Everyday Natural look With No Makeup – flawless skin

Happy Tuesday everyone!. It has being almost 2 weeks since we have seen Meghan and Harry wedding. I kept thinking of how confidence and secure she is to look naturally flawless with no makeup in front of all the world. Strong woman right!. Good thing, I will share with you how you can master your everyday natural look with no makeup like a princess.

Everyday Natural look With No Makeup

Everyday Natural look With No Makeup
Showing my skin

Looking good feeling good-everyday natural look with no makeup

Starring at my food. It is time to dig in 😛

Like so many other woman, I search for the MAGIC cream that gives us the flawless glow. However, there are no such a thing as ONE MAGIC cream, there are routine you and I can follow each day to achieve our magic flawless glowy skin. It does not have to be complicated so I am summing it up to three steps you need to take:

  • Cleanse your face morning and night.

No matter how tired you are! you need to cleanse your face everyday at least twice a day. You will get rid of residue and buildup during the day and you will be left with clean bare skin. I have talked about it in my skincare routine in here and I am talking about it again. My all time favorite back then and now is still Cetaphil gentle cleanser.

  • Follow up with Moisturize cream.

Invest in a day cream that suits your skin type. I like to experience new product each season. This season I encountered a Korean company and I wanted to give it a try. Something about Korean ingredients that my skin looks happy when I use it. For the past month or so, I have been using Mamonde Floral Moisturizer Cream in here.  By the way, It has a floral scent. Also, It helps nourish the skin during the day and clears my old black spot. Further, I have dry sensitive skin so totally check it out if you have the same skin type. I got few sample with my order that I packed in my last trip and I talked about in here.

  • Never skip your night cream.

I know it is the end of the day. You are probably so exhausted!. You just want to put your head on your pillow! Me too. But you will be doing your skin a favor if you cleanse your skin and use a night cream. I recommend using night cream that is heavy-duty moisturize. For dry skin, you might consider seeking cream with load of oils in the ingredients such as Korres wild Rose. It is one of my favorite night cream. It also has a rose smell which gives a relaxing feeling. Besides, it has Vitamin C which brightens skin and boosts collagen while sleeping to treat UV exposure photo-damage. However, for oily skin to combination, I suggest to go with oil free night cream. My favorite brand is Clinique and I think they have perfect ingredient for oily skin. You can check Clinique Smart Night Custom-Repair Moisturizer.

Everyday Natural look with no makeup

In summary, Using cream day to night is so good for your skin. You are reviving, nourishing and helping skin cell to rejuvenate. I promise you will have everyday natural look with no makeup on.


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QUE guapa 😚😚😚


    Gracias 🙂

Carrie @ Curly crafty mom

Your skin looks so beautiful! I need to check out these products. I spend a lot of time taking care of my skin!



    Thank you Carrie 🙂 It is important to take care of our base 🙂 these two products change the way I feel about my skin 🙂 I feel more confident about it than ever


Your skin is lovely, and these are great pics! I only wear makeup to the office, but some other days I will wear BB cream instead. I need the SPF you get from having something on my skin, it’s not a good idea to go bare faced in the sunshine here, ha! 🙂

Hope that you are having a great week so far! 🙂

Away From The Blue Blog


    Thank you:) How nice 🙂 BB cream is great! SPF is so important when you are going out in the sun 🙂 Gladly It was early morning like 8 am and I knew I will be back before 11 am to the hotel so I skipped SPF. My favorite is Clarins 45 spf tinted sun cream


Great tips! I always use serum and moisturizer morning and night! Thanks for sharing!


    No wonder you have flawless skin Laura! I love serum. they soak into the skin easily! It is amazing how two creams can do to our skin

Michelle Fine

I love your blog!!! You are a true beauty and an inspiration.


    Thank you Michelle! You are so sweet ☺️.

Amy Arnold

So pretty! You have lovely skin.

Amy Ann
Straight A Style


    Thank you Amy! It is sometimes hard to get certain colors to go with my skin tone. but Heh 🙂 this year it is all about daring my self to wear colors I never thought I would be wearing 🙂


Looking beautiful, lady! Loved the tips on how to keep your skin looking fresh and healthy. Thanks for linking up with Fabulous Friday!

Jennie – A Pocketful of Polka Dots


    Thanks I am glad they are healthful tips 😉

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