How to grow hair naturally – Amla Powder

DIY mask to grow hair naturally

Have you ever wondered how to grow hair naturally, healthy, long and strong ? have you ever dreamed of hair with no gray at any age? do you wonder how you can achieve a thick, heavy hair the same as Bollywood movie actresses and do not know how?  I have and I do. During my visit to an Indian store, I got captivated by hair products Isle there. More precisely by Amla powder that is derived from an Indian fruit called Indian gooseberry. At that time, I had a damaged dyed hair. Besides, I have tried so many products, and DIY hair masks without noticeable improvement. Soon after I started using Amla powder mask, my hair grew significantly. Below are some benefits of Amla along with my favorite Amla powder mask.

Amla powder

what makes Amla a magic ingredient to hair! Indian gooseberry fruit ( Amla) is enriched with vitamin C and empowered with antioxidant. Amla is a natural remedy that would help grow hair naturally and prevent premature grey hair. Besides, it contains many minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, carotene, and vitamin B complex just to name a few. Further, It combines well with coconut butter or olive oil to create a hair mask that grows hair faster and stronger. What is cool, it is so easy to get for cheap prices in an Indian store or online ( Amazon or eBay).

All you need:

Amla powder and coconut oil

Amla powder and melted coconut oil

2-4 Tps of Amla powder depending on your hair length.

1-2 tbs of coconut butter (melted) coconut butter will help with growing your hair stronger, shinier and healthier

Or 1-2 tbs of olive oil will reduce flakes in a scalp

Small container or bowl to mix ingredients

Brush or spoon if needed, I prefer my hands.

Shower cap or hot towel.

How to use it:

Mix 2-4 tsp Amla powder in a bowl with the melted coconut butter till they form a paste texture. leave the bowl in a warm place or on your counter for a few minutes before applying. start spreading the paste evenly on your scalp. Then massage your scalp, work these fingertips on your scalp! Secure your hair with a tie and put a shower cap on. I leave the mixture for at least 2-3 hours then wash it off with a shampoo. I notice less than usual hair fallout in the shower which is a bonus. The result is shiny, healthy hair while gooseberry will work deeply in growing your hair. I use this mask 2-3 times a month.

Amla powder with melted coconut oil

Amla powder with melted coconut oil on hair

shower cap

Grow Hair naturally _Amla hair mask using oil look

There are so many Amla hair masks out there but I found the combination of Amla powder with coconut or olive oil works best with my dry damaged hair.

Have you used Amla powder before? let me know in the comment below.


Annette Broxton

You look beautiful as always!

    Rama Issa

    Thank You so much. It is super sweet of you to say. I hope you will get the chance to try this product and let me know of the result. You will love how your hair will feel after it.I promise


Cariñosa Rama 😙

Rajee Pandi

YES, I used it in my college days and forgot it. Now I am going to use it. Thank you so much for recipe and reminder. Rama, there are many herbal products for hair in Indian store. May be you can try some and recommend them in your website if you love.


    That’s true they have so many and I cannot wait to use more hair treatment and give my feedback.

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