Easy Hairstyles for curly hair to do at home & health issue

Hello everyone!. I am so happy it is February, The month of love. If you know me. You know I love love. So today, I have easy hairstyles for curly hair to do at home that would look good for Valentine’s day. Whether you are going out or staying at home this February, These hairstyles will be your go-to for a change. But before that, I will be tackling a subject that is affecting me. It is in fact a health issue I go through. It is not serious but it is interfering with my work including my blog and my life at home and outside.

Health issue and life story

When I turned 20’s, I started to get some kind of allergy each time a fur pet gets close to me though, I adopted a cat when I was little until I was 13 years old and I never had any issue. Fast forward to a few years later, I discovered I am not only allergic to pets’ dander but to also dust mites. Therefore, I cannot get close to pet and I cannot own one which is kind of annoying since I love pets especially cats.

Little history about dust mites

These wicked insects live on animal skin but attack human skin. The bug is so tiny you cannot see it with your own eyes. It is so tiny it lives where dust accumulated and can be carried with them through the air. It also multiplies overnight like crazy if not controlled by lowering humidity and decreasing temperature. Even if they die due to an unhostile environment, Their debris would be left behind which also cause allergy. Both increases of dust mites and its debris can make someone’s life miserable ( those who are allergic to it).

My dust mites symptoms – All where it started recently

Anyway, If I touch a fur animal which to my bad luck I did in a visit to someone’s house a few weeks ago, I would get the allergy from two hours to a day. So, the family had 1 dog and 2 cats. My husband and I did not know That they have pets. Therefore, we stayed for about one-hour thinking that will limit my exposure to dust mites. However, It was enough for the dust mites to attack me and multiply the day after.

Therefore, I started to get the allergy after a day as constant itchiness. Then, Next thing I know, I have a runny nose, watery eyes, and swallow in the face along with constant sneezing. Since it can be transferred through the air, it seems it followed me into the house and infest it. From furniture, bedding, clothes to even the heating system, you name it, I think they are there.

Since they survive and feed on human’s skin or more precisely human’s shed, anything I touch it got infected. Here my friend where it all started. I have not felt this bad allergy for three years. It was devastating. I cannot lay down on anything for more than 5 minutes without feeling the sensation of itchiness. Then, it crawls up to my hair. Believe me it is not fun.

Besides, thanks to the severe cold weather, it is getting worse especially that I cannot open windows or doors or even step out to breath fresh air. I could not take pictures or even stay at home for the past couple of days. Unfortunately, It will take a while to be able to reduce the dust mites to minimal. But I can stay positive and pray that my excessive cleaning and precautions would work to my benefits. But until then. The symptoms are at worst case even with medication.

Is there a magic wand for my health issue

Unfortunately no, There is no magic wand for my health issue. Dust mites live most on pets but they are everywhere. They thrive more on a certain climate where humidity is at highest and there is no way I can avoid that, especially where I live. However, I just won’t let it stop me from what I love to do which is hairstyles. Because there is always tomorrow and there is always another day with no dust mites in it.

Easy hairstyles for curly hair

Now that I am very close to clear things up or I would love to think so, I have easy hairstyles for curly hair. No matter what your hair length is, you can choose one of these two hairstyles or combined them as I did. These two hairstyles will elevate the look of your curly hair instantly. In order to have curl on my hair, I use the double french braid method I explained before.

Messy pinned back for curly hair

This hairstyle takes no time or effort. Moreover, it will leave your hair out of your way in a very elegant way. This hairstyle will look amazing on any hair length. It will also look different on everyone depending on their hair. The curlier the more flatters it gets. Therefore, all you need is a few bobby pins and brush.

Step by step messy pinned back hairstyle

  • Start putting your hair in the side you like basically dividing it into two sections but not all the way back stop when you pass one inch.
  • Then go to one side and take a strand of hair from above your ear from the front.
  • Roll it once on your finger and pin it on its place using bobby pins.
  • Go to the other side and repeat the same thing.
  • Now fluff your hair with your brush to give more volume and define your curl.

Voila You have an easy hairstyle that might take you to the 70 or 80’s era with an update hairstyle look.

Messy flower updo for curly hair – easy hairstyle for curly hair

This hairstyle is a continuation on the pinn back hairstyle. If you have slightly longer hair that you can do a bun style then this will work. In order to accomplish this hairstyle, You will need hair accessories preferably hair band that has some jewelry or stone on it, a handful of bobby pins and a hair tie.

Step by step Updo for curly hair

  • After you pin back your hair as shown in the first hairstyle, Place the hairband of your choice on your crown by combing your hair back and sliding it on your crow from the back. Make sure to have the beautiful stone or design showing on the back of the hair as I did. You can use bobby pins to keep it in place.
  • Then pull the rest of your hair to the back and secure with an elastic band.
  • Now take a strand of hair from the tie and fold it on your finger and pin it in a place close to the tie. continue wrapping your strands until you have no hair to wrap.
  • If you have long hair as I do, take the rest of the hair and wrap it again till you see no hair fly left from the ponytail.
Easy Hairstyles for curly hair to do at home & health issue

The result will be undefined messy flower updo look. The headband along with this bun adds to this hairstyle so much. Besides, It doesn’t have to be defined to look good. As soon as you start wrapping everything will look good. Therefore, you don’t need to perfect it.

Easy Hairstyles for curly hair to do at home & health issue

Finally, this is the first time I reveal a health issue I am going through. I hope you don’t mind mixing it with my easy hairstyles for curly hair. After all, It is really annoying that we cannot enjoy what most people can. Besides, we have to suffer the consequences. Sadly, It is not always a pill you can take and will get us better.

Also, let me know how you style yours in the comment below or tag me on Instagram or Hashtag your look with #chez_rama. I would love to see how you style yours. Tag chez_rama on Instagram and I will share your look and don’t forget to follow me for all tips and trick to style your outfit, hair and more.



Your curly hair looks lovely and you style it well. Sorry to hear you’ve been so unwell though, I hope you manage to get some relief from your allergies soon!Hope that you are having a lovely weekend πŸ™‚ We have a kids birthday party today which will be fun. Noisy, but fun, haha!


    Thank you Mica. I am glad you like it. We had a brief from cold on the weekend so It was a nice break from allergy. I was able to go out and enjoy the weather.


You inspire me to do more with my Hair! Happy weekend!


    I am glad I do Nancy. Have a great day my friend πŸ™‚


Love how you can effortlessly style your curly hair dear. So beautiful! Jessica | <a href=”http://notjessfashion.com”>notjessfashion.com</a>


    Thanks Jessica. It is my way of getting with second and third day hair without washing it πŸ™‚ and love to share my way

Anna Shirley

Allergies are not fun. I have some too, so I know well. I was lucky, because after puberty these allergies got better. I hope that yours will not disturb your life very badly. Annawww.glamadventure.com

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