Makeup tips for girls with eyeglasses – Makeup for glasses wearers

Hello, Glasses friends!. I joined the eyeglasses family since college. For a long time, I hated wearing the big ugly pair of frames I had. One because my eyes always used to get lost behind the glass. Second, the styles and colors were not as flattering and cool as these days. Third, I struggled to rock my makeup without getting my foundation move or without looking like I have not slept for days. However, in recent years, I started to give myself an excuse to wear them more often. They now come in all style and colors that flatter everyone’s eyes. Plus, I learned a trick or two in how to master a makeup look with eyeglasses. Therefore, Today, I will touch on makeup tips for girls who wear eyeglasses.

Makeup tips for girls with eyeglasses-makeup for glasses wearers
Makeup tips for girls with eyeglasses-makeup for glasses wearers

After you choose the right frame and the color you like for your face, Makeup will follow.

Makeup tips for girls who wear eyeglasses

Ever wondered how to apply makeup that complements your eyeglasses? I sum up a few makeup beauty tips that will draw attention to your eyes, blush, and lips equally.

Set your foundation with powder

One of the tricks I learned to keep my foundation from moving around is to set it with powder. Though I try to stay away from setting powders since I have dry skin, I must use it when I know I will wear my eyeglasses. Since I have dry skin, I use the light amount possible on my brush so no baking. All I do is dip the brush into the powder (I like Laura Mercier translucent powder) and brush it lightly on the bridge and the side of the nose where the eyeglasses will rest. It will prevent your liquid foundation or tinted moisturizer from moving around or creasing around the nose. Besides, It will not transfer much to the frame.

Apply eyebrow gel or pencil with your eyeglasses.

It is easy to feel there is no need to fill in eyebrows since they hide behind eyeglasses. However, defining your eyebrow will frame your face even if they barely show with your frame. I lightly fill in sparse areas with gel eyebrow making sure to follow the natural direction of my eyebrow hair. If you are new to fill in your eyes, then eyebrow gel works wonders to bridge the gap naturally without going too far with big bold eyebrows. Just start by brushing your brows up with gel brush. The gel will give you a natural eyebrow look while keeping them in place. These days, I am using L’oreal eyebrow gel.

Use concealer for under eye

Usually, I skip on concealer under eyes for an everyday look. But If I skip on concealer with a pair of the frame, the eyeglasses magnify dark undertones around the eyes let them look tired. Thus, I make sure to use concealer. Just use a lighter shade than your foundation. This will brighten the eyes and give them a fresh look. I blend my concealer with a sponge. The concealer I love to use is catrice camouflage concealer. They are for $6 and perform better than high-end ones for me.

Natural eyeshadow is your friend

In order to make your eyes pop, lay low on eyeshadows and stick to neutral tones. I use two colors off-white all over the eyes and light brown on the crease. I usually grab any two colors from any palettes I have or even contour palette. Then for a pop of color with my finger, I dab a colourpop eyeshadow on the middle of my eyes to open up my eyes ( optional, I just like a bit of highlight on my hooded eyes). I talked about it previously in my red plaid shirt dress makeup look.  If you like to use eyeliner or eye pencil, ditch your black and use brown, or burgundy eye pencil. It will give a great contrast to your eyeglasses.

Do not forget to use mascara and focus on inner eyes and eyelash roots to open the eyes.

Makeup tips for girls with eyeglasses-makeup for glasses wearers

Minimal blush color

Since all the eyes will be on your eyes, Then go minimal with a toned down blush. I use a light dust of blush on the apple of the cheek and drag it back to my ears. Surprisingly, the blush I am addicted to using with an everyday look is from L’oreal enchanted line. The color is charming and it is charming :). It is orange with a hint of shimmer. As for highlight, I go light with highlight too. I dip the brush on the powder and tapped off the access before sweeping it over high points of the face.

Choose your lipstick wisely

Don’t forget the pout!. Since glasses get all the attention, The perfect choice is to go with lip balm, nude or subtle shade. My favorite set is champs elipsee and Bebe duette from Votre Vu. Votre Vu is a luxurious French company that has everything from skincare to makeup. I got champs elipsee in color spark. The color is beautiful mid-tone rose. It got a slight shine and slickness to it. Then I topped it with Rasberry from Bebe duette for a glossy look. The result is a perfect hint of color on lips.

Finally!. I am blessed to finally be able to wear eyeglasses more often with makeup. So next time you put on makeup do not hesitate to pair it with your favorite eyeglasses.

Makeup tips for girls with eyeglasses-makeup for glasses wearers

Now you know my makeup tips for girls who wear eyeglasses.  let me know in the comment below what’s your makeup tips for girls who wear eyeglasses. Tag chez_rama on Instagram and I will share your look and don’t forget to follow me for all tips and trick to style your outfit, hair and more.

Have a fabulous day!

No rule define you! You define your own rules!.



Great tips! I normally don t wear glasses, but when I go outside I have to use my oxygen glasses! Only one color and design available! Can you Imagine how that is for a fashion blogger! Awfull! Haha, but aI have to deal with that!


    Awwwh It is hard. I still love your look and your style with or without glasses you look stunning


You look beautiful in your glasses and these are great tips! I only us my glasses when I’m working at a computer or reading :)Hope that you are having a great weekend! Today we are going on our annual pre-Christmas shopping trip to finish our shopping and get each other gifts which will be a lot of fun 🙂


    Thank you so much Mica. I used to wear my eyeglasses while using PC or reading but now I use them while driving too. I am glad you like the tips.
    We love Christmas and Christmas decoration. We enjoyed checking them over the weekend

Maria | passion fruit, paws and peonies

I wear glasses and these tips were great for me! Love you blog and all the makeup and hair tips you give. Love your look too. Looks so cold there – it hasn’t started to snow here in England yet – it doesn’t usually start until after Christmas. Have a great week xx


    Maria, Thank you so much. I am glad you love it. Also, I am glad you love my tips. I cannot wait for snowy Christmas 🙂


Lovely and extremely useful tipswww.stylebasket.inInstagram :-Stylebasket24


    Thank you Priya <3 I am glad you like it


I wear eyeglasses from time to time, and I definitely agree with these tips! Thanks for sharing dear! Jessica |


    Thank You Jessica. I am glad you find my tips useful. Best wishes my friend

Jessica A Jannenga

Your natural makeup looks so good on you hon! I love your tips too. I have worn glasses since I was 10, so I think I look wierd without them! I love a natural eyeshaow or will use more pink and lighter tones. thanks for linking!
jess xx


    Glad you love my tips <3

Emma Peach

Great makeup tips! I usually wear contact lenses but sometimes I have to wear glasses if my eyes get sore. Your glasses really suit you. Thanks for linking up!Emma


    Emma, Thank you love. I tried so many glasses till I find these.

    I am glad you like the tips 🙂
jacqui berry

You look fabulous Hun, thanks for sharing your tips on #chicandstylish #linkup Jacqui Mummabstylish


    Jacqui Thank you sweetie

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