Easy way to achieve bouncy curly hair without heat for short to long hair

Bouncy curly hair without heat
Bouncy curly hair without heat

“live is too short to have a boring hair”.

One of the most hair look I’ve got asked most about is “what you do to have this curly look, Do you use curling iron”. My answer is natural way or styling tools with no heat. If you know me you know I have thick heavy hair with undefined texture and I live in humid city. Thus, It would take me hours to curl my hair with heat along with tired hands and sweat on my face. Now, you might ask why even bother curling your hair. Girl! I love curly hair and for a thick uncontrolled wavy hair like mine. Bouncy curls is my best friend. Plus, It is the trend that never ends. Given that, today I want to share my way of having a bouncy curly hair without heat using the sleep styler.

Step by step tutorial -bouncy curly hair without heat.

What I love about this products, it is comfortable to sleep  with it and achieve curly hair with no much effort in the next day. Moreover, these rollers come in two sizes for short -meduim hair (12 small roller) and for long hair (8 rollers). I got the one for long hair with 8 rollers. Here is what I did:

the sleep styler
The sleep styler
natural hair
Start with clean hair and 80-90% dry


You need to start with clean hair. I wash my hair and condition as usual when I know I am going to use the sleep styler. I then dry with towel and air dry till it is almost fully dry. Now, I tried it before with damp but not wet hair. Sadly, it did not work for me.

wrap your hair along the roller

the sleep styler

section and wrap

Wrap with roller

To begin with, start dividing your hair into section. Place the roller against your head with the strap at the top and start rolling your hair by wrapping it to the roller and secure it by swiveling the strap against the roller. Now, this might be difficult to get the first time. But with practice, you will get the hang of it. To point out, The tighter you wrap, the tighter the curls.

the sleep styler


Slide the rollers out and spray if you like. My favorite spray is wicked good weightless shine spray to give my curls the shine they need.

Bouncy curly hair

Bouncy curly hair without heat

Bouncy curly hair without heat

To emphasize, the best way to achieve curly hair for the whole day ( almost the whole day ) is to sleep with the roller on. But, if you forget to do so. And, you have night out with girls or dinner with friends or family. You can start wrapping your hair after 80-90% drying during the day and wait 2-4 hours before unwrap. In fact, it will give you time to do your makeup, check your social media or maybe read my blog posts. :).

Do you like to have bouncy curly hair without heat? Have you tried this roller before ? what do you think ? let me know in the comment below!

You can also create this hairstyle after using these roller and your look will be even more divine.


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ERS guapísima 😗


IT looks like such an interesting product, and I loVe the results it gives you! Your hair looks beautiful 🙂

Hope you had a lovely week and have a nice weekend ahead of you 🙂 We went out for dinner yesterday and I’m catching up with a blogger friend today so it should be fun! 🙂

Away From The Blue Blog


    Thank you ! I am glad you like it .and I am sure you will love it if you decide to get this product. Sounds like your weekend is up to a good start 😄. Have fun and enjoy your weekend too

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