Hairstyles with Beanie and Beret – Easy Hairstyles with winter hats

Hello, winter hats friends!. In Michigan, winter is long and cold. It is snowing or storming on most winter days. Not a hairstyle can last more than a second without freezing my head. But this time I came prepared thanks to winter hats. However, it became boring to have the same hairstyle as everyone which is the basic wavy hair dropped on shoulders with beanies or winter hats. Not that I do not like it. I do!. But I am from those girls who struggle to hold the curls without using a bottle of hairspray on it. If you know me well, you know I try to stay away and far from hairspray as I can. Therefore, I have simple 2 hairstyles with beanie and beret.

Hairstyles with Beanie and Beret
                                         Hairstyles with Beanie and Beret – Easy Hairstyles with winter hats

Hairstyles with beanie and beret

Winter hats are my best friend in this time of the year. They not only keep my head warm but in place even if I decide to take the hat off. Each year, I go hunt for new winter hats that go well with my winter clothes. Over the years,  I collected a good amount of winter hats to wear in the cold days. However, I noticed I always go with my either natural hair or curly/ wavy hairstyle. But I thought today, I will make a twist to the look and let the hat be the star while focusing on easy hairstyle to go with it. So let’s begin

Simple hairstyle with Beret

I am glad that a beret came back in style. I have seen it in so many different textures, colors, and design. Some are edgy and some take it back to ’60s. I got my hand on this pink fuzzy hat from DSW. I also got another one in the color Ivory. Anyhow, while DSW ran out of this hat in all colors. I hunted it down for you at Zappos in here. So if you are looking to get the same beret. check it out, it is on sale!.

Hairstyles with Beanie and Beret - Easy Hairstyles with winter hats

This double side low ponytail hairstyle below is really simple. It is perfect if you have a second or third hair day. It hides the oily scalp look  :). You can skip on dry shampoo. All you need is two elastic band and a brush.

Step-by-step double side low ponytails with Beret

Hairstyles with Beanie and Beret - Easy Hairstyles with winter hats

  • To start, divide your hair to two almost even section. Then go to your right section, comb it with a brush. Next, gather the hair where you want the tie to set. I wanted it to set behind my ear. Now take your rubber band and make your first ponytail. Then go to the other side and repeat the step.

Note: just make sure to place the elastic band asymmetrical with the other one.

To give volume to your ponytails, I love to tease the hair with a hairbrush.

Voila!. A hairstyle that is so simple yet takes me back to my childhood. Raise your hand if you too!. Finally, place the Beret on your hair by leaving the hair from your hairline appears. It will give that cute effect to your hairstyle. Earlier in another post, I did high-up double ponytails for Halloween.

Hairstyles with Beanie and Beret - Easy Hairstyles with winter hats

If you have a shoulder-length hair, You can still enjoy this hairstyle and it will still look cute.

Double braids with a beanie

This hairstyle takes me back in time to my dear mom. In order to cope up with my thick long hair, she used to put my hair in double braids and leave it this way for two days ( must be some science to it). Yes, I had a long hair down to my thigh when I was little. Long story short, It did not last long before she sent me to a hair salon to cut it pixie πŸ˜₯. I cried for days. Anyhow, I love this easy hairstyle. It gives a full look to my hair. It keeps the curls and when I am ready to take off the hat and the braid. I would be left with a natural wavy hairstyle. All you need is hairbrush and 2 elastic bands and beanie.

Hairstyles with Beanie and Beret - Easy Hairstyles with winter hats
                                                       Tip: put the beanie on then divided your hair

Step-by-step double braids with a beanie

  • Start by sectioning your hair to two even sections. Then, start with your right side. Gather the hair like you would put in a ponytail and instead braid it with a normal three-strand braid by taking the right over the middle and the left over the middle. Repeat the process until you have no hair left. secure with elastic band. If you struggle with braiding, just divide the hair to two section and cross one over the other till you have no hair left to twist. Finally, secure it with an elastic band.
  • Repeat the process on the other side of your head. Then start messaging the braid to give them a full look.

Ta-da, this easy hairstyle is complete. It looks well polished and protects hair from extreme cold weather. winter hats will look cute with one side fishtail braid.

Hairstyles with Beanie and Beret - Easy Hairstyles with winter hats

Hairstyles with Beanie and Beret - Easy Hairstyles with winter hats

Note: The hat above is handmade and a gift from my mother in law. She is the sweetest to do this beanie for me with flower detail on it. Now the pictures do not do it justice. It has metallic glitters all over the beanie.

