Morning Hairstyles : 3 quick hairstyles for Christmas day

Morning Hairstyles : 3 quick hairstyles for Christmas day

Hello, Friends!. We are a few days away from Christmas day. When Christmas morning comes, I usually throw on my plaid or red pajamas. But then I look in the mirror to see a messy hair that should be at least washed. However, since everyone is rushing to get down to open Christmas gifts and maybe take a few group pictures, I end up with crazy hair look that will be remembered for years to come. Raise your hand if you are like me!. But, I learned a trick or two to get a quick hairstyle for this memorable day. So I thought it would be fun to put together these three-morning hairstyles for you that just about anyone can do.

Morning Hairstyles : 3 quick hairstyles for Christmas day
This is how I start my day!

Morning Hairstyles – 3 festive hairstyles for Christmas day

Morning hair can have a festive look with few accessories that you might have from your Christmas shopping. While the accessories are so festive to be worn during this time, The hairstyles can be easily transferred to any busy morning when you feel you need an oomph to your hair look. Hint: you can also do one of these morning hairstyles to your girls who wake up with messy hair too. I bet they will love the look.

These morning hairstyles are simple hair hacks  —  whether it upgrades your everyday’ do, gets you out of the door in literally five minutes or help transform your hair from basic to festive for a picture worthy look.

Braids headband using your own hair.

This hairstyle is easy to do on any hair from medium to long hair. Indeed, It will spice up your hair. Basically what you require to have nothing more than your hair, bobby pin and hair accessories ( optional). If you do not know how to braid you can twist your hair the same way I did in twisted half up half down look.

Morning Hairstyles : 3 quick hairstyles for Christmas day

Step-by-step braids headband using your own hair

  • Start by taking a section of hair from behind your ear. Then divide it into three sections and start braiding a basic three strands braid. Next, secure it with an elastic band.
  • Then go to the other side of your hair and repeat the process to create another braid.
  • Now take one braid and wrap it around the top of your head to create your first headband and secure it behind your ear with a bobby pin. Repeat with your other braid by placing it next to the other braid and secure it to the other side of your head.

Morning Hairstyles : 3 quick hairstyles for Christmas day

This hairstyle is so chic by itself without hair accessories. But because it is fun to have an extra festive look, add your reindeer headband or any headband of your choice behind your braids.

Note: depending on your hair length for a sleeker look, you can keep your braid to the back of your head right at your crown. I created slight similar look before in braided half up half down hairstyle.

Morning Hairstyles : 3 quick hairstyles for Christmas day

The Topsy tail

This hairstyle has no technique, and no extra tools more than elastic bands, maybe Christmas bows (you can create your own bows using a ribbon of your choice).  It will elevate your hair while looking like you spend so much time to create it. It is perfect for any busy day. Plus it hides the messy oily look of your hair. In fact, I love Topsy technique that I created so many hairstyles using it such as Topsy ponytail hairstyle and rolled up hairstyle.

Morning Hairstyles : 3 quick hairstyles for Christmas day

Step-by-step the Topsy tail

  • brush your hair and take it all to one side to create your first ponytail. Using your finger, make a hole right above your ponytail and flip your ponytail around itself from out to in. Next, take another elastic band and tie your hair with it. Again, make a little hole just above the elastic, and, with your fingers, flip the hair around itself. continue to Topsy-tail down your ponytail one more time or as many as you desire.
  • Now to create volume take your fingers to the Topsy ( twisted hair and pull the hair out a bit).
  • finally, it is time for your hair accessories; ribbon or bows from the Christmas decoration. secure the ribbon or in my case the bow around each elastic to hide it. I decided to go with green, yellow and red. You can choose whatever color your heart desire.

Morning Hairstyles : 3 quick hairstyles for Christmas day

Viola, your Christmas Topsy tail is done. I have done this hairstyle a few times already. It is so cute, creative. Of course, it will make your morning look pretty festive.

