look more beautiful in minutes, How to make yourself more attractive

Happy Tuesday! I had a blast this past weekend with tons of activities. Through that time,I was thinking of ways and tricks to look more beautiful in minutes. Is it possible you may ask? Yes, It is. Thus, I came up with the best 6 ways to boost your appeal.

Look more beautiful in minutes
look more beautiful in minutes

Tips to feel and look more beautiful in minutes

I strongly agree that beauty comes from inside out. However, there are times where you want to look your best. For instance, you are going on a date, you are attending a special event, or just going with friends or significant other.

Wear heels

While I love my flats, I reach out to heels when I want to feel more feminine. It is clear that heels make legs look longer (especially for someone petite like me) and change the way you walk by forcing your hip to move.  Consequently, It makes you feel stylish, sexy and pretty while boosting your confidence and making your ensemble look well put together. Slip in your heels and feel the power. I mentioned previously my favorite heels to walk in this blog post. If you cannot walk in heels, look for wedge sandals or sneakers. I find them to be as comfortable as flats yet they boost your confidence the same way the stilettos do.

Look more beautiful in minutes

Maintain good posture

Stand tall without bending your back will invoke feelings of happiness and ease to talk to. By maintaining a good posture you not only increase your confidence and self-esteem but you will feel more energized and happy. All of that will translate to make you look more attractive. I am sure there are so many products you can buy or tricks you can look it up online to enhance your posture. But if you are looking for an easy inexpensive way to stand tall, then you can follow my mom’s advice:). When I was 17 years old, I tended to bend my back hiding my breast and this eventually led to bad posture. My mom told me to put a book on my head while walking in the house without dropping it. At first, It was so hard for me and painful. Henceforth, I have a good posture.

                                                              One of us stays tall even while sitting 🙂

Play up your best feature


Look more pretty in minutes
My hair is my favorite feature.

When It comes to look, we all have a certain feature that we like more than others. It is time to enhance them and hide the ones you do not like. Big beautiful lips? wear a bold or nude lipstick topped with lip gloss. Beautiful shoulders and Décolletage? wear off shoulder top to show them off and highlight your decolletage to pop them up. I love to express off shoulder tops in here. Beautiful hair? style them to enhance the look. Got great legs? showing them off with leggings, dress, skirt or shorts. Beautiful small waist? show it with tight top or dress. Lastly, got a beautiful smile? keep smiling which brings me to the next trick


Smile more

Remember the saying “smile and the world smile back to you”. It is true!. The bigger the smile the better you look. Also, when you smile, you will notice people smile back to you. Funny enough, I have a habit of smiling when I floss according to my husband ( Unintentionally I look like I am smiling while reaching out to my back teeth to floss them) . He smiles back to me. Smiling makes your face and look happier and enhance your beauty. However, I know We all have these moments in our life when we do not feel like smiling. I got you a perfect solution; looking at funny videos or pictures on my phone when I feel blue helps to make me smile. Thus, my mood changes and I feel happy. It works for me each time and I hope it will for you.

Look more beautiful in minutes

Whiten your teeth

In order to feel pretty and easy to talk to, keep your teeth clean and white. I read a university study talking about how white teeth attracts the eyes towards them. Thus, it instantly makes us look more beautiful in minutes. The best effective way is to take care of your teeth by brushing and flossing them at least twice a day and to buy white stripes to help whiten your teeth instantly.

Look more pretty in minutes

Put your phone away

Lastly but not least, Thanks to social media and FOMO something I mentioned in my previous post in here. Checking phone regularly while we are out, makes us look unattractive. All that people see, is frown face from starring at phone trying to see or read something. Thus, try to stay away from your phone and enjoy your surrounding. I know! I know !. It is addicting and I am guilty at a charge in this. But I am trying my best to put my phone away while I am out.

Look more beautiful in minutes                                                                     Well, At least I tried  😀

These are my six ways to look more beautiful in minutes. Do you have any tip or trick to look prettier?. Let me know in the comment below or comment below my Instagram post in here .

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Have a great day!





amely rose

Thank you for these hacks.
The tips are so cool to look amazing the instant.
Nice post my dear.

take a look at my Blogpost about these lovely beautyproducts


    Glad you liked my tips 🙂 they are easy to follow arenot they ? 🙂


Que preciosa MI cielo 😍😍😍😍😍😍

Julie Caron

Great post. We all need some pick me up tips now and again and those little details really make such a difference.


    Thank you Julie ! I agree with you They do make a diffierence

Maria | passion fruit, paws and peonies

Love the point – put your phone away – very contemporary beauty tip! xx


    Glad you love it Maria ❤️. We sometimes pay attention to the makeup more than the effect of our smiles and our actions and we expect to look and feel pretty


    Thanks Maria:) sometimes we forget ourself while being on the phone. The world is worth checking


These tips are definitely easy ways to incorporate! Smile is contagious and I love this tip the best! It’s so easy to do and such a powerful way to brighten your and someone else’s day!

Maureen | http://www.littlemisscasual.com


    Amen to that Maureen ! We need more positivity and laughter in our life 🙂


Your hair is absolutely beautiful. I love the curls and how volumized your hair is.



    Awwh thank you so much gorgeous Ruth , super sweet of you. I try to take care of it when I can 🙂


I see you follow each of your tips as you are definitely very attractive! Your post shows again that we have it in our own hands how we appear 🙂
xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena


    Thank you gorgeous Rena , you said it well we donot know we can make ourself more representable because we underestimate the inside and how it affects the outside appearance. Thanks for the sweet words

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