How to Pack the Perfect Beauty Bag for long Summer Travel

Hello! I have talked in my last post that I am going on a long trip to Europe. In this trip, I will not only take a flight to Germany but I will also drive a car crossing countries until I get to Spain for a road trip adventure.  A trip like this will take a toll on my skin. Thus, packing beauty essentials is a must. Thankfully, I have taken similar international trips like this to know how to pack the perfect beauty bag for 4 weeks.

How to pack the perfect beauty bag

Firstly, investing in a beauty bag that fits all of your beauty products. For me, A medium size bag is perfect especially if it has interior compartments to keep everything organized. Secondly, you need to pack beauty items you have tried and loved. The last thing you want is for your skin to freak and break you out while on vacation. Finally, You need to know if you are going to put your makeup bag in your checked in or in your carry-on bag.  My beauty bag is going to be in the checked bag. Therefore, I am not worried about the size of the liquids much. If you are going to put your makeup bag in your carry on, the liquids have to be in travel-sized containers that are 3.4 ounces (100ML) or less and in a plastic bag.

How to Pack the Perfect Beauty Bag for long Summer Travel
                                                 How to Pack the Perfect Beauty Bag for long Summer Travel


If you are going on a summer trip for more than 3 weeks. Then, it is better to invest in full-sized moisturizer, serum and/or eye cream. You will probably hit the ban in them before you get back. Beach salt and swimming pool water will dry out your skin especially if you have dry skin like mine.

However, If you still want to take a travel sized container, then instead of buying the travel sized beauty products which are pricey and most of the time a ripoff.  I recommend getting the full size and fill what you need in an empty travel-sized container ( we all have the small eye cream container that we can wash and reuse. I have a couple of them around). Unless you get your travel-sized beauty products for free with purchase. I always keep them for travel.  Also, check the size of your full-sized beauty products as most products are 100ml (3.4 ounces or less) if you are taking them with your carry-on bag.

 Here is what I packed:



I limited my self to the Trestique essential kit and a few other beauty products. The kit comes with 8 essential sticks I only packed 6 sticks. Impressively, this kit is lightweight, portable and magnetic so you will never lose a stick. Besides, it comes with a compact bag along with a built-in small mirror. Even more, The sticks are 2-in1. In other words, a Built-in tool (brush) is on the other side of most of the sticks. No need to pack brushes.

Here are what I packed:

Trestique 6 essential sticks

  • Trestique tinted face stick in color Tulum nude. The stick gives a settle no-makeup makeup look which is perfect for a beach look.
  • Trestique concealer crayon in color bisque. The concealer is smooth and little goes a long way.
  • Trestique highlighter stick in color Maldives Luminescent. It glides on the skin smoothly and gives settled highlight look.
  • Trestique lip crayon in color Nammos Pink & Pink Champagne Balm. lip crayon has a matte finish while the balm has a shiny one.
  • Trestique shadow crayon in color gold. This is intense. And this is vibrant. It goes with my Smashbox eyeshadow duo.
  • Trestique blush stick in color Bora Bora. It gives a sun-kissed color on your cheek.

Other beauty Items

  • Maybelline eyeliner in color galactic metal. It is gel and glides on my eyes smoothly while staying put almost all day.
  • Hourglass ambient lighting palette. I talked about it in my beauty essentials for a weekend getaway.
  • Smashbox travel eyeshadow duo I got for free with my last Smashbox purchase. It is compact. It is blendable and I do not need more than 2 eyeshadows along with the trestique shadow crayon and Maybelline eyeliner
  • Algenist repairing tint & radiance moisturizer SPF 30. This is a must-have. When I am traveling and on the go. Notably, I reach out to a tinted moisturizer with SPF more than stick foundation or cream foundation. It gives me the coverage I need while protecting my skin.
  • beauty blender. It is lightweight, compact and I can use it to blend everything on my face including my eyeshadows :).
  • Mascara and eyebrow pencil. I am taking these two in my backpack as I mentioned in here.
How to pack the perfect beauty bag
                                                           How to pack the perfect beauty bag

These are my tips on how to pack the perfect beauty bag for long summer travel. Do you have beauty tips when going for an extended trip? Share them with me below


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