Lazy heatless hairstyles – 3 Holiday Hairstyles

Hello Friends!. Do you sleep through your alarm most of your days and barely have time to style your hair? Do you wake up to a messy hair? Are you struggling to know what to do with your hair this holiday season?. If you are looking for more hairstyle ideas to shine through the holidays. Then look no further. Today, I have another holiday hairstyles. In fact, These lazy heatless hairstyles are fun and easy that they can be sported to any event, ugly sweater party or even normal work day.

Lazy heatless hairstyles - 3 Holiday Hairstyles
Lazy heatless hairstyles

Lazy heatless hairstyles – 3 Holiday Hairstyles

In case you are like me, who has no time to use heat— or even shower during the busiest time of the year. Then these 3 lazy heatless hairstyles take no time at all to accomplish.

Lazy heatless hairstyles - 3 Holiday Hairstyles

Before we begin: For all of 3 lazy heatless hairstyles, I used the sleep styler at night after I washed my hair. In the morning, I wake up with a curly hairstyle. However, It did not go with what I was planning to wear that day. Thus, I decided to give my look an easy heatless hairstyle.

Getting started: If you have second or third-day hair, give your hair a good dose of dry shampoo to get rid of grease. My favorite is not your mother dry shampoo if you can get away with the smell it has. Then invest in one.

Criss-cross twisted bun

Lazy heatless hairstyles - 3 Holiday Hairstyles

This hairstyle is easy to do than you think. All you will be doing is crisscrossing your hair and pin it in place till you reach the middle of your ear. You can then either leave the rest of your hair as is or put in a bun (better-twisted bun ). All you need is a handful of bobby pins, 3 elastic bands ( optional to do the bun) and hairpin or jewelry to accessorize your hair.

Step-by-step criss-cross twisted bun

Lazy heatless hairstyles - 3 Holiday Hairstyles

  • start by parting your hair from the arch of your eyebrows and take a small section to make a small bump on the forehead and secure it with bobby pins. It is optional. Actually, the bump flatters the shape of my face. It also secures my short layers.
  • At the corners of the forehead, take a strand of hair from the right. Then bring it back to the left side. Pin it in place.
  • Now go to the left side and take a strand of hair. Again, bring back to the right side. Pin it in place. At this time, You will notice you just created your criss-cross look.
  • Continue the process until you reach the middle of the ear.
  • Depending on your hair length, divide the rest of your hair to three strands and secure each one with a clear elastic band.
  • Then, twist each strand on each other and take the left strands to the right and drop it behind your right ear. Next, secure in place with a bobby pin. Take the middle and do the same. Now the left strands, you will cross it under the middle section to the right to give the illusion of heavy undefined twisted bun. Finally, secure it in place. Hide any extra fly hair under or behind the twisted hair.

Lazy heatless hairstyles - 3 Holiday Hairstyles


Optional: I accessorize with hair accessories I got from Ulta and featured before in Viking warrior hairstyle. You can either live it without an accessory or find a glam clip to add to your look.


 low Knot updo with a scarf

This hairstyle is an elevated updo. It is simple and gives you a fresh classy look you can wow everyone to work or holiday party. Actually, I wanted to use a small red ribbon to accomplish the look. However, I looked everywhere and to my luck, I could not find the one I had in mind. Thus, if you have a red small ribbon, use it or try to use your summer scarf as I did.

You will need small ribbon or in my case small scarf ( fold it, so it will be long), bobby pins, small elastic band.

Step-by-step low knot updo

  • Gather your hair to one side, and take your elastic band and secure your hair into a low ponytail behind your ear. When you reach the last loop of your elastic, take your scarf or red ribbon and loop it around the elastic band and secure it with a bobby pin.
  • Now divide your ponytail to two strands and take the small ribbon or the scarf and make your first knot.
  • Then keep creating as many knots as you can with your hair. I did a total of three.
  • Now take the rest of the hair with the ribbon or your scarf and wrap it behind your ponytail. Secure it with bobby pins. If you have your ribbon or scarf hanging wrap around the ponytail to hide the elastic band.
  • Finish off by messaging your knots to give a messy look to your updo.

