Baby blue lace dress – Not an average dress

Happy Thursday!. At this time of the year, there is all sort of occasions from weddings to a birthday party to graduation even concerts that call for a look that is not your average everyday dress; a baby blue lace dress.

Not your average baby blue lace dress
Baby blue lace dress

This MDW, I went to Chicago primarily to attend Hamilton (Broadway). My husband is a big fan of musical shows and he wanted to see this particular one so bad. So, we booked our trip to see the show. BTW, It was spectacular. I love it so much and I do not love musical Broadways!!!!. I am more sound of music girl and that’s it.

baby Blue lace dress with Betsey Johnson shoes

Anyhow, I was debating what outfit to wear especially that I have to pack it with me. Then, I remembered I bought a baby blue lace dress from Express a few months ago and decided it is a perfect fit for this occasion. The dress is comfortable for all day. If I can wear a color that is not my usual then you can too. Believe me, as much as I love colors, there are certain colors that freaked me out. One of them was baby blue. Baby blue was never in my dictionary (closet) till recently.

Mainly because I was afraid the color wouldn’t suit my skin tone. However, This year, I decided it is time to experiment with colors and I fall in love with baby blue that I think I went far to buy not only my lace dress but also jogger pants as seen in here, tops and shoes.

not your average everyday dress-baby Blue lace dress with Betsey Johnson shoes

Baby Blue lace dress-Not your average everyday dress.

The dress is tiered lace fit and flare style. It has silky lining under the lace and open lace at the waist and Decolletage. I received so many complimentsΒ and people loved the color on my skin tone too. πŸ™‚

not your average everyday dress-baby Blue lace dress with Betsey Johnson shoes

not your average everyday dress-baby Blue lace dress with Betsey Johnson shoes

Besides, I amped it with my Betsey Johnson lace shoes I got from DSW. These shoes are so comfortable and go with jeans, shorts, and dresses. I love that they have blue lining from the bottom. That way, they match my baby blue lace dress.

not your average everyday dress

Also, I am obsessed with these butterfly earring from Swarovski as seen in here. I wear them constantly with formal and casual outfits. The color is more rose gold tone than gold and the style is simple with butterflies flying. These earrings are perfect alone or with other accessories.

not your average everyday dress-baby Blue lace dress with Betsey Johnson shoes, Swarovski

baby Blue lace dress with Betsey Johnson shoes-not your average everyday dress

Have a great weekend! Thank you for stopping by and do not forget to check my other posts below.



I would love to see hamilton someday. It looks like such a great musical. Your dress is absolutely beautiful on you and i love those shoes! Perfect for a fab night out in chicago!


    You will Love it Laura. I thought it was over hyped before I see it. But I was wrong.It is really worth seeing it :). I hope you get the chance to see it too.
    I am glad you like my outfit. The shoes are so comfortable and my go to shoes these days πŸ™‚

Carrie @ Curly crafty mom

It seems lace dresses are all the rage right now! I love the color of this one. We just saw Hamilton in St. Louis and wow the tickets were double the price of what you’d usually pay, but i just loved it!



    I know I am in love with lace dresses more than ever :). Thanks for the love Carrie! Yep the ticket were so pricey . I wished they were a bit reasonable I would have watched again and again πŸ™‚

Nancy Baten

Baby blue suits you very well! And with the bright lipstick it looks just perfect


    Thanks Nancy πŸ™‚ I agree bright lipstick was my pop of color and I am glad you noticed πŸ™‚


What a gorgeous lace dress! I love it with the black booties as well–they are a fun choice to go with it. I’m glad that Hamilton was good, I hope to see that one day!


    Thank you Shea! I really love this color more now than ever. You will love Hamilton. I was so hesitant first it is pricey second it is not my cup of tea style. But I was wrong I loved everything about it. I just recommend to get familiar with the music before attending it


That is such a cute lace dress! It’s nice you gave the baby blue shade a try as it is very nice on you. Perfect outfit for going out πŸ™‚

Hope that you are having a great weekend! It’s a busy but fun one here.

Away From The Blue Blog


    Thank you Mica! this year is all about new colors. I am in mood to try new colors I always got afraid of πŸ™‚ Glad you liked the baby blue shade on me.
    Hope you are having a fabulous weekend.
    I am planting new flowers in my garden so it is going to be exhausting but fun πŸ™‚


Waww Rama eres muy guapa


    Gracias πŸ™‚




    Gracias πŸ™‚


That’s such an adorable blue laced dress you’re rocking dear! The length is perfect, and the color is just sooo perfectly cute on you!

Jessica |


    Jessica ! Thank you πŸ™‚ I am happy I picked it up. It was the perfect length for such an occasion.


That is indeed not a typical lace dress. love that you edgied it up with those fun booties.

Glad I discovered your blog, I am Ada. Welcome by my blog too and join my style linkup every Thursday. Thanks.


    Is not it πŸ™‚ ! I love these booties. They are so comfortable to wear too :).

Lewis Johnson

That dress is stunning and you look beautiful.

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