Natural glowy makeup look: everyday makeup you can do

If you have not noticed yet, natural glowy makeup has its moment these days. Though with winter is in full swing, you can still see the love of this glowy look everywhere. However, It gets really hard to put on makeup without having greasy skin. Thus, Today, I will share my way of having a natural glowy makeup look. In fact, It is my everyday makeup look with some tweak of lip color and blush. Recently, I received many messages on social media regarding how I achieve my glowy look. So, I hope you enjoy my simple look.

Natural Glowy makeup look

Previously, I talked about tips and tricks on how I master a makeup look with eyeglasses. However, I will show you how I create my glowy everyday look using both affordable and high-end products.

Natural glowy Makeup look: everyday makeup you can do

Before I begin, it might be worth mentioning that I have sensitive dry skin. So all the products are approved to be effective with my skin type.

Prep your skin well

In order to have a canvas that’s truly set up to a natural glowy makeup look, a good base is a must-have. After washing the face, apply a moisturizer that is suitable for your skin type using a circular motion. My favorite moisturizer for dry skin is from Votre Vu. Afterwards, I use a primer to smoothly blend makeup on top of it.  My favorite these days is Fenty beauty soft matte pro filter. Besides, it is one of these primers that not only even out my skin tone but it gives a luminous touch to the skin to help give that glowy look,

Natural glowy Makeup look: everyday makeup you can do

Time for concealar

For visible breakouts or deep under-eye circles, choose a concealer one or two-tone lighter than your skin to brighten the skin. I start by depositing a thin dots of concealer under my eye and around it. Therefore, I not only conceal but also prime my eyes for eyeshadow. Using a clean sponge, beauty blender or even your finger, blend it in a pounding motion for better absorption. I am still going strong for Catrice concealer in light beige. This affordable brand never broke me out. This is my third bottle since I first discovered it a year and a half ago.

Natural glowy Makeup look: everyday makeup you can do

Add tinted moisturizer or foundation

Depending on your preference, apply your tinted moisturizer or foundation using a sponge or a foundation brush. Personally, I use the same sponge I used for concealer, I only turn it to the clean side. Similarly, with a bonding or circular motion, I blend it well. While the fastest, most natural way to get a glowy look is by using tinted moisturizer, in this look, I use Dior forever liquid foundation. To my defense, this liquid foundation is lightweight and smooth my skin out. In addition, It has a luminous, matte-finish which makes it comfortable to wear all day.

Move to the eyes
for a natural glowy makeup look

For wet glowy eyes, apply a wash of sheer, shimmery cream shadow of your choice with your finger from lash lines to brow bones. If your skin is fair, opt-in for a silvery white shade. For other skin tones, opt for warm shimmer colors. I used colour pop eyeshadow in the color sailor. Then, swirl a blending eye brush in a bronzer or nude light brownish color of your choice. With a circular motion, blend the color on the crease and on the lower lashes ( keep it to the outer area of the eyes only). In fact, It is the area between your lid and your eyebrow. Besides, It will soften the shimmer and gives a soft transition color to your eye look.

Then, tight line your upper lashes with black eyeliner to create a cat eye look. I love to use liquid because I have more control over lining my eyes. My favorite is L’oreal liquid eyeliner

Give little dimension to the face

Bronzer warms up your face without showing a streak of dark lines on cheekbones.  With a brush, I dab into my Mac bronzer. Then, I go around the face to give that sun-kissed glow my face needs.

Keep the drama to the lips

To get a pretty lip shade, go with matte lipstick followed with a lip gloss. In order to add light to the center of the lips. As a matter of fact, My favorite two combination for any occasion look is from Koko collection original set in color Okurr and damn Gina.  If I am going for a hint of color, I will use a shade that matches my lip exactly and dabs it with my finger. In order to give a subtle hint of color.