Note: If you have short layers take the strands and pin it back.

Voila, You low knot updo using scarf or ribbon is now completed. There is no wrong or right way to do it. This is a messy style when you don’t have time to do your hair. Just have fun with it.

High ponytail with a headband

This hairstyle was supposed to be a top knot hairstyle with a headband. Unfortunately, When I was filming it, I did not notice that my bun was cut and all the step-by-step got cut from the top. mistakenly, I moved the camera down. The result was cutting the top knot look ):. Instead, I will take it back to the ’70s and give you a one-minute ponytail hairstyle perfect for the holiday. All you need is an elastic band and headband. I got mine from Ulta.

Step-by-step ponytail with a headband

Lazy heatless hairstyles - 3 Holiday Hairstyles

  • take your headband and replace it on your forehead covering some of your hairlines.
  • Then gather your hair in a high ponytail and secure it with an elastic band.

Lazy heatless hairstyles - 3 Holiday Hairstyles

Tada, This hairstyle is complete. Sometimes we forget that a small accessory can do magic in our hairstyle. So next time you want to change up your hairstyle. Just take a look at your accessories and add them to your hairdo for holiday glam look.


At last, What’s your favorite one of these  3 lazy heatless hairstyles? Let me know in the comment below or post a picture of your recreation if you decide to go with one tagging Chez_rama on Instagram and do not forget to follow me here so I can reshare it.


Have a wonderful day!

Your hair won’t look basic anymore!.



Carrie @ Curly Crafty Mom

My favorite is that criss cross twisted bun! I’m going to try it!! So pretty and


    Thank you Carrie <3 I will love to see your creation


Love the hairband style. But with your gorgeous hair you can do everything.


    Nancy, Thanks love , You are so sweet my friend.


Stunning ideas! I love how easy you make it all look! I can’t wait to try some of these!


    Glad you love them. They are really easy. I cannot wait either.


You have gorgeous hair. So think and shiny. Okay, I’d love to try all three hairstyles, especially the first one. I am not very good at hair but my oldest maybe able to help me out.


    Thank you, Bojana. I am glad you love these hairstyles. It is really easier than you think. I am not good at using a curling iron so I prefer these looks :). I hope you get to try them.


these hairstyles are so beautiful and look so perfect on you, Thanks for sharing this in step by step.xo Corina


    Thank you sweetie. I am glad you like them 🙂

Sugar Lane

Cool! love them all!S


    Thanks Glad you do 🙂

Maria | passion fruit, paws and peonies

You have the most glorious mane of hair! When are you going to start a YouTube channel – I think you’ll do fab!! Thanks for these gorgeous style ideas xx Maria


    Maria, Thank you for the encouragement. You are always sweet <3


You are amazing! Thanks for sharing these tips. Going to try the criss cross twisted bun! xo, Joling


    Thanks Joling, I would love to see your creation <3


These are amazing tips dear! I absolutely love your hair style tips series. These are extremely helpful, keep them coming! Jessica | <a href=””></a>


    Jessica, Thank you, my friend. I am glad you love these easy hairstyles. I am glad you find them helpful. It makes me happy

Anna Shirley

Criss-cross bun looks amazing. I stopped to use curlers because I prefer to have good sleep. But true is, that is much easier and faster if you use them. It saves you a lot of time in the


    It does. you just need to find comfortable curlers to sleep on. I find the sleeping curler to be more comfortable than any other. But I know what you mean. I would skip on them if I want to get good sleep.

    I sometimes use them at home when I have some errands around and I know I will go somewhere at night. They still give me the curls I want.
jacqui berry

You have beautiful hair my friend. Thanks for sharing this post, my hair is totally the opposite – straight and fine! Have a super week. Jacqui MummabstylishHope to see you on the #chicandstylish #linkup on Thursday. x

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