Hairstyles with Beanie and Beret - Easy Hairstyles with winter hats
Hairstyles with Beanie and Beret – Easy Hairstyles with winter hats

Last but not least, Now you know my easy hairstyles with beanie and beret. What’re your favorite hairstyles with beanie and beret? Let me know in the comment below or post a picture of your recreation tagging Chez_rama on Instagram and do not forget to follow me here so I can reshare it.

Have a wonderful day!

Remember you can style your hair the way you like. Just have fun!.





It looks lovely on you but hideous on me. I am not a hat, beanie or whatever person. Such a pitty because I love beanies!


    Nancy, Well I hope this post will inspire you to get in for winter hats. Unless it is not that cold where you live. They are cute and I am sure they will look cute on you. Just choose what flatters your face and your hair color

Carrie @ CUrly Crafty Mom

So cute! I never thought to do a quick style to make my hair look even cuter under a hat. Plus, then when you remove the hat you aren’t as likely to have the hat hair! Lol! Love both of these!


    Yes and Yes. I am glad you love them πŸ™‚ I love wearing hats Well I had to wear hats in winter and I love to style my hear under it to keep my hair in control πŸ™‚

Lisa Autumn

Oh you look beautiful!x Lisa | <a href=””></a>


    Thank you Love 😍

Mel Hwang

Berets are literally my favourite thing in the whole entire world haha I love that it covers up those “bad hair days” xx, mel


    My favorite too πŸ™‚ . SO true. it saves me from washing my hair .


These are such good ideas! I need to wear braids more often and pull out my beanies again! You look so cute in these hats!


    Thank you I am glad you love them . Braids are cute with winter hats.

Maria | passion fruit, paws and peonies

I usually tuck my hair behind my ears and that’s about it. I will try mini braids. You make is seem so possible. Have a fabulous weekend! xx Maria


    Thanks Maria and I cannot wait to see your braid πŸ™‚


You look so cute with your hats! I like both hairstyles but the double braid one is my favourite :)Hope that you are having a lovely weekend πŸ™‚ Yesterday the boys had their Christmas concert and it was the cutest thing!<a href=””>Away From The Blue Blog</a>


    Well I am glad you love both looks. I love braids with hats too πŸ™‚


You look very cute in the pink Beretwww.stylebasket.inInstagram:-Stylebasket24


    Thanks Priya πŸ™‚


You look cute in beretwww.stylebasket.inInstagram:-Stylebasket24


    Thanks love


I just LOVE your two cute braids! I do love the berets as well!


    Thanks I am glad you do. I love berets this season πŸ™‚


I really want a beret now! I love your double braids! Jill – <a href= title=Doused in Pink>Doused in Pink</a>

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span.s1 {font-kerning: none}


    I hope you get one soon . They are so cute and fun to wear


What a great look. The beanie is a more casual style that can be worn with jeans, a puffer jacket, gloves and scarf.


    Thanks they are


Oh my! That pink beret is soooo cute! My cousins live in Michigan so I always hear about the weather lol. hope you stay warm! Lizzie


    Thank you Liz. It gets cold but We got used to it.

Mira Tolvanen

Great and cute looks! πŸ™‚

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span.s1 {font-kerning: none}

<a href=>Mira Audrey’s</a>


    Thanks Mira


I love the pink beanies! Hats are so great for winter. They protect your hair but look super cute


    That’s so true. That’s why I have to have at least one


Always love this hairstyle guides dear! Thanks for sharing, and keep them coming! Jessica | <a href=””></a>


    Thanks Jessica. I am glad you do πŸ™‚ .


These hairstyles are so cute! I don’t wear a beanie much but when I do I don’t like my hair just laying flat! It seems to still get on my face and I just don’t like it. Having it braided or tied into a side ponytail is such a great idea! I need to try this and see how it looks! I hope you are having a good week so far and happy Tuesday! Maureen |


    So agree with you and I hear you in that too. That’s why I like to style my hair differently πŸ™‚

sophie sierra

You are the babe town queen of all berets gorgeous goddess! Adoring these super cute winter wonderland looks, you totally rock them like the true princess queen you 100% are! I adore the pretty pink one on you β™₯︎Sophie I <a href=” “>soinspo</a> xo


    Thanks Sophie, I am glad you do my friend <3

Emma Peach

Such beautiful looks! The braids are so cute. Thanks for linking up!Emma

Jessica A Jannenga

So pretty on you! These are my kind of hats! I have a blush beret I want to style and wear this winter and also have a grey 1920s style hat- the chothe. Your hair is so pretty with both of these hats. jess

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