healthy skin habits you need to adopt for glowy flawless skin

healthy skin habits you need to adopt for glowy flawless skin Seven healthy skin habits you need to adopt for glowy flawless skin

I have been ignorantly not caring about my skin in my early 20’s. I was also guilty of spending so much money on makeup instead of skincare products. But five years ago, I noticed my skin became more dry and flaky than I anticipated. To the extent that I could not wear makeup anymore without looking like a clown. Eventually I started a journey of skincare discovery. I looked for new routines to keep my skin healthy for years to come. After so many trial and error, I reached a point where I feel happy with my skin that I enjoyed having it naked. Today, I bring you healthy skin habits you need to adopt for glowy flawless skin. These healthy skin habits apply to all skin types.

Cleanse your face

Cetaphil Gentle skin cleanser

You guessed it. The first step to flawless skin is to wash your face at least twice a day preferably with cleanser . I was one of the girls that would not wipe or wash their faces from makeup before going to sleep. The next day, My face would breakout so bad and I would have to deal with acne for weeks. if you are still doing  it , STOP right now. strip off your makeup before going to sleep and cleanse your face a.m and p.m. I have tried so many cleanser and some where high-end ones and I found out my favorite one is Cetaphil (it retails around $8). The one I use is Cetaphil gentle cleanser which is good for dry sensitive skin.


Drink water and exercise more

Water bottle and glass of water with lemon to fresh up

Water works like magic ingredient for radiant skin. It is a natural cleanser to your body. Make sure to drink as much water as you can daily. Put a reminder on your phone if you always forget to drink water. Bring a bottle to your table to remember to drink it. Plus it is way cheaper than spending X money on skincare products.  Moreover, You need to start exercising. Exercising is essential not only for your body, your health but also for your skin. In fact, people who work out regularly, they tend to have younger skin than their ages.

Invest in rose water

Rose water proves to help balance PH and reduce excess oil. It also reduces the redness of irritated skin, gets rid of acne, dermatitis and eczema. Since I began to use rose water, my skin became more glowy. I got organic rose water bottle from Amazon. and I am happy to have it in my bag. I spray it as needed. My skin feels tightened and smooth.

Organic Rose water

Add sunscreen to your routine

I know. Everyone is telling you that sunscreen is good and they are all right. But yet you forget to put it on. Guess what!. Nowadays, everything has SPF in it. so if you skip your sunscreen, you can have it in your moisturizer, primer, BB, or CC cream and even in your foundation. So don’t worry if you forget to apply sunscreen. Make sure one of the products you use has SPF in it and you are good to go.

Clarins sunscreen 50 SPF -tint
Sunscreen with at least 35 SPF

It is time to get Jade roller

Jade roller with two sides
Jade roller with two sides
roll away from the center of the face
How to use jade roller

If you have not heard of it yet, it is basically roller made from a stone called jade. Now these jade rollers range from $9-$65. I got mine from amazon for $24 ( jade roller + Gua cha stone which I lost somewhere in the house -I really wanted to try the gua cha stone ). The main reason why I recommend using jade roller is the fact that it increases blood flow and helps renew skin. I use the big roller on my cheek, chin, forehead and neck. Besides, I use the smaller roller for under eyes, nose and around the mouth. Always roll in an upward motion or away from the center of the face to give the skin a lift.

Invest in masks

Some of my favorite masks in the market

What I love about masks. they are everywhere. And to my surprise, this is not a bad thing. Actually, I have yet to try a mask that I do not like. Plus, you can find it for any skin type. If you have dry skin, choose one that is moisturizing. if you have oily skin, go for masks that target excess oil and blemishes for a clearer skin. You can buy one according to your budget.

Don’t neglect your neck or eyes.

I tend to treat my neck the same way I treat my face. I used to forget about it before. The  result, my neck would look sun damaged and my face would look glowy. But I am determined to never do it again. If I use any cream on my face, I use the same thing on my neck.

Furthermore, It is time to invest in a good eye cream. We all have delicate skin around the eyes. we spend so much on eye makeup and forget to spend money on eye cream to help tighten and moisturize around eyes. The one I have is  Marula 3-in-1 rejuvenating eye treatment. I love this eye treatment because it is not greasy as some other eye treatment I used. Also, my eyes absorb the cream so fast leaving it looking fresh and tight. However, there are so many inexpensive alternative and work just as well. It just happen that I am using this one right now.

Healthy skin habits

These are my seven healthy skin habits I recommend to adopt. Do you have any other skin habits you think I should adopt? let me know in the comment below.

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