Beauty essentials for a weekend getaway – skincare & makeup

You know the feeling when you wish you can pack everything with you from makeup, skincare to wardrobe and shoes for weekend getaway but you cannot!. I had this feeling too. That’s why I compiled a selection of beauty essentials -skincare + makeup- to streamline your on-the-go beauty stash. This coming weekend, my husband and I planned a getaway to Chicago. Precisely, it is a road trip with about 4-5 hours’ drive. Each year, we like to go on road trips. These trips give us the freedom to explore new places we cannot see in an airplane. It also makes me somehow expert when it comes to packing beauty essentials.

Chicago the windy city
                                                                Beauty essentials for a weekend getaway

Beauty essentials for a weekend getaway

To make sure you get most of your weekend getaway without breaking out or damage your skin, I suggest sticking to the beauty products you have tried and loved. Also, You can check my healthy skin habits post in here for glowy flawless skin.


Have you ever dreamed of travel light even on the weekend getaway? Today I make your dream come true :).

Skincare essentials for weekend gateway

Skincare essentials for weekend gateway

Leave your skincare at home

You heard me! leave your big bottles at home. Instead, bring your favorite skincare with you through samples and small containers. You probably need a pump or two from your favorite cream, cleanser or night cream. I got my skincare samples with my last Ulta order of mamonde products. Thus, I am packing them with me. However, You need to pack makeup remover and hand cream. These two items are perfect multipurpose products. Makeup remover wipes can be used to clean your skin, and to correct your makeup mistakes. Meanwhile, hand cream can be used for hands and body. My all-time favorite is Laroche soothing repairing balm for all over moisturizer. It is just perfect for dry sensitive skin like mine. Finally, bring your face mask with you. I love klavuu sheet mask. It hydrates and revitalizes the skin after a long time with no fresh air.

Skincare essentials for weekend gateway


You can go minimal while looking all glammed up.

Use multi-purpose beauty products

  • I use my bronzer and highlighters as eyeshadows and these two they come in one small palette; Hourglass ambient lighting palette in here. Also, I have used demi light in this palette as under eye powder to refine the look.
  • A lipstick that can be used as a blush is a bonus. I will be using my Marc Jacob Paparazzi as a blush since it is light pink and gives a wet feeling to my look.
  • As for foundation, use a foundation that has SPF or even better a BB cream that is tinted and has SPF. It will even tone your skin and give protection from UV. I am taking my Calrins BB skin perfecting cream SPF 25. I also use concealer to spot correctly my under eyes and /or face in case I decide to go with no makeup. My favorite is Catrice liquid Camouflage concealer and it is only $5.99 from Ulta in here.
  • Bring your beauty blender Instead of your makeup brushes! I use my beauty blender to blend in my foundation, concealer, put on highlighter and blush without sacrificing my overall look.

Beauty Essentials for weekend gateway

Beauty Essentials for weekend gateway

Do not skip

Beauty Essentials for weekend gateway

Beauty Essentials for a weekend gateway

What beauty products you cannot live without in your trips? do you have any other beauty essential you will add?

Let me know in the comment below.

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This is a great idea to just get by on travel sizes and samples. I also like the idea of using multi-purpose makeup products to save space. These are great ideas!


    I am glad you liked my beauty essentials tips for weekend getaway.
    Hope you are having a wonderful time and great weekend


Thanks for sharing the products that work for you – looks like you have got it perfected with your previous times away. I tend to just stick to bb cream, haha! I don’t really wear makeup often in general.

Hope that you are having a great week so far! Almost the weekend! 🙂

Away From The Blue Blog


    BB cream is a great replacement for foundation. I tend to use it more than my foundation. BTW , your skin is so flawless. You can go natural and people would think you have some makeup on <3.
    Have a fabulous weekend


Great tips. I love looking at people’s makeup bag, so this post was just perfect for me! And i agree with you on mascara and eyebrows, they make you look awake even if you’re not!


    I am glad your liked my tips to pack light with beauty essentials.
    Hope you are having great weekend 🙂

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