Quick and easy workout hairstyles – 3 Hairstyles for female athletes

Hello. Workout days!. It is so hard to stop during a run or workout because your hair stands on your way from staying focus. Not once or even twice but gazillion times. I cannot tell you how many times I have to hit pause and stop my exercise to restyle my hair in the classic ponytail. I have tried securing the ponytail with two elastic bands, scrunchies, and even bobby pins for the fly out hair. Sadly! These tricks have all fail the run and exercise test. However, I learned a way to stop the madness. And, I am finally proud to say I came up with 3 quick and easy workout hairstyles for almost any hair length. In fact, each time I sport one of them at the gym, they stay in the place like a glue.

3 quick and easy workout hairstyles

3 quick and easy workout hairstyles

These quick and easy workout hairstyles are perfect if you do not want to wash your hair after. All you will have to do is untie your hair. Next, spray your scalp with dry shampoo, leave it for a minute or two. Then, massage your scalp to get the dry shampoo on your scalp (get rid of oil) and go on your day. That’s my secret office hair look after a workout day.

So instead of rocking the ponytails hairstyle, I like to sport other more secure hair looks. In fact, these looks stay in place throughout my workout.

That’s why, if you’re seeking for a cute quick and easy workout hairstyle, you’ve come to the right place. grab your elastic bands and let’s begin. I can assure you!. You will be stylish and cute during your squat, push up or high jumps and spins.

3 quick and easy workout hairstyles
Let’s get some hand muscle workout 🙂

Twisted Bun

For those of you who like their hair up and really out of the way, A sleek high bun will do the trick. While so many think that a bun will fail which I agree. This one, however, will not hamper your exercise routine. Moreover, You will be able to do the hairstyle while you are half asleep. It is that easy. You need  2 elastic bands, bobby pin, optional headband.


 Step-by-Step how to do a Twisted Bun

Quick and easy workout hairstyles-3 Hairstyles for female athletes

  • Gather hair into a ponytail. then secure it with an elastic band. At this point, you have two option either to divide your hair into two section and wrap it around each other and then secure it with another elastic band. Or you can braid your hair by doing a normal three-strand braid and secure with elastic band at the end. I went with the easier version and divide my hair into two section as in picture 4. Then twisted and wrap it around each other.
  • After you secure your hair with an elastic band, wrap the twisted hair (braided hair if you like to go with braid) and wrap it around the top of your first ponytail as in picture 6 to create your bun.
  • Secure your bun with bobby pins. Finally to reduce frizz and thin hair, pull your hair out a bit as shown in picture 9. So it is not very tight sleek look.

The messier the hair, the more stylish it will look. Plus, don’t worry about creating a smooth look. You will most likely lose the bun after your workout.

3 quick and easy workout hairstyles
Let’s begin working out 🙂

Style tip: If you want to stop any stray short strand or flyaways from getting in the way of your workout, then add a headband as I did in picture 8&9 to any workout hairstyle. Also, It will help soak in sweat and keep your hair in control.

Double back braids and a low bun.

 I love this workout hairstyle because it not only is gentle on hair but you also can leave it for a post-workout messy look. In addition, This hairstyle is perfect to keep all short layer hair in a braid. Actually, I have created a similar look in half braid pony hairstyle. Moreover, If you are looking for a nice and chic braid with low bun look then this look is for you. It is a nice updated version of a chignon hair look. All you need is 3 small elastic band and bobby pin in case you want to put it in a low bun.

 Step-by-Step how to create double back braids and a low bun.

Quick and easy workout hairstyles-3 Hairstyles for female athletes

  • First, To style it, brush your hair back then divide your hair horizontally into two section. Second, put the first section into a ponytail using an elastic band. Third, Clip the down hair as shown in picture 2. It will stay away from your way.
  • Braid the ponytail with a basic three-strand braid and secure with elastic band.

Optional: You can twist and wrap hair such as I did in a Twisted bun. if you don’t want to have a braid. Personally, I like the look of braid in this hairstyle.

  • Now, Unclip your second section and take it along with your first braid and divide it into three strands of hair and braid and secure with elastic band. As a result, you will have two braids look like one long braid. You can stop at this point and leave it like in picture 6 or wrap the second braid around the nep of the neck and secure with either elastic band or bobby pins to keep the sweat away from your neck.

Viola! You just create your sweat proof workout look. this one is one of my favorite quick and easy workout hairstyles since It can transfer your workout look to office hair look without any touch-up. That’s the beauty of this hairstyle. The messier the more put together it will look.

Double Buns

3 quick and easy workout hairstyles-Double bun

Why wear one bun when you can sport two. Right!. this is a great option when you want to be able to put your hair down after exercise. Since the braid will keep your hair in place without making any hair mark or crimps. This look reminded me of the hairstyle I created for Halloween; broken doll two ponytails hairstyle. I just found out if I left my hair in two ponytails, It will be soaked in sweat. Somehow, putting it in two buns, it will reduce the sweat look on hair. Again what you need is two elastic band and bobby pin.

Step-by-Step how to create double back braids and a low bun.

  • Start by parting your hair vertically starting from forehead to the back of your head. So, it is divided into two equal parts. Then pull one section and secure it with a tie to create your first ponytail.
  • Now part the ponytail to three section and braid your hair with a normal three strands braid and secure it with a tie. Then wrap it around the first ponytail and secure with bobby pins. At this point, You will have your first bun
  • Repeat the same process on the other side and finish by securing your second bun with bobby pins.

Style tip: To keep your hair all away and add a girly look, add a headband and you are ready to hit your gym. In fact, a headband will solve any gym hair dilemmas. So do not be afraid to sport one when you can. a small headband will work with any of these quick and easy workout hairstyles.

At last, now that you know my quick and easy workout hairstyles!. Let me know which one you like the most in the comment below or post a picture of your recreation tagging Chez_rama on Instagram and do not forget to follow me here so I can reshare it.

3 quick and easy workout hairstyles
3 quick and easy workout hairstyles

Have a wonderful day!

Your hair is one wash away, So have it the way you like



My hair never stays in place when I workout. All of these hairstyles are really cute and your tutorials make it seem so easy!Jill –



    Thank you Jill I am glad you find them useful. I really like to keep my hair away when I am working out and these hairstyles win the test 🙂 I cannot wait to see your hair creation


the cute buns are are nicelatest posthttps://www.melodyjacob.com/2018/11/what-to-wear-to-fall-wedding.html


    Thank you Melody .

sugar blog



    Thank you Sugar 🙂 I am glad you like it


    Thanks sweetie


I really like space buns, I do it for my normal looks as well.you can also try yoga hairband they are super classy and no hair comes on your face http://www.stylebasket.in


    I love yoga headbands. They really absorb the sweat very well and help control the oil on my hair after. So I can go a couple of times without washing 🙂


These are really great tips dear. I struggle with my hair when working out. Usually, I just ponytail my hair. I’d love to try the Double back braids and a low bun. Thanks for sharing! Jessica | <a href=”http://notjessfashion.com”>notjessfashion.com</a>

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