How to: dress up your shorts – Styling shorts in Spring

Hello, friends!. Fashionistas in modern’s days have turned to shorts to style it all year long. However, shorts are more worn when it is warm; spring and summer than any other time of the year. Part of it because we as women feel more relaxed and comfortable to wear shorts. Regardless of how cold and Yukie the weather still is here in Midwest, USA. When Spring starts to call, I have to respond by wearing my shorts. Thus, today I will tackle how to dress up your shorts by showing you how I dressed up mine for a brunch.

Let’s get real though, shorts are not always the easiest to style. While it is easy to style them casually paired with a top or tank. It is quite a challenge to dress them up especially in transition weather. Right!.

How to dress up your shorts

Over the weekend, I got invited to another brunch with friends. Instead of wearing skirts with OTK as I did in my brunch outfit, I decided it is time to get my shorts out to dress them up.

How to dress up your shorts

Choose knit, linen or cotton versus jeans shorts

Before I give you tips on how to dress up your shorts, Let me begin by talking about the type of shorts you need. Instead of using spring vibe as an excuse to fully relax your dress code-see it as an opportunity to incorporate fabrics and styles to dress it up. In other words, Stay away from jeans shorts if you are looking to dress up with shorts. Knit shorts or non-jeans shorts alternative work in your favor to look chic and stylish. Plus, they keep you warm in spring in case it gets breezy during the day.

Throw blazer or sweater on

The weather was sunny and nice and calling me to be creative in my outfit. So, I opted in for a knit shorts I wore earlier in my trip. The shorts are my favorite to dress up. The color variation gives it the flexibility it needs to style it with any color shirt, blazer or even sweater. So instead of going with the usual blazer look to dress up shorts, I decided to make a statement and dress it up with a coral sweater. The later is the color chosen by Pantone for 2019. Coral gives warmth and comfort to the eye while screaming it is time for new refreshing activities. Even though I wore this sweater in my how to wear a coral sweater post, I felt it is time to give it more love and wear it again with my shorts.

Opt-in for lightweight coat or blazer

If spring is still breezy, Then you might want to take your lightweight coat, blazer, or even raincoat in case it starts to rain dogs and cats. Though I wanted to make a statement and not wear another layer on top of my sweater. But the weather was quite unexpected. So, I took my lightweight puffer coat with me. Besides, It is a metallic tan jacket with a hood that goes nicely with my shoes. Moreover, It has a fur trim around the zipper area. Thus, it gives a chic vibe to the look. I got the coat on sale end of last year from Cole Haan, Macy’s. Unfortunately, It is out of stock, but I have a collection for you in here In case you are still shopping for puffer coats.

Shoes makes everything put together

Choose either OTK boots or booties to give a polished look. Though I have OTK boots in black and I styled it recently on how to wear a sweater with a dress, I decided to give some love to my new OTK boots in dark taupe. A girl can never have enough shoes. Right!. I got the shoes from Report, Macy’s and I got them for about $32. Though it is a steal price comparing to the quality and comfort it gives, they are more suitable for those with small to normal calf size. To add, It has studded details on the foot. Anyway, the idea is to choose shoes that elongate your legs. Think OTK boots, booties or even some high heels pumps. You can also choose any color to contrast or complement your whole outfit.

Other Accessories – Dress up your shorts

To look instantly polished, throw a bag either a crossbody bag or shoulder one in your preferred color. Besides, I recommend choosing minimal accessories to complete your look. Since the outfit is bald and lively, I decided to accessorize minimally with statement earrings that I wore in my bubble hairstyle tutorial post. As for The bag, I went with crossbody handbag to offer hands-free ease in case we decided to go shopping locally after our brunch. I mentioned the later in my oversized sweater post. However, I wanted to spice up my hairstyle. So instead of having a new haircut, I went with a fake bob hair look with hair accessories. A hairstyle I did before with curly hair.

At last, dress up your shorts can take a bit of thinking but the outcome is a stunning look for any event from hanging out with friends to brunch, lunch or even dinner.

Also, let me know how you like to style yours. Snap it, pin it or share it and #chez_rama. Tag #chez_rama on Instagram and I will share your look and don’t forget to follow me for all tips and trick to style your outfit, hair and more.

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Style it, enjoy it and own it.



Shorts + OTK boots is such a fun combo – and I love the pop of pink you added with your sweater!I hope you are having a great week so far!Amber<a href=””></a><a href=”″></a&gt;


    Thanks Amber. Yes I am so in love with mixing coral and pink 🙂 perfect pop of color

    Have a fabulous day gorgeous 🙂

Oh those OTK boots make this look so chic! I love the pink sweater and the knit texture!


    Thanks ruth <3

Maria | passion fruit, paws and peonies

Those shorts are super cute. I love the blush pink jumper and long boots with them – a great early Spring look xx


    Thank you Maria, I love pink and coral in spring


I used to wear shorts in Winter. A very long time ago though..Perhaps I should try it again. Because this look is fabulous. It looks fantastic on you and those boots are so cool!


    Yes ! I love shorts all year long. They add drama to the look

Jacqui Berry

Oh cute, i’d love to wear this! Perfect colours together. Thanks for sharing – do stop by and join the #chicandstylish #linkup that’s live now! Jacqui Mummabstylish


    Glad you love it. I cannot wait to see you in something similar 🙂

Carrie @ Curly Crafty Mom

I just got a pair of brown OTK boots and I need to try something like this once it warms up a bit more. I love the colors in your top and shorts, goes perfectly with the tall


    Carrie, I cannot wait to see what you will choose to wear with OTK. I am glad you love the look as I am in love too 🙂


I love those shorts! You dressed them up perfectly! Your hair looks so pretty here with those bobby pins!


That pastel knit is such a colourful touch with your shorts and this looks like a great way to dress them up and layer them up a bit for cooler weather! :)Hope that your week is going well :)<a href=””>Away From The Blue</a>


    Mica , Thank you love. It is


Such fun and a cool combo of dress. You look so pretty in this. Thanks for sharing this.xo Corina


    Thanks Corina, I am glad you love it


That’s a great look Rama and made all the less “frightening” for spring by using knit shorts and those elegant long boots. Thanks for joining #WowOnWednesday!


    Thank you Gail. I agree 🙂


Loving your colour jumper!! Have a great day dear! xx La ilusión de Nina –


    Thank you gorgeous Nina. I am in love with it too

jodie filogomo

First, I have those exact boots and adore them. I didn’t get them for such a steal though, but considering how much I’ve worn them, I’m okay with that.Popping over from Shelbee’s blog and I have even learned to wear shorts in the winter with tights…from Shelbee’s inspiration!!I think I’ll wear them more now!


    Aren’t they fantastic? I am so into them


These shorts are adorable and I love how you styled them!!xx,


    Thank you so much. I am glad you do ELise 🙂

Ivana Split

this is a great way to dress up shorts. What a lovely idea to pair them with OTK boots.You look like a supermodel!!!!!


    Thank you so much Ivana, sweet of you to say. I am glad you like this look

Anna Shirley

Rama, you nailed this look! You look tender and feminine and very sexy.


Great styling tips Rama and I do agree that non jean shorts are better to dress up. I love this one you are wearing. The design is simple but it is also eye catching. Your coral sweater looks beautiful paired with this shorts and I have to say, this color really suits you. Maureen |

Clarisse costa

You look so pretty in this i love boot


This is a great tip for going into the fall too. I don’t want to put my summer items away just

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