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Natural hair day

Journey for a good hair

Good hair day! Do you think it happens by chance? Would a hair cut always give you a good hair! Do not get me wrong! hair cut is important to maintain it. But it is not the end result for a good hair everyday. I would have a hair cut but within few hours my hair will go back to be flat and uptight. As a matter of fact, no amount of gel, hairspray, sea salt sprays, hair dryer or curling iron techniques will give my hair any kind of shine, lift, wave, curl or body. Let’s say my hair was stubborn as heck. However, I started instead of spending money on hairspray, mouse, or gel, etc..( chemical products in general). I spent it on few healthy products and some hair care tips that are good for hair. As a result, I wake up with glossy healthy,wavy hair.

Good hair day

Hair care tips:

Today, I am sharing hair care tips to have healthy hair for everyday great hair day. These hair care tips apply to any kind of hair. And I mean any kind of hair (fine, coarse, thick, straight, curly, short and long hair).

Wash your hair 2-3 times a week

Third day hairstyle- Ponytail

It is better to wash your hair 2 -3 times a week. By washing your hair less, you are keeping its natural oil. This oil would protect and condition your hair. If you have fine hair or if your hair gets oily easily. the best way to make your hair look neat and fabulous till your next wash is by styling it differently each day. Check out my retro hairstyles for long and short hair for more style ideas.

Wash with cold water instead of hot water

Cold to warm water is your best technique to revive and restore your hair. Hot water damages hair roots and its ends. Additionally, Hot water strips shine and natural oil out of your hair and adds frizz. Cold water, on the other hand, adds shine, seals in moisture into the hair and prevents frizz.

Donot use heating tools often

Hair care tips for a good hair day
Natural hair look

The more heat you add to your hair, the damaged it will look and feel. Even though, I love heating tools and hair dryers, I tend to use them less than before. In addition, I air-dry my hair often to protect it from excess heat. I love my Aquis hair towel that I mentioned it in my Instagram video . Evenmore, This towel is microfiber one. It also dries hair quickly and keeps it looking healthy and frizz free. Unlike regular towels, it damages hair and worsens split ends.

Aquis microfiber towel
Aquis microfiber towel

Use hair oil and hair masks

some of my favorite hair oils

Use oil and masks to rejuvenate and repair hair. Restoring natural oil is not enough to give your hair the shine it needs. Not to mention, Natural oil nourishes roots first. Plus, Hair ends are fragile and weak and tends to split easily. I recommend using oil on ends to give your hair a healthy overlook. My favorites hair oils are argon oil, jojoba oil, ojon oil and coconut oil. Also, you only need a bit to spread on your ends. Equally, Hair masks put shines and hydrate into strands. if you like to have DIY masks. Then, you need to check out my blog post about my diy mask that strengthens, restores revitalizes and grow hair.

Using Amla diy mask

These hair care tips are to change your hair for better. it will also give you flawless healthy glowy hair look everyday any day. Let me know in the comment below what hair care tips you like to add to your routine!. I would love to hear your experience or if you already incorporate one of these tips in your care.






Esa es mi maravillosamente

    Rama Issa



Well if these hair tips give me such beautiful hair like you have…..😀😀😀😀


    You have a beautiful care. Pretty sure with these tips you can have good hair day everyday

Rajee Pandi

Billions of thanks to you for posting this. It is so useful for everyone including me to learn more from you. Love your website. Beautiful and effortless Hair Goals!!!


    Thanks Rajee. It is so sweet of you. Thanks for your support my friend

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