Quick hair look-the triple twist updo- for medium length hair to long hair.

Quick and easy

The triple twist updo
The triple twist updo

Are you tired of trying to recreate updo and failing in the middle of it?. I am and I failed so many times trying to make hair looks that claimed to be easy. Instead I would just put my hair up in a bun or ponytail and get out  disappointed I wasted my time. Today I am sharing my quick and easy hair look. Yes! another easy hair style but this one works well on second or third day hair. This triple twist updo is my go to whenever there is an unexpected event coming up. Thus, this hair look is convenient to busy women who rather spend time on makeup and choose what to wear (Cough me ) than to care about hair look.


Step-by-step for the triple twist updo tuturial

Impressively, This triple twist updo works on shoulder, medium length hair or best on long hair. It also goes well with any hair type you have; curly, sleek hair or stubborn as heck hair like mine :). Even more, This hairstyle is so chic and sophisticated. It would take your overall look to a whole new level.

  • Prep your hair and put your bangs up.

To begin with, start with second or third hair day (more like oily hair 🙂 ). Brush your hair and add texture and some volume. In another word, use any dry shampoo you have on the root of your hair. My favorite is Luseta volume reviving dry shampoo. It would add some oomph to your hair. You can skip this step if you just washed your hair. In addition, I pinned my bangs with two bobby pins since they are short.The triple twist updo hairstyle

  • Put your hair in three pony tails.

To start, Pull back a section of your hair from your temples and create half-up ponytail. Secure with elastic tie. Then, take another section behind it and tie it. Lastly, gather the rest of the hair for your final ponytails. You will have specifically three ponytails. At this point, You will notice that you have created a look that can be styled by itself to have a long ponytail.

The triple twisted updo
The triple twisted updp step by step
  • Twist Ponytail and put in a bun.

Take your first ponytail. Next, divide it into two section and start twisting till you reach the end and secure it with elastic tie. Bravo! you created a standard double twist ponytail. lastly, roll up the twisted ponytail to create a bun. You need to secure the first bun with few bobby pin. Repeat this step for the second and then the third ponytail. Voila! your job is almost done and the look starts to come together.

The triple twist updo

The triple twist updo

  • Finishing touches.

Now, Your look would look sleek and chic by itself. You can leave a tiny section of  hair from the front head to give  defined look. To extend the life of your hair look, I recommend using hair spray. My fave since I have dry hair is wickedgood weightless shine spray – ColorProof.

Donot mind me! Being silly over here

Finally, Are you planing to try this hair look next time you are going out? Tell me all about it or snap a picture of this look and hashtag Chez-rama on Instagram so I can see it. I will love to see this look on you 🙂


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Que pelo ¡¡¡.
QUE bonita mi hija¡¡¡¡


Such a great hairstyle! It seems so easy to do and looks really impressive! I should try different updos with my hair, I’m not very adventurous with it at the moment!

Hope that you had a lovely weekend and you’re having a good start to your week 🙂

Away From The Blue Blog


    Thank you Mica <3. It would look fabulous on your hair. You would be stunned how it would add to your adorable style.
    Have a fabulous weekend.

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