Red booties : What color to wear with your perfect red boots

Hello, My friends!. Though winter has not officially started, Cold weather started way early this year. With snow hitting us a few times already, dressing for pre-holiday event in the cold weather can sometimes be uninspired. So many times, I find myself reaching out for my comfy leggings and sweater. Not that there is anything wrong with my comfort outfit. But, they do not give me the festive feeling I want. Thus, over the weekends, I changed things up. I threw the color red to give my outfit the personality it needs. That’s why, In today’s post, I will give a variety of ways how you can style your red booties and show you how I styled mine.

Red booties : What color to wear with your perfect red boots

Red Booties

Red is a stable trend especially around this time of the year. Thus, it can be nice to add this sophisticated and distinctive color as an accessory to your everyday style. Red booties come in all kind of styles making them versatile. Thus, if you are thinking to get in the trend, then this is a perfect time. You might be thinking well how can I get red booties that suit my skin tone. Ohh I see!. Rest assure the red booties are not as hard to get as you think. Especially that you are not wearing them against your skin. You are going to pair them with your pants, jