fact, Plaid showed up early in fashion week; skirts, shorts, blazers, accessories. You name it, Plaid is on it. Though plaid is considered the “trend”. It is more “classic” than a “trend”. I bet you to go look in your closet and not find a plaid fall garment in it. Today, I will be taking a twist to plaid trend fall 2018.

A twist to plaid trend fall 2018- Plaid trend
Excuse my hair. It did not want to stay still :D. The picture is at Fort de La Bastille Grenoble

While I love trends and I love keeping up with it. I found out I have to tweak and play with what I have and give it its own identity while still considered fashionable.

A twist to plaid trend fall 2018- garment piece

I took a Europe road trip early August. On the way back before stopping in Grenoble, France, I stopped by a mall to shop for warmer clothes ( fall clothes) since thieves broke in and stole our belonging at the first of our trip. Hence, I needed fall clothes for both the cold weather in Grenoble and the fact that I got cold on the way back. Unfortunately, The fall trend did not come in full force in the shops I went to. To such a degree, I had to dig in to find a twist to plaid trend fall 2018. And boy!. I am so happy I picked shorts that are a twist to plaid trend fall 2018.

Shorts- a twist to plaid trend fall 2018

A twist to plaid trend fall 2018

A twist to plaid trend fall 2018

A twist to plaid trend fall 2018

Those pictures are at Fort de La Bastille Grenoble, France.


The shorts have unique colors and several designs which keep it trendy yet timeless. Besides, They have warm fall look thanks to the material used in it. Because of the colors choices, it gives you that 80’s vibe which is fall 2018 theme. It can also be worn in spring. That is a score!. A timeless piece!. If you know me, you know I love a timeless piece. Finally, I can give it the love it deserves before it wears out and I recycle it.

fun colors

Since these shorts are multicolored, They would pair well with pink, white, nude and even dark colors like dark brown. I Paired them with a nude sweater and cardigan and it felt great. Then, I had a pink scarf. I put it on my neck to keep me warm. I would have wished to have a different toned down scarf to compliment the look. However, I only had the pink scarf and I had to wear it since the cold in Grenoble got the best of me leaving me with a sore throat and a runny nose. For add of femininity, I added my knee high gold sandals. The outcome is a well put together outfit while being trendy.


A twist to plaid trend fall 2018
Excuse me if I look pale in these pictures due to the cold. Those pictures are in Bern, Switzerland.

Print design/ Style

These shorts have neither plaid, stripe, nor chevron print design. They are more geometric by mixing all these prints. It gives that unique touch. I know The Bermuda style is very comfortable to be worn for long hours in the car. Furthermore, It is high waisted shorts with side zip closure. Comfort is key in here :).

These bold fashion statement shorts will be cute dress up or down. I would only suggest to give it the perfect balance by pairing with colors that compliment the shorts. I, for instance, I will pair it with complimentary colors inspired from the colors on these shorts such as brown, pink, nude or white. That way I don’t go overboard with the look. I would suggest doing the same if you have similar shorts.

A twist to plaid trend fall 2018

Alternative Shorts

Since the store is in France, I could not find the exact shorts in the USA. Thus, I picked up a few of my favorite shorts for you to check :

Zara chain shorts. Chain shorts are fun to wear and to style. They have an edgy look to them. You can wear them up or down.

Express chevron. These are pull-on shorts- with chevron style. They are perfect with tight and black blazer along with high heel boots or booties.

Asos boucle shorts– the shorts have a vibrant blue color. They are plaid but the fun color choice adds an unusual look to the casual plaid.

All these shorts are a twist and a break from the plaid fall trend. Nonetheless, There is no doubt that you can add your plaid blazer, top or even accessories to any of these shorts. There will be nothing planar-or remotely plain about it, which will turn heads. Plus with a timeless piece, you can add your creativity and imagination to create a bold fashion statement look.

A twist to plaid trend fall 2018
Bern, Switzerland

A twist to plaid trend fall 2018

A twist to plaid trend fall 2018

A twist to plaid trend fall 2018

Those pictures are in Bern, Switzerland.

Now that you know my a twist to plaid trend fall 2018,  What’s yours? Do not forget to check my Instagram @chez.rama for updated posts and life stories.

Have a great day!




I know what you mean, sometimes you just want to look at something different instead of the same styles. You look super cute in these shorts, and I love that you found similar ones to link up babe! Hope you’re having a lovely weekend.



    Tania, Exactly! I love trends but I like to add my own twist to it. Maybe a different color, different style but in the same category. Otherwise, It will feel boring seeing the exact style and design on everyone’s :). I like to see everyone’s intake on certain trends


How horrible your clothes were stolen! ON the plus side, the new shorts you bought look really cute and I love the pink scarf with them! Glad you are still able to enjoy your trip! 🙂

Hope you are having a nice weekend 🙂 It’s a really sunny and warm day today, we’ve been to the park 🙂

Away From The Blue Blog


    Mica! Thank you so much <3. I am happy you love my look. I knew you would like the scarf :). You are the queen of scarfs after all.
    Hope you are having a good weekend. I am trying to get ready for bust next week.


That terrible that your items were stolen. I am glad that you guys are okay and able to Still enjoy your trip. This shorts are adorable and the print is very cute! I like how you styled it and I can see that this pair can be worn year after year by mixing and matching Clothing items in your closet. You have gorgeous hair btw! Love the volume

Maureen | http://www.littlemisscasual.com


    Thank you Maureen. I love them for that exact reason. I will style them over and over. This is the beauty of choosing statment piece that would last you for years to come.

Elizabeth Ramsey

What a fantastic trip! Your shorts are adorable.

betsy | https://nattygal.com


    Thanks, Elizabeth:). I love how I will be wearing them so many time this fall 🙂

Maria | passion fruit, paws and peonies

Sorry to hear your clothes were stolen and that you had a cold. You look so lovely in these shorts and the scarf is sucha pretty colour. I have been wondering what bern looks like so I have thoroughly enjoyed your photos! xx


    Maria, Thank you so much. I am glad I feel much better now I am home :). Bern is a beautiful city. You will love it plus it is a shopping area so no doubt you can score a deal or two

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