Double Dutch braids hairstyle: Dutch braids to a low messy bun

Hello Friends!. The Dutch braid is one of the famous hairstyles on Social Media. In fact, You probably have seen it here and there and wondered how to do it. You know what I am talking about!. It is about the braid that has dimension and looks so sophisticated but you never dared to do it. Well! Today, I am going to give you tips on how to master the Dutch braid. Then, I will make an easy double dutch braids hairstyle to a low messy bun. Hopefully, after you see my step by step, you will be able to nail the braid yourself.

Before I start talking about the dutch braid, I thought I would give you an update where my dust mite allergy going from my last hair post. The dust mites have been reduced to let’s say about 80% in my house. This is, in fact, my first time for three weeks, I enjoy my hair down and do a hairstyle with it. It was quite a victory and a relief. Now back to my dutch braid

Simple tip how to ducth braid

A Dutch braid is the reverse of a normal braid. In a normal braid, You will start by dividing strands into three strands and cross one over the other. On the other hand, Dutch braid crosses the strands under the other if that makes sense. Thus, It is basically the reverse. As an illustration, the best way I learned how to do a dutch braid is by taking three ribbons; red, gray, and black. Accordingly, red is your left strand, gray is the middle and black is the right.

Afterward, I start crossing the red under the gray and the black under the red making gray the left then cross it under the black and continue until no ribbon left to braid.

If I am doing a sophisticated look like today Then I will do the same process by incorporating hair strands. In other words, each time I put a strand under the other I will take hair from the outer side and include it to it. Another thing, In order to make the braid easy, I number them; 1,2,3 and add hair. These are my tips on how to nail the Dutch braid hairstyle. As a matter of fact, It took me a while to get it but as soon as I started numbering them everything became easy.

Double Dutch braids hairstyle: Dutch braids to a low messy bun

Double dutch braids to a low messy bun

Recently, Dutch braid became so famous and so flattering to the hair than normal braid. It somehow gives a full effect of braid making it look 2D in a way. Thus, I will be doing double dutch braids to a low messy bun. In fact, the braid looks similar to my double french braids but this one has a slight difference as you will see.

Double Dutch braids hairstyle: Dutch braids to a low messy bun

In the hope that It will inspire you to go out of your usual hairbraid and learn my favorite braid look. Anyhow, what you need is brush, hair ties, and a handful of a bobby pin.

Double Dutch braids hairstyle: Dutch braids to a low messy bun

Step-by-step double dutch braids

  • firstly, divide your hair from your hairline to the side you like. I like my hair to go the left more. So I start by my left side.
  • Then start by the side that has more hair. Take a strand next divide it to 3. Number them in your head; 1,2,3 making 2 the middle strand.
  • Now cross 1 under 2 and 3 under 1. This time 2 will be your left strand take a strand of hair from the side of your hairline and combine it to 2 and cross it under 3.
  • Then take another strand from the hairline to your crown and combine it to 2 and continue adding till you reach behind your ear. Note: don’t incorporate all the hair from the crown.
  • Stop at this point and do a normal dutch braid with no hair added secure it with an elastic band. Message the braid to give it some volume.
Double Dutch braids hairstyle: Dutch braids to a low messy bun
One side of dutch braid. You can either leave it as is or continue to the other side for you next braid.
  • Now go to the other side of your face, take a strand and divide to 3 and do the same previous dutch braid steps.
  • At this point, you will have double dutch braids but not with all your hair. In fact, you will see that I did not incorporate all the hair from the crown. The reason behind it is I want a volume hair look.
  • Now combine the braid with the rest of your hair and take it to on side. I took it a bit to the right. then secure it with elastic bands. Prior to creating your bun, remove the elastic bands from your braid and just tie the hair with another hair tie by pushing your hair in a messy bun look.
  • Now secure all fly hair by wrapping the ends into your finger and secure it to the nap of the neck close to the bun. It does not have to be accurate or define. the messier the better.
Double Dutch braids hairstyle: Dutch braids to a low messy bun

Voila!. You just create double dutch braids with a low messy bun hairstyle. This hairstyle works best with a second even third-day hair. This hairstyle works with medium to long hair.

At last, Do you like this dutch braid hairstyle? Are interested in having more hairstyle idea with this dutch braid?. Let me know in the comment below.

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That is so beautiful! It can’t be anything else because it says Dutch!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I also love the messy bun. Just a few more months and my hair is long enough to make a messy bun too! Happy weekend Rama!


    :). Awwh yeah πŸ™‚ you made me smile my friend. Yay I say you did braid the other day and I was so happy. I cannot wait for your messy bun. super easy look yet chic.

Mira Tolvanen

Looks so lovely!

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    Thank you Mira love.


I so want to try this, wish I had hair as you, My hair wont even fit one


I love dutch braids or I should say the way dutch braids look. I never attempt to create one just because it honestly looks super complicated. Thanks you for the steps! I am going away on vacation this week and I need to master this ;)xoMel


Oh I do love braids but haven’t done a dutch braid. I’ll have to try this out!

Mariann Yip

Absolutely love this look! So creative and fun! πŸ™‚


Such an elegant styling dear, love it! Jessica | <a href=””></a>

Lauren Sparks

So cute. I’m going to try this on my daughter. Visiting you from the blended blog link up.


    Glad you like these bun hairstyles. Thanks love

Anna Shirley

Another very cute hairstyle. You know how to elevate your every look. Thank you for sharing this style with My Red

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