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Hello and Welcome to Chez-Rama.com!

If you want to love your hair, face, body, and style, then this is the right place to help you get there.

In this website, you will learn about some of my hair care and outfit secrets. I am also sharing beauty and lifestyles tips that you might find useful to glam up.

Back in my early 20’s, Not that I am not in my early 20’s anymore:), I struggled to gain self-confidence in my appearance. I did not feel good about my look in general. A few years later, I moved out to live in Europe to study Spanish and French. I spent a few months before I was able to learn and cross the new language barriers. That period of time made me an observer. In other words, since I did not understand the language, so my attention was towards how people live their lives. So I learned that in some cultures in Europe, ladies spend less time on their look, yet they look ravishing. Less is more, more is less method.

Flüeli-Ranft- Switzerland

The reason why I created Chez-Rama is to share some inspiration with you to love yourself and unleash your beauty. Styling your hair, getting nicely dressed or wearing makeup should not take much off your time. I will show you how simple it can be. Follow my tips and you will love the way you look. In the end, if you feel good, you will look good.

By the way, “Chez Rama” means “Rama’s” in French. Rama is my first name.

A little bit more about myself… I am an active, outdoors kind of person. I like traveling to new places and enjoy learning about new cultures. NYC, LA, and Paris are some of my favorite cities that I visited and got influenced by. I also like cooking and baking. My husband is a fan of my food… at least that what he told me:).

Arc de Triomphe-Paris- France
NYC Trip
Brooklyn Bridge-New York

I would also like to mention that I always explore new beauty products and share my experience with others. Currently, I am a brand ambassador for Tzikal . My experience with their products is featured on Tzikal website. Also, I am collaborating with Votre Vu and Puretanica.

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Some of my Tzikal photos are featured on their Amazon page.