From fashion blogger to digital media marketer: expectation versus reality

Hello Friends. I have been MIA for a while. That’s why today, I thought it will be a great day to take you into my life. Well, It is more like sharing an insight into how I turned my fashion blogger to be a digital media marketer career. Okay, okay I know!. I talk a lot. But hear me out. Blogging helped me carve a path that I feel passionate about which the digital media marketing field. But that’s not all. I will take you behind the scene with what was my expectation versus reality. So, let’s start!

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My idea behind blogging was to inspire those who like fashion and hairstyles to get out of their way to feel beautiful. that’s why My blog came to life in winter 2017. Never I knew that there would be a learning curve. I thought blogging is just writing something you are passionate about and that’s it. But it gets deeper than that. With so many blogs out there, I needed to stand out among my niche. Thus, I knew I need to dig deep into how people can find my blog. So, Every day, I made 2-3 % improvement, learned new techniques, new tools, new apps with the help of social media communities to google search. But that was not enough, I needed social media presence. I needed to created effective content and keywords that can appeal to my targeted audience. Maybe learn about analytics.

From Fashion Blogger to Digital Media Marketer: the start of the journey.

From fashion blogger to digital media marketer: expectation versus reality

As time progress so is my interest in social media sites and their insights aka analytics. I had so many questions; where are my readers coming from?. What are their interests?. But not only that, how can my content attract them and how can they see my content. All these questions were hidden somewhere on my social media sites. At first, It was so overwhelming. But with time and research, I started to find the answers to these questions. at that point, within few months, I was not only reaching my readers but getting attention from few companies. Ohh WOW! wait a minute, how did that happen?. I felt excited and in order to do more and better, I found myself learning more and more. Everything was ticking along nicely, until one day I decided to make a career out of it.

The start of my career- from fashion blogger to Digital Media Marketer

From Fashion Blogger to Digital Media Marketer: Expectation Versus Reality

Before I knew it, I got a job and started to work as a Social Media Coordinator. At first, everything felt different and exciting at the same time. So many questions went into my head. One of which is how can I do something that is a hobby for a real business?. To be honest, I struggled. One thing is to build high-quality content for your targeted audience. Another is to build it for an audience you have no idea about. At first, I started to learn about the business and its clients. Surely, I asked so many questions that tired my supervisor as well as my coworkers. One thing leads to another and suddenly the business started to pick up on social media sites and search engines. Yet, from a business perspective, there are few other things that needed to be considered.

The expectation versus reality: from blogger to a successful career

As time passes, My supervisor started to ask me if I can do a report of the customer acquisition, ROI on Social media and so many other things. Oh boy!. I have some skills, sure, but they’d have been self-taught, and with no formal experience or qualification, It took me a while to search and find out how I can do these reports. Even then, I did not know if I did them correctly. That’s when I stumbled upon Udacity program; a digital marketing nanodegree (DMND). It is a course where you learn all about social media sites and their metrics. Additionally, it teaches how to run successful social media campaigns while being able to measure, analyze, and optimize them. Something I encountered in my job but did not know if I was doing it “the right way”. So I registered. Honestly!, I wished I did that course much sooner.

A path of learning.

Thanks to DMND, I adopted new skills and techniques to target my audience. Besides, it was nice to learn how to measure the effectiveness of these techniques and skills. It opens my mind and I cannot wait to finish this degree. The sidekick out of this course is you get to get a certificate after you finish the DMND course which I am excited to add to my qualification. I am sure there are so many skills I would learn every day.

Finally, This is a journey I took from fashion blogger to social media marketing career. It got rocky a few times but It is a path I am willing to take. I hope you enjoyed the insight into my journey so far. I am pretty sure, I still have a long way to go but I am absolutely happy with what I do.

From fashion blogger to digital media marketer: expectation versus reality
From fashion blogger to digital media marketer: expectation versus reality

before you go, let me know what do you like me to write next!. if you have a similar journey, Then snap it, pin it or share it and tag #chez_rama. And I will share it and don’t forget to follow me for all tips and trick to style your outfit, hair, and more.

To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.



Well hello again! And congratulations on your new career! That’s amazing.


    Hey Nancy, I miss you too. Thank you so much. I cannot wait to share some more insight about my life.


Welcome back! It’s been awhile and I was so happy to see you back. You look great! Also congratulations on your new career. It sounds pretty interesting and would definitely love to hear more about it. I hope your week is going well so far and happy Friday! Maureen |

Shelbee on the Edge

Rama, you look amazing, my friend! It is so nice to see you back here on your blog and what a wonderful journey you have been on! Congratulations on transitioning into a career that you love! You deserve all the best things!


    Thanks Shelbee. I am glad I am back and I cannot wait to reconnect with all of you lovelies.

Allie mackin

That is awesome you were able to go from blogging as a hobby to working as a social media coordinator! Great post.Allie


    Thanks Allie. I am happy I am sharing my insight and behind the scene of the things I learned and how I transferred that to a career


So nice to see a post from you again and congrats on the job! I’m glad it worked out for you and you enjoyed your new job instead of blogging.Hope that you are having a good weekend!


    Thanks Mica. happy to see you here.

Lucy Bertoldi

Hey Rama, I really enjoyed your post- and I featured you on my blog! Come check out the Fabulous Friday! Have a grat weekend:)


    Thanks Lucy, I appreciate it and I am glad you enjoyed my post


The program sounds great! Thanks for sharing your experience!


How exciting! I check from time to time to see if you have a new post. Your presence has been missed! Hope you’re doing well and can’t wait to hear more!


    Thank you for checking my website. I am doing well and I miss you <3.

heather noire

This is a really eye opening post. And so honest! I really appreciate this so much it is very helpful and inspiring 🙂

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