how to get motivated to work out

Stretching before working out

Tips to get motivated to work out

Well, we made it through arctic temperature and semi hibernation body mode! between the very sever weather this fall and me having health issues, working out became impossible. I am happy that weather is getting better though, we still have sign of snow here and there. Also my health issue cleared out and I feel way better than before. These days, I am ready to be back to my workout activities. It is time to get motivated to work out and stay healthy. Below are few tips in how to get motivated to work out.

work out with friends,partners,co-workers.

Working out is very hard when I am by myself. Thus, I push my husband to work out with me. One, I do not like to run and exercise by myself. Two, he needs to lose 1-2 pounds :P. We also try to push each other to do more. But mostly, I feel I have personal trainer for free. Not to forget, time will pass enjoying each others without feeling it. So gather your husband,boyfriend, friend and/or your coworkers and go for a walk, run or even go to the gym. Working out will be so fun.

Behind the scene workout partner

Spice up the workout routine

Doing the same exercise over and over is boring, it is time to change workout routine and do something fresh. Once a week or so plan to do different activities than you usually do such as going for a walk, hiking , running , biking, kayaking, or surfing alone or with workout partner.  You will be able to work those muscle that you may have never worked out. Plus,  you will have fun exploring something new. Whatever you choose to do, stay active and have fun doing it.

Stretching to warm up for my walk
Warming up is working out 🙂
Warrior pose to stretch the legs
Smiling while feeling the burn from these leg exercises

Wear a fitness tracker

I love my fitness tracker device. It gets me motivated to work out. You can set up your daily target steps. Further, it can monitor your heart rate,sleep pattern and more. So many times, I would have 200-300 steps left to hit my daily target and I would just walk around the house to achieve it. It feels good to accomplish it. Also some of these fitness tracker has features to be in group compete weekly or on weekend. There are so many fitness tracking devices out there and the one I am using is Fitbit Charge 2. Why fitbit, I love the group challenges DUH, and the lifetime of its battery. Now that fitbit has new device called Versa. I cannot wait to upgrade my charge hr 2 to it.

Treat yourself with a good meal

before I go for a long walk early morning , I decide what I will have for breakfast, or brunch later. It will fuel my mind and let me focus on finishing my walk. Thus, I make it a norm to go to my favorite breakfast place after each long walk, or run. This breakfast place serves my favorite waffle which I am not afraid to indulge. Since high carb breakfast after working out will nourish my body and make me feel full till my next meal. Plus, it is so good I cannot resist it.

Plymouth, MI
Cream cheese banana berry stuffed waffle

With these simple tips, you workout will be enjoyable and you will get motivated to work out. Do not be afraid to live a carefree moments while working out. Your heart and soul will fee better after it.

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