Morning Hairstyles : 3 quick hairstyles for Christmas day

The half-up ponytail- Morning hairstyle

Undoubtedly one of the most popular and versatile hairstyles is the ponytail. Therefore, I could not resist not adding one. I love this look because you can add your own hair accessory for any occasion. Also, you can embrace your own natural texture effortlessly. All that you need is hairbrush, elastic band and hair accessory.

Morning Hairstyles : 3 quick hairstyles for Christmas day

Morning Hairstyles : 3 quick hairstyles for Christmas day

Step-by-step the half up ponytail for morning hairstyles

  • Brush your hair all the way to the back with a brush. Then, start by dividing your hair horizontally from your ear up to your crown. Next, put the top section into a high ponytail and secure it with an elastic band. Pull your ponytail up with your hands.
  • lastly, decorate your ponytail with any red ribbon to create your bow. Or get a small bow from the Christmas decoration as I did and tie it around your elastic to hide it.

Morning Hairstyles : 3 quick hairstyles for Christmas day

Note: you can texture your ponytail by pulling hair up with a brush or leave it as is. You will be left with a cute hairstyle for your busy morning this Christmas.

Finally, Now you know my three-morning hairstyles. Do you have a favorite?  Have you done any morning Christmas or holiday hairstyle you like to share with me?. Let me know in the comment below or post a picture of your recreation tagging Chez_Rama on Instagram and do not forget to follow me here so I can re-share it.

Have a wonderful day!

Remember to have fun when styling your hair. It is one wash away :).



You can do everything with your beautiful hair!


    Thank you Gorgeous Nancy 🙂 That’s so sweet of you my dear friend

jodie filogomo

Your hair is amazing!! I love all of the options!


    Glad to hear that Jodie <3


These are all such cute hairstyles! My favorite is the Christmas topsy! Those little bows are adorable and really kick any hair up a notch! Maureen |


    Thank you Maureen , You are so sweet my friend

Carrie @ Curly crafty mom

I’ve always wanted to do a braided headband and love the side braid with the bows! Very festive!

Kinga K

perfect hair ❤


    Thank you sweetie

Mariann Yip

I love these styles! My favorite is the braids headband. So creative and festive! 🙂


    Thanks Mariann, I am so happy you love it


These are great ideas, I love the topsy tail one with the bows, so very festive! 🙂 I’m planning on curling my hair on Christmas eve so I’ll have some nice waves by Christmas day – we will see if that works out, haha!Hope that you are having a nice weekend! I finished Christmas food shopping yesterday and all the gifts are bought so now we are just relaxing until the big day :)<a href=””>Away From The Blue Blog</a>


Amazing tips dear! Always love this hairstyle series, you can do absolutely everything with your hair! Jessica | <a href=””></a>


These hairstyles are so so cute!!! Definitely trying one of this on Tuesday! 🙂 xoxo, SHAIRA


they are all cute hair styles, I like the look. That sweater gives a cute festive feelingEnjoy the festive seasonNew post


    I am glad you enjoyed them. Indeed it adds to the whole look thanks love


Wonderful, festive ideas! I love the topsy ponytail! It’s so pretty and you could switch up the accessories and wear it year round too!


    Indeed Laura , that’s why I love this topsy tail hairlook


You always have the best ideas! I love the braids headband!Jill – <a href= title=Doused in Pink>Doused in Pink</a>

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span.s1 {font-kerning: none}


    Thank you Jill. Glad you enjoyed the looks


So many cute+festive hair ideas for the holidays, Chez. Those adorable little sparkly bows are perfect for Christmas. Love the style with the twisted pony and you wearing all of them!Hope you had a great Christmas. Come join my monthly ‘last Tuesday of the month’ linkup (below) and a brand-new Thursday Moda goes live tomorrow. Thanks.Happy Holidays. <3 Ada.

Emma Peach

Cute hair ideas for Christmas! I love the reindeer antlers! Thanks for linking up!EMma

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