Bohemian to wavy beach goddess hair look – Day to night hairstyle

Day hairstyle
Bohemian hairstyle

Beach wavy curls

It is too nice to miss your date with friends. No time to head home to refresh your hair look? Today, I have day to night hairstyle that you will be surprised how simple and easy it is. Further, you can look extra fresh with this bohemian goddess hair look. In fact, this hair look is easy enough to style at work, while waiting for train or bus, or when you hop into your car. I have also heatless hairstyle look in here. In addition, I have quick hairdo in here and here. You can rock to your date night or work

Bohemian to wavy beach goddess hair


What I love most about these two goddess look, is that will effortlessly take you from day to night. Also, you can style in the morning, release the headband by night and shake your hair to get that beach wavy hair. It is that simple.

Day to night hairstyle

All you will need headband, Bobby pin, hair spray like this one.

Clean hair


  1. Brush and comb out your hair and dry if needed ( I prefer to take shower before doing this hair look, The result will be better than second or third day hair. However, you can damp your ends by either water spray or by putting your hair ends under the water faucet.).
  2. Place your headband toward the front of your head (make sure to set the headband where you feel better suit you). Precisely, put the headband like hippy style.
  3. Twist a piece of your hair starting from the front of one side, spray it with hair spray . Then wrap it around the head band few times until fully wrapped.
  4. Repeat steps above on both sides of head until all wrapped.
  5. Use bobby pin to secure your hair into place.

You can now go to work, get some errands done while you wait for your night time with friends.


After 5-8 hours passed ( better if more). Simply take bobby pin off your hair, unwrap all hair and remove the headband.

The result is wavy beach hairstyle. if you want a more polished look, you can add hair spray to the end result for long lasting hairstyle. No one would tell you didn’t do this hair look at home 🙂

day to night hairstyle

Note: you can also put cotton headbands and do all the step and go to sleep. In the morning, You can unwrap and enjoy the beach wavy hair look.

Since I didn’t have time to go back to hotel when I am travelling, I have been doing this hairstyle none stop. It is fun to create in the airplane, bus or train. Trust me, you will amaze people who are looking at your master piece 🙂 Do you like this day to night hairstyle? Hashtag me Chez_rama to see your hairstyle on Instagram 🙂



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