How to: Sweater over a dress – spring outfit with OTK boots

Hello, my friends!. Nothing beats an easy look that you can pull in seconds. You know what I mean— an ensemble you put together in no effort but you receive tons of compliments every time you wear it. An updated look from your closet but look fresh and new. Can’t beat that? can you!. Today, I decided to get creative with my look and go with a sweater over a dress. Therefore, I will touch on my easy out of the door in minutes outfit. Besides, I will give you my tips on how you can choose the perfect sweater to pair it over your favorite dress.

What I wore for a dinner -Sweater over a dress outfit

Last week, I had dinner with my family so I opted for a trendy look with a twist; sweater over a dress. Despite little snow here and there, the weather was nice enough to ditch my coat. If you know me you know, I don’t like a bulky coat that I have to take off whenever I enter a warm place.

Unfortunately, It was last-minute dinner plans. So, I didn’t have enough time. Thus, in a hurry, I went through my dresses and picked a dress that I have not worn for a very long time. It is a fit and flare style dress from Express. The color is a deep plum. However, the dress is too thin for the cold night. Thus, layering a sweater seems a perfect plan. I love layering sweater over almost anything such as over a shirt in my winter lunch outfit, or over a skirt in sweater fleece outfit for an extra cozy look.

So, I picked a gray crewneck sweater. Usually, I would wear this sweater with leggings, or jeans for a casual look. However, I opted for a fashion trendy look and threw it over my dress. Especially that it is a slouchy cute sweater with an open detail stitches around the neck.

To complete the look, I opted for the OTK boots. The latter you have probably seen me wearing it in my brunch outfit. In fact, the brunch outfit is still the top favorite in my blog. That’s why I was not afraid to throw OTK boots for maybe the last time this winter. I was so happy with the overall look. It was comfortable yet easy to put together.

How to: Sweater over a dress - spring outfit with OTK boots

Tips how to wear sweater with your dress.

A sweater is just a sweater…till we get creative ways of adding it to our wardrobe. As happy as I am to see the last sign of winter go, It is hard to let go of layering— giving up on sweaters. Right!. Therefore, if you are like me and hold on giving up your winter pieces. Then, you are probably thinking of ways to incorporate them into your spring outfit. Well, It is not a very difficult task. I will be giving you my tips and tricks on how you can layer with a dress.

Pick a solid color or striped sweater

First thing first, If you want to layer a sweater over a dress. Go with a solid color. However, if you are going to layer a sweater under your dress, you can pick either a striped fitted sweater or a neutral one. I suggest you browse your closet and check what you have. Remember wearing a sweater with a dress can transfer your winter favorite into spring must-have in a unique and unexpected way. Therefore, the color does not matter much as long as you go with a color that flatters the dress and your skin tone.

Sweater over a dress

Texture or no texture

Do not be afraid to experiment with different sweater texture. Ribbed, cable or waffle knit offer their own advantage and give interesting depth to your plain dress. I chose a slouchy sweater with an open stitch to give me comfort yet chic casual look. The takeaway from this is to pick and choose the right texture to have a polished look.

Neutral colors or NOT

The color of your sweater can either complement your dress color or can clash with it depending on how you want your outfit to stand out. Also, You can even employ the trick in mixing print if you are going with a print dress. Just find a sweater that matches one or few of the same shades in your dress.

Finally, a sweater over a dress is a trendy timeless look. You can look updated by mixing sweater with your dress. The result is a chic and sophisticated look. Therefore, donot hold back from trying the trend.

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Be adventurous and have fun styling your outfit

Have a fabulous day

How to: Sweater over a dress - spring outfit with OTK boots



Lovely dress Rama! I hope dinner was good! Did you think about a long cardigan photo?


    Thank you Nancy, I will post my cardigan photo soon 🙂 Thanks for reminding me


I’m definitely a fan of the sweater over a dress look! Super cute!!!


    Thank you love. Glad you love it

Shelbee on the Edge

Rama, I love this look! I have to try this sweater over a dress combination. I have so many dresses that I don’t wear all winter because it is too cold, but this is a great alternative way to wear them. Thanks for the inspiration!


    I am glad you got inspired and I cannot wait to see you in your dresses paired with a sweater. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

Mariann Yip

Loving this whole outfit! So creative and it works so well! I’m definitely going to try out the dress/sweater combination!


    Thanks, Mariann. I am glad you love the idea and I cannot wait for you to style something similar

Anna Shirley

This is nice look, Rama. And it is a easy way how you can make look your dress very different – like some two piece outfit. Thank you for sharing with My Red


    I am glad you like it. Yes, I am so in to change the way I wear my pieces to get a new look out of it.

    Thanks for stopping by


This is a great way to more use out of the closet in your wardrobe. I like to layer as well but like you, I don’t like to weighed down by a big jacket or a lot of other things. Thus, you normally see me without any accessories except maybe a bag or sunglasses. I love the color of your dress and the grey sweater is a nice complementary color to pair it with. You look really cute Rama and I hope you had a great time with your family.Maureen |


    Thanks Maureen.That’s the idea. It is really nice to get more out of your pieces and layering while it is not always optimal it is better than carrying a heavy coat around


I definitely think that OTK boots can make any outfit look chic! I love your cute skirt too!


    Thank you Ruth, Indeed it does


What a pretty look! I especially love it with the otk boots! Might have to try that with some of my sweaters. First time visitor to your blog, hopped on from shelbee’ s blog, I will visit again 😊


    Thank you Mireille, I am glad you love it. I cannot wait to see a similar look on you

Jacqui Berry

I so wish I could wear OTK boots. Thanks for #linking up this week Rama. Much appreciated Jacqui Mummabstylish


    Just try it. It will look fabulous on you. I was intimidated to wear OTK a few years ago but now with so many styles, they make it way easier to pick the shoes we like.

Maria | passion fruit, paws and peonies

It’s a very sustainable way of using our dresses and a lovely look! Hope you are having a good week xx


    Thanks Maria . You too gorgeous. Have a fabulous week

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