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Chez-rama.com is a part of a reward style affiliate network. What does this mean?. It means that there are referral links to retail websites in the post where a small commission may be made from sales via such links. The use of such a link will not affect the final price the consumer pays for the product in any way. The use of affiliate links will always be disclosed on a blog post. These referral links are used to potentially help us create better content for our reader. Thus receiving a return on Investment of the effort and time we spend to create a content will support making this blog possible.

Sponsored blog post

From time to time, at Chez-Rama blog, We collaborate with brands on content creation. First, I can guarantee you I only collaborate with brands That I am passionate about. Plus, The content I create is relevant to the areas of our blog space; hair, beauty, and lifestyle. Most importantly, All my content creation is my own words, thoughts, and opinions about the brands and their products.
I always provide my honest feedback because your trust is important to me. These kinds of sponsored posts will be always disclosed through the use of ” This post is sponsored by____” at the end of the post. Any social media post featuring sponsored content will also include #ad #ads or #spon in the caption.