Halloween DIY broken doll costume, last minute halloween look

Hello!. As we are getting close to Halloween, girls start to wonder what they will be for Halloween. While there are so many costumes you can buy, I find it more fun and creative to add your touch to your clothes. Instead of taking trips to Halloween stores to find your perfect theme, Why you do not take a trip to your closet. It is always incredible creating a signature outfit using your own clothes. In other words, you will have Halloween costume in a budget along with little effort. Plus, the costume will take no time to prepare. It will be perfect for a last-minute Halloween party. Today, I will share my Halloween DIY broken doll costume.

Halloween DIY broken doll costume-last minute halloween look

You can tell by now that Halloween is one of my favorite holidays! I love to dress up and be creative by adding my own hair and makeup look. This year, I am even taking it up a notch to add a DIY costume to my Halloween look.

Halloween DIY broken doll costume-last minute halloween look

Halloween DIY broken doll costume.

Last minute Halloween party! Looking for Halloween DIY broken doll costume! No worry! This is an easy Halloween costume for you.

What I wore-Halloween DIY broken doll costume

This year, I was looking for ways to cut off Halloween costume expenses. First, I already have a box full of Halloween costumes. Second, I want to be minimalist and use clothes from my own closet. So, this past week, I scanned my closet to see what I can use as a Halloween costume. I found a red dress from Express. This dress has been loved and worn so many times from our anniversary to thanksgiving parties :). I love it because it is fit and flare style. Plus, It can be dressed up or down. And, before, I say goodbye to it. I decided to use it as a Halloween costume.

Halloween DIY broken doll costume-last minute halloween look
Some of the black tape I put fall during the party but it was my fault not sticking them well on the dress

Here is the breakdown of my costume


On the pre-Halloween party my husband and I went to, I washed my hair and braid it during the day and then by night, and after I dressed up and put on my makeup, I released the braids and put in two ponytails. I talked about it in detail in 2 minutes Halloween hair tutorial.

Halloween DIY broken doll costume-last minute halloween look



 It took me over an hour to get the broken doll makeup look. It was a challenge since it was the first time I try the look. However, I tried to perfect it with what I have. I used foundation which lighter than my skin but still dark than a doll look. Thus, I added a concealer to lighten it up. Next, I did a natural eye look except for my underline in which I draw a line and filled it with white. I then used gel liner mixed with black pencil to line the cracks on my face ( I did not have black gel but I worked with what I have) and used a white eye pencil to define the lines more and blend it with a brush. Finally, I mixed pink and red lipstick and put it on half of my mouth.

Halloween DIY broken doll costume-last minute halloween look


As I mentioned above, I wanted to have a DIY Halloween costume. So I picked my old red fit and flare dress. Then, I looked for black scotch tape in the house. If you do not have black tape, You can get one at any store around you or Amazon. I started to cut my tape to strings to make scar shape and I put on my dress. It did not take time for me which compensate the time I spent to work on my makeup.

Halloween DIY broken doll costume-last minute halloween look


A doll cannot be a doll without necklaces. Right! I had so many chocker necklaces. So, I picked a black lace choker necklace that I knew it would go perfectly with my black wrapped belt and my combat boots. The boots were featured in my what to wear with faux leather pants. I thought they will go nicely with my look, especially that they are comfy to stay standing all night. Lastly, I asked my husband to grab a tight from Halloween store close by. Since he was put int the picture of my Halloween theme, He got me the perfect tight to go with my dress. A tight with scars all around. Voila, my look was complete.

Halloween DIY broken doll costume-last minute halloween look


Since I completed the look way earlier than the party time, My husband and I decided to go take pictures in the park close by. It was hot and humid. An usual weather for Michigan in October. Funny enough, I killed two mosquitos on my legs while holding my pose to take pictures and the result was blood all over the tight in which everyone thought that I made the blood look. Opss! Gladly! It did not show up in the pictures. They were weirdly splashes of red blood from the back of my legs.

Final thought

I believe Halloween is the perfect time to get your creative side out and explore different looks that you do not usually reach for. It does not have to be complicated or you do not have to pay tons for one time wear costume while you can use what you have in your closet. Think simple, think theme and go with what you have. the result will wow you and everyone see you.

Halloween DIY broken doll costume-last minute halloween look

Instead of going with a boring cat look! not that I do not like the cat looks ( I even made 3 Cat hairstyles for Halloween. It is just too repetitive to see everyone doing the cat look for Halloween party.). Thus, I suggest doing something creative like my Halloween DIY broken doll costume.

Halloween DIY broken doll costume-last minute halloween look

At last, now that you know how I achieved my Halloween DIY broken doll costume, Do you like it? would you be a broken doll this Halloween? Let me know in the comment below or post a picture of your Halloween look tagging Chez_rama on Instagram and do not forget to follow me here so I can reshare it.

Happy Halloween !!




Kelsey Bang

fun halloween style! super fun! <a href=” http://kelseybang.com/ “> kelseybang.com </a> <a href=” http://4allthingsdisney.com/ “> 4allthingsdisney.com </a><br />


    Indeed 🙂 I had so much put it together and wear it 🙂

Jessica A Jannenga

Great idea hon! I always love when kids or adults create their own costume, much more creative! We always did that. Love the dress, the makeup, the whole look is great. Mosquitoes love me, so I loved your story and how people thought you created the blood . Very authentic!! Enjoy your costume. Fun post


I love this idea! Great DIY!Brooke



    Hey Brooke, Thank you so much ! I am glad you love it

Aditi Oberoi Malhotra

Nice idea for Halloween. Very creative!Aditi | fancycorrectitude.com


    Aditi! Thanks sweetie! I am glad you like it <3


This is super cool and creepy look! Love it dear!Jessica



    🤣 Jessica! I am glad you love it <3

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