This is as close and real as it can be. Maybe even too close

Enhance lashes and define the eyebrows

Eyeliner is essential even if I am going for a natural glowy makeup look. So that, It opens up the eyes to let you feel awake and fresh. start with applying one to two coats to the top lashes. Then, apply one coat on lower lashes. Hence, my top favorite is They’re real from Benefit.

Regardless eyebrows, I use a brow gel with a hint of color to give a natural look and keep my eyebrow intact. I am using L’oreal set brow.

Radiant Cheeks

In order to achieve a natural glowy makeup look, pick either a warm cheek color or better a peachy-pink one with a hint of shimmer color. In fact, They would both give that fresh healthy look to the cheek. As a matter of fact, I have been loving my L’oreal paradise enchanted in color Fantastical. Besides, It has the perfect hint of subtle shimmer.

Natural glowy Makeup look: everyday makeup you can do

For a glowy look, use a toned down highlighter, I love my Hourglass dim light powder. It can be used as a highlight and all over face powder. What’s more, It is perfect to set under eyes. Though this product is a bit pricey, It is worth the splurge and with some deals and coupon, you can bring down the price.

Set everything – Natural glowy makeup look

A natural glowy makeup look cannot be complete without a setting spray or setting powder. After you put all your makeup, finish off with a setting spray such as I did. The one I use it prime and hydrate the skin. Also, It keeps my makeup last longer. It is Catrice prime and fine fixing spray. If you have oily skin, You can set it with setting powder.

Natural glowy Makeup look: everyday makeup you can do

At last, here is my way of achieving a natural glowy makeup look. Do you like a natural glowy makeup look?. furthermore, let me know in the comment below or tag me on Instagram for creation or Hashtag it with #chez_rama. I would love to see how you style yours. Also, tag chez_rama on Instagram and I will share your look and don’t forget to follow me for all tips and trick to style your outfit, hair and more.

Natural glowy Makeup look: everyday makeup you can do

Have a wonderful day!.

Makeup is a way to show your outer beauty more!.

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Your makeup looks lovely, thanks for sharing how you achieve it! :)Happy New Year! Hope that your 2019 is off to a great start and you’ve been having a great week :)<a href=””>Away From The Blue Blog</a>


    Thank you Mica, Glad you love it 🙂


Beautiful photos! I also have a very dry sensitive skin!


    Thanks Nancy, Hope then this would be helpful guide for you


    Nancy Thanks lovel, Hope these guide would help you achieve a natural glowy makeup 🙂

jenny yang

I needed this tutorial so bad after seeing everyone with glowy skin! thanks for sharing!xx jen


    Thanks Jenny, I am glad it would be a helpful tip for you .


your makeup is so lovely and your skin shines so well. Thanks for sharing this.xo Corina


    Corina, Thank you so much adorable

Anna Shirley

Very nice look. Love these pictures. They are so tender and feminine.


    thank you Anna


Oh I love hearing what other bloggers use on their skin. This sounds like some good products!


    Thanks Ruth. I am glad to hear you find it useful.

Mariann Yip

I love a nice natural glow! This makeup and your skin looks beautiful!


This is a nice tutorial for glowing skin make up. I love at how you broke everything down. I am not much of a beauty guru so a lot of the techniques or products are new to me. You look flawless Rama and I really love that lip color on you. I hope your week is off to a great start and happy Tuesday! Maureen |

Julie | This Main Line Life

You really did achieve a great glowing look. I have sensitive skin too so I should try some of these products.


Looking gorgeous dear! Love the lipstick, so pretty on you. Jessica | <a href=””></a>


    Thanks Jessica. Glad you love this simple look


I love this. A bit of glowy glam. And why not? I have olive skin too. I look great in fuschia lipstick and black eyeliner. I have make-up envy readings this xxx


    Thanks, gorgeous. I am glad you love it


Dior foundation is one of the best xx


    Indeed Delila, I try to stock on it before Christmas to save with beauty deals from nordstorm, macy’s or sephora. And I keep going back to this foundation.

Maria | passion fruit, paws and peonies

I love Dior. Your makeup looks wonderful! A belated Happy New Year lovely xx

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