How to wear a shirt dress in fall/winter – Potential Thanksgiving dinner outfit

 Hello Tuesday!. How’s your weekend?. Mine was super busy one. We went grocery shopping to get our house ready for Thanksgiving. YAY, we got our turkey too!. For the past 5 years, we celebrate Thanksgiving with close family and friends at our house. Of course, this year is no difference. Thus, Planning ahead is a key success for me; from food to decore to even outfits and hairstyles, I plan it all. Therefore, Today I will talk about my Thanksgiving dinner outfit and touch on how to wear a shirt dress in fall/winter time.

But before I start, Let me address something. While I love these pictures we took over the weekend, my husband and I did not know the focus needed to be adjusted till I downloaded them yesterday night. Therefore, I had to re-take some of the pictures inside my house to show the beauty of this dress.

How to wear a shirt dress in fall/winter-Potential Thanksgiving dinner outfit
How to wear a shirt dress in fall/winter

Thanksgiving is a Holiday we keen to celebrate it each year. My husband and I enjoy hosting Thanksgiving dinner at our house. To start, The joy we see in their eyes when they pull into the driveway. To the aroma of roasting turkey and fall candles that fulfill the house. Next, the excitement on our faces when I pull the turkey out of the oven. To finally the warm feeling we get when we gather all around the table.

How to wear a shirt dress in fall/winter-Potential Thanksgiving dinner outfit

How to wear a shirt dress in fall/winter-Potential Thanksgiving dinner outfit

Thanksgiving Dinner outfit

Dressing for a Thanksgiving dinner is a skill that requires some strategies. First, I have to feel comfortable while welcoming everyone to our house. Second, I need to allow some wiggle room on my outfit to not look stuffed while lounging or moving around the house. Raise your hand if you feel the same :). Lastly, I need an outfit that is good for after Thanksgiving walk a tradition we started two years ago. Thus, comfort and chic outfit are completely necessary for me.

In order to keep the focus on what’s really important this Thanksgiving, I have got my outfit all planned out. After so many trial and error, I found out the best way to have an outfit that I would not regret having mid-dinner is a dress. Last year, I went with a fit and flare dress. This year, I picked a shirt dress to get me through Thanksgiving. Shirt dresses are my stable piece each year. It can be easily transferred from summer to fall with minimal efforts. Next, you can easily dress it up with high heels boots or down with sneakers.


If you are looking to style a shirt dress for fall and winter or maybe Thanksgiving dinner then this post is perfect for you. Also, while you are at it, you can check my red plaid shirt dress outfit and how I styled it.

How to wear a shirt dress in fall/winter

 Just because it is fall and snowy (especially in Michigan) that doesn’t mean you have to put away all of your summer shirt dresses. You can easily transit your summer shirt dress to wear it for the cold days. However you choose to wear it, the shirt dress is a must-have capsule for everyone because it suits everybody’s shape-they look great worn loose or with a belt. Actually, All you need to make them cozy is to layer them over or under with few fashion winter basics. And that would take me to my first tip.

Layer it up

In order to make your shirt dress appropriate for winter, the first option is to layer it up with a jacket, blazer, cardigan or even winter coat. I love to layer my shirt dress with a leather jacket in fall. It will keep the wind away when I am out and about. I got this jacket from Express again 😀. Express has a great minus leather jacket that will put an edgy attitude to any outfit you decide to pair it with. Here is a collection I love from them.

Add a scarf or wrap

I love a touch of scarf or wrap with a shirt dress. It will not only keep you warm but adds fall vibe to your outfit. What’s cool about scarf or wrap is that no matter what dress color you go to. A scarf or wrap will spice your look. I got the chic polka dot white and black flouncy ruffled scarf from Betsey Johnson a few years ago and it still looks like new. It is fun since it has the ruffled trend look along with the two contrasting colors. I like to have a scarf accessible in case we decide to go for a walk after dinner. I found out that DSW has a great collection of scarfs, wraps and even kimono. There is defiantly something for every taste.

How to wear a shirt dress in fall/winter-Potential Thanksgiving dinner outfit
How to wear a shirt dress in fall/winter

Accessorize it with boots

For a wintery feel, accessorize your outfit with boots; knee high, over the knee, lace boots or even combat boots. Boots will transit your summer dress to fall or even winter while keeping your feet warm. Though I am hosting Thanksgiving feast at my house. I still like to have my boots on. First, I know I will get out of the house to welcome our family and friends. Second, boots will keep my feet warm and give my outfit an elegant look.  So I opted in for over the knee high. It almost feels like wearing pants since it covers most of my legs. Also, They are comfortable enough for me to be worn all day. My over the knee boots are from Sam Edelman.

How to wear a shirt dress in fall/winter-Potential Thanksgiving dinner outfit

If you are looking to get something similar. You can find them on Amazon in here. They are the only over the knee boots that don’t look huge with my small calf. So this was a deal breaker for me to justify the price of these pricey shoes.

Extra Style tip

 Tights and underneath top are your sartorial savior to keep you even warm for the colder days ahead.

Consequently, Whenever winter comes, Our mind switch to leggings and the oversized sweater. However, If you are like me and like to up your game by looking stylish and dated any time of the year. Then I really hope you can keep your summer shirt dress in handy and keep these tips and tricks on how to wear a shirt dress in fall/winter to keep you warm.

This how to wear a shirt dress in fall/winter. Do you think it is a thanksgiving winner outfit? let me know in the comment below. Tag chez_rama on Instagram and I will share your look and don’t forget to follow me for all tips and trick to style your outfit.

Have a fabulous day!

Style your outfit the way you feel comfortable!



Lovely look, fabulous boots!


    Thank you so much Nancy <3. I cannot wait to see your new post <3. I am looking forward to it

Annette Broxton

I adore your outfit, your blog and your Instagram. I’ve been meaning to let you know. Your hair is fantastic always.


    Annette, I am speechless to your sweet words. You always know how to make my day so special with your sweet words. I am blessed to have you.

    Thank you for the support and God bless you and your family, my friend.

I think this is a perfect Thanksgiving look, especially the bold color! Thanks for the tips, I need to bust out some of my summer dresses and add some layers.


    Kelsey , Thank you I am glad you like it and yes for layering 😀

Maria | passion fruit, paws and peonies

What a stunning location!! Great outfit – have a wonderful Thanksgiving xx


    Thanks Maria , I am glad you love it … Happy Thanksgiving to you too

Anna Shirley

This shift dress is so cute. Perfect choice for Thanksgiving dinner with your family and friends. And I adore your autumn pictures. Doesn’t matter that the focus wasn’t perfect. Pictures definitely are.


Your layering piece is so gorgeous! I love the polka dots and those boots are fabulous!

Sincerely, Jennie

The colors of the leaves, wow! Love how the dress matches.


    Thanks Jennie. Awwh I am saying goodbye to this beautiful view ): It is now covered in white


Well, we are dress twins Rama. Just last week I posted an almost identical embroidered, bell-sleeve, bohemian flared red dress. I styled mine with over the knee boots too, except mine were nude. Love all the layering you did with the scarf and the jacket. This is indeed a great Thanksgiving look.Make sure to link up your latest this week on Thursday Moda! You’d also enjoy my latest collaboration post. Welcome by. =)Have a fantastic holiday weekend and Happy Thanksgiving! <3 Ada.

Jessica A Jannenga

Hi!I love this look! The layering is the best and red is a perfect color on you. I love the scarf and those OTK boots are gorgeous on you! I have a pair I have to sell because they are too big on my calves, Wishing you a Blessed dayHappy Thanksgiving!thanks for linking!jess

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