Double french braids to a beach waves hair: From day to a night out.

Hello Friends!. Wondered how to get used of one hairstyle and turn it to a night out? Would you like to fill the gap of mastering a chic braid?. Then, this post is the perfect match for your taste. In fact, You will learn how to do double french braids and how to turn it to beach waves hairstyle for a night out. What’s more, I tried this hairstyle with small and large strands and each one gives me new beach waves hairstyle. For sure, it needs little practice. However, once you get the hold of how to do it. You will sport this hairstyle everywhere.

Double french braids to a beach waves hair: From day to a night out .
From double french braids to beach wavy hair : day to night hairstyle.

French braids

French braid is a classic braid. Everyone thinks it is so hard to accomplish and gives up doing it from the first try. But hopefully, with my tutorial, you will give them a try. Recently double french braids have its moments everywhere thanks to celebrities and their hairstylists. In fact, They revived french braids by doing double french braids. And the world went crazy.

Moreover, this hairstyle works for any hair length; short, medium, and long hair. Besides, once you learn how to do this braid. You will be able to learn more “sophisticated braids”. However, if you still have difficulties to learn how to do french braids, you can try the fake french braids. They will give the same result. Though, I doubt you will have a defined beach wave as a regular french braid. So let’s learn how to do this hairstyle

Day braid – Double french braids

This hairstyle works best on 50-60% dry hair. However, if you have thick hair or have difficulty to dry your hair fast. Then, I suggest working on 70-80% dry hair. It will extract the moisture out of your hair and make it faster to dry out. Also, It will give the same result in the end.

Double french braids to a beach waves hair: From day to a night out .

Note: It will need a little practice. So, I suggest while reading, untie your hair and practice with me step by step.

What you need

  • Firstly, shower with your regular shampoo and conditioner. I used my Purentanica shampoo and conditioner. I am pretty much happy with the mint scent and how it has a tingling sensation to
     stimulates circulation to the hair and its cuticle.
  • Serum or leave in conditioner ( optional). It helps with frizz. In addition, it leaves hair looking healthy and shiny after you unbraid your hair. I am using Pai Shau serum. To my surprise, this serum is really worth the money. I got it early spring last year and I use two pumps after each shower. Well, there is pretty much half in the bottle.
  • Two elastic bands.
  • Finally, brush preferably tail comb one
  • Hair clip optional.

How to create your braids

Double french braids to a beach waves hair: From day to a night out .
Note: I braided my right first and started with my left to show clearly what I am doing.
  • Divide your hair into two sections, starting from the middle to the back. You will be able to split your hair to half. Clip one side to get it out of the way.
  • For my braids, I like to start from the top of my head. Thus take a strand of hair near your part and divide it into three strands and name them 1, 2, and 3. Start by crossing the 1 over the 2 and the 3 over the 2. Now, number 2 will be your left. Next, hold your three strands with one hand. Make sure to separate each one with your fingers. With the free hand, take a small strand from the front and add to 2 ( outer strand) and cross it over number 3. Now hold the three strands you have with one hand and add a hair from the other top side to number 1 and cross over 2.
  • At this point, You have created your french braid. So keep repeating the process down your head by adding strands of hair from the outer strands from both sides to the braid.
  • Once you reach the nap of the neck then continue to braid with normal three strand braid. Crossing 1 to 2. Then 3 over 2 until you have no hair to braid. Lastly, secure it with elastic band.
  • Go to the other side, unclip it and repeat the above steps.
  • Now, message the braids to give them volume and texture. Unless you want tight beach waves for your night out.
Double french braids to a beach waves hair: From day to a night out .

Night beach waves hair

Now, You can either wait a few hours to untie your hair or leave it overnight for next day beach wavy hair.In fact, I did a tutorial for overnight braid using three strands. However, I like the result of the overnight french braid more. Maybe because it is also comfortable sleeping on with them. Anyway, I left my double french braids air dry for around 9 hours. I started my braid early in the day and for my night out, I changed my clothes and went to take pictures while unbraiding to show the result.

Note: Remember the amount of hair you pick up from each side for your french braid determine the size of your wave.

Untie your braids for your beach wavy hairstyle

Double french braids to a beach waves hair: From day to a night out .

Once you feel ready to untie your hair, Take off the braid by untying each section. Just finger throw them and take them all out. Shake and massage your scalp by taking your fingers close to your scalp and shaking your hair. It will help give volume to your hair. Now leave your hair as is or divide to the side you like. You can either go for your night out or finish with hair spray. I decided to leave it as is. Thought my hair is stubborn it lasts all night out.

Note: you can finish off with leave-in conditioner optional. I just notice my leave-in conditioner just went out of stock but here is one from a similar brand.

Double french braids to a beach waves hair: From day to a night out .

At last, Now you can transfer your day braid hairstyle to a night out look with everlasting beach wavy hairstyle. let me know how if you like this hairstyle tutorial or tag me on Instagram or Hashtag your hairstyle with #chez_rama. I would love to see how you style yours. Then, tag chez_rama on Instagram so I can see it and I will share your look. Don’t forget to follow me for all tips and trick to style your outfit, hair and more.

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Cielo Fronteras

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    Thank you Cielo. I am glad you love these hairstyles


Just a few inches more and I can try that too! Happy weekend Rama!


    I cannot wait for you to try <3

CL King

Hey Beauty. Now I got the idea why Braids are called an excellent form of expression.


    They sure do 🙂

Ruth Josey

I love both the before and after looks! The braids look great for a daytime look and the beach waves are such a sexy evening look. Thanks for sharing the tutorial!


Your braids look great and I like the hairstyle after you untie them too, nice and wavy :)Hope that you are having a wonderful weekend 🙂 Our summer heatwave is continuing, today will be a quiet day in the aircon I think!<a href=””>Away From The Blue Blog</a>


    Thank you Mica, glad you love the looks. Lucky we have a snow advisory till tomorrow. Stuck at home with few inches of snow

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I love the braids and the resulting waves! Amy Ann <a href=” ” rel=”nofollow”>Straight A Style</a>


Great tips dear! Love the after-braid look too, perfect for a nightout indeed. Jessica | <a href=””></a>

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You have fabulous hair, love all the styles too. Thanks for sharing. Do stop over my #chicandstylish #linkup every Thursday. Jacqui Mummabstylish

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