How to do a basic fishtail braid – Quick and easy low fishtail braid.

Hello!. Tired of your usual three strands braid? looking to spice your look when you have beach hat on?. I got a fishtail hair look perfect for medium to long that would turn heads. Besides, This fishtail is a staple look in fashion shows. Luckily, I will be showing you how to do a basic fishtail braid. You will easily master this hairstyle with few practices.

How to do a basic fishtail braid-step-by step tutorial

I started this hairstyle by first adding two sides normal three strands braids. You can check how I did them in here. They are also optional.

how to do a basic fishtail braid


 Firstly, Pull all your hair to the side. Then put it in a low ponytail using clear elastic tie or hair bungee in order to be easily removed when you are done. This technique will be helpful for the first time and gives you control in your hair until you master the fishtail braid.

how to do a basic fishtail braid

Step 2

Divide the ponytail into two section ( right section and left section). This is a straightforward step.

Step 3

Hold the two pieces tightly next start by taking a small section from the outside bottom side of the left and cross it to top the right. “Do not twist the small strand of hair as you bring it across”

Step 4

Now take a small section from the outside bottom of the right and cross it to top the left. Remember the smaller the section, the better the fishtail braid.

Step 5

Repeat 3-4 steps until you rub out of hair to take. “Do not worry if you have layered hair and fly away hair. Just use a bobby pin to pin them under the braid.

Step 6

When you’re finished braiding, secure the ends with a clear or black elastic tie.

Step 7

Hold the fishtail and start pulling extra hair from both sides of the braid to oomph the look and give it volume.

how to do a basic fishtail braid

To finish off, you can either leave it as is or accessorize it by either crystal hairpin or natural flower like in here. Also, It is time to remove the hair bungee at the nap of the neck.

This is a classic fishtail braid, not a french braid. The fishtail usually starts at the nap of the neck while french braid starts at the top of the hair. Though I have seen people taking a nudge and start fishtail at the top.

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Have a great day!.

how to do a basic fishtail braid



Ahh whatever I do, I do not achieve this neat of a look.

sophie sierra

looking like pure heaven in this STUNNING fishtail braid, you rock gorgeous hairstyles like no other! i love how summery and stunning this look is, not to mention how ACHIEVABLE it is without being COMPLICATED. such a cute beachy look for any magical mermaid out there! looking like total beach babetown! <3

sophie | soinspo xo


    Thank you Sophie. I am glad you like it. This hairstyle was my go to the beach look.

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