How to dress for transition weather/fall trend – Stretch knit short skirt

Hello Friends!. The awkward weeks between changing season can be challenging when it comes to what to wear. I was holding on to summer and I did not want it to go away. But Before I know it, I had to say goodbye to summer dresses and swimsuits. The weather started to change as soon as it reached the end of August. And I like so many others had to adapt to wear warmer clothes. In fact, in most transition days, it can get cold in the early morning and warm up in midday to an early night. So, I am like: Is it hot? Is it cold? Is it time for oversized knit sweaters and leggings or not yet?. On my blog, I will tackle how to dress for transition weather and show my transition look-knit short skirt and tee.

How to dress for transition weather/fall trend

There is no doubt that transitional weather plays a good factor in how we dress up. And the golden question is: What I should wear when it’s multiple temperatures in one day? Is it worth investing in a new transitional wardrobe or can I use summer wardrobe instead?. My answer is: you do not need to buy new clothes to ditch them before you know it. Instead of wasting money on pieces for in between clothes, you can invest in a piece or two that you can work across multiple seasons without being outdated.

How to dress for transition weather
Sachseln/Flüeli-Ranft, Switzerland

Layer up-Jacket/cardigan/sweater

The best part of having these items in your closet is that you can layer them above all of your favorite outfits. It is good to invest in a jacket, cardigan, or sweater that can work for the season ahead. Think light!. think neutrals colors!. They will be perfectly paired with jeans, pants, shorts or skirts. When I went to Zurich, Switzerland. It was quite cold in the morning. Thus, I throw a sweater over my favorite tee. And when it started to warm up, I took it off and put it on my shoulders. It was fun to mix and match my best clothes as I did. You can read all about it in Red pants fall trend.

How to dress for transition weather
How to dress for transition weather-Zurich, Switzerland

 Do not ditch your summer clothes

Just because everyone is saying summer is over and you need to stock on new clothes. You really do not need to follow along. At least not for a few more weeks. Well! You still can rock a tee, or tank top from the summer season and mix it with jeans, shorts or even with skirts. I was lucky enough to style my kisses tee again but this time with my skirt. It added a hint of cuteness to my knit skirt. Therefore, I suggest before you go shopping for in-between weather. Look at your closet!. You might notice you have pieces that you can turn to your transition weather outfit by pairing them with your favorite leather jacket, cardigan or light sweater.

How to dress for transition weather
In Flueli-Ranft, Switzerland, I am wearing my black kisses tee

Put your boots, booties or sneakers on

Another way of elevating your look is to add boots, booties or sneakers to your look. In other words, There is no place for your sandals or flip-flop anymore. In this time of year, wind and rain are common. Wearing boots, booties or even sneakers would give that fall look especially if you style it with skirts as I did. And below is my last tip.

How to dress for transition weather
High-knee sneakers – Flueli-Ranft, Switzerland

Mix and match fabrics and materials

Do not be afraid to mix and match fabric or materials for transition weather. Mixing stripes with leather or stretch with cotton is a great way to show your fall weather by using some of the summer pieces. In my trip to Flueli-Ranft, Switzerland, I decided to wear stretch knit short skirt I got from Spain with my black kisses tee I got from Promod, France.

how to dress for transition weather
How to dress for transition weather-Flueli Ranft, Switzerland

Knit short skirt-My outfit in Flueli Ranft, Switzerland.

If you do not know by now, Thieves broke in our rented car at the beginning of our Europe trip, so I had to buy clothes as I go. Moreover, If you know me, you know when I usually go shopping, I always check if I can wear the piece in multiple ways if the answer is yes. Then it would defiantly be a great buy especially if it is on sale. Double score :D.  Therefore, one of the items I bought was a knit short skirt. The skirt is high waisted stretch knit skirt in color gray. In addition, the style is so unique that it has both wrapped drape detail and asymmetrical hem. The skirt was warm enough to take me through my day without freezing me out in the middle of the Alps mountains.

I paired the skirt with my gray sweater that I layered it over my black kisses tee. Luckily by 10 am, The weather started to warm up and I took off my sweater. I then finished my outfit with my knee high black and gray sneakers. Finally, I accessorize it with my heart necklace and black sunglasses. I will defiantly wear the skirt with a high heel and blouse for a night out or work day.

Other skirts find

I found a few wrapped knit skirts that look similar to my skirt in here:

  1. Express Double Knot ribbed skirt:  This double knot ribbed skirt is super cute with leather jacket and tights. I love that they have two colors and they both are great summer/fall weather.
  2. Forever 21 assymartical skirt: The skirt has a ribbed stretch material and a layered style construction.
  3. Express ribbed twist skirt: The skirt is beautiful olive green with a ribbed twist from the front.
  4. kensie knot-wrap asymmetrical skirt: Kensie skirt is so flattering and the fact that it is long it gives that oomph look. I love that I can wear to any occasion while being fashion forward.

Now that you know how to dress for transition weather, What trick you like the most?

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Have a great day!

This is how to dress for transition weather.





I like your asymmetrical skirt and the location you chose is really wonderful!!!


    Thank you Sophia! I am glad you like it <#. It was fun styling it with the beautiful background behind me

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