What to wear with your lace white dress – Comfort versus chic

“No White before Memorial day or after labor day” Fashion rule I do not believe in. I find myself leaning toward buying  white pieces anytime of the year. Also, you can add little oomph to your look by adding pop of color to it. Not only, you can change your whole wardrobe but also no one would notice you wore the same piece last week. Today, I would like to give you ideas how you can add colors to your lace white dress and wear it to different occasion without anyone noticing it is the same lace white dress.

lace white dress with pop of color
lace white dress

lace white dress

lace white dress with colorful pump

lace white dress + pop of color

In my opinion, lace white dress is here to stay. It is my throw on and go style. I don’t have to compromise my comfort. With some twerk in the accessory, This dress can look like new each time. Thus, I  jazz up my look by adding pop of color to it from accessory (handbag, shoes, jewelry ) to makeup such as bold lip color.

I got my lace white dress from express three years ago. Sadly, they do not have this same dress. But, I fall in love with their white off shoulder collection especially the dress in here. I am considering buying it soon.

What I wear with my lace white dress for special day or night out.

My center piece is my shoes. I choose these fun feminine multicolored abstract/floral fabric Vince Camuto pump. I got from DSW a year ago. These pumps are so comfy and give your look the right amount of attention you want. I love them so much I dressed them down before with jeans. They also transit to a great night out with dress like this lace white dress. DSW has other colors but same style and comfort in here.  with so many promotion and great deals. you can get it for reasonable price.

Also, I paired my lace white dress with gold accessory along with Jessica Simpson gold clutch. Gold gives that extra glam look to your dress and keeps the attention away from the dress. Thus, people would keep an eye out of the same dress you wore before and into shoes and the sparkle accessories.

Lace white dress with colorful pump

What shoes I wear for real comfort.

When I know I am going to walk for hours. I put my sneakers in the car or in a bag with me. I found these plush pink with embodied flower on the sides from Betsey Johnson to be the perfect fit to my outfit. Especially that plush pink is everywhere when it comes to shoes. I got these sneakers from Macys . But you can get them from Amazon in this or you can put on any plush sneakers or flat to go with this white dress. It will also pair well with gold accessory.

Lace white dress with plush pink sneakers

Lace white dress with plush pink sneakers

Lace white dress with plush pink sneakers
with rays coming through 🙂

These are my ways of styling lace white dress. Let me know what’s your way of styling white dress? If you decide to style it the same way I do, do not forget to hashtag Chez_rama on Instagram to be featured.

I found out that my hair in here go so well with this dress.

Check my other style post in which I show how to wear jogger pants in Spring in this post.

have a fabulous weekend.

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Your little white lace dress is beautiful! I am a big fan of accessories too, so easy to change up the look of an outfit when you add different accessories, as you’ve shown here with the shoes.

Hope that you are having a nice weekend 🙂

Away From The Blue Blog


    Thank you Mica, I am glad you liked the idea of adding different accessories to the same dress. I love this dress because it is throw on and go style plus you can add different color to give it more glam look.

    Have a great weekend too 🙂


I break the “no white before memorial day” rule all the time too, it’s made to be broken! I love that white dress and both ways you styled it. Those floral pumps are so fun!


    I love to see people break the “no white before memorial day” rule. It is not right be limited to few months only. I love my floral pump :). they are fun to style them with my wardrobe


This is just a beautiful dress. I also love those shoes! They are so pretty and chic and add so much to this look! Great styling job!


Simplement Lui

A beautiful and very elegant dress! Perfect with the floral stilettos!



    Thank you Beautiful Lui! These floral ones are so comfy to walk in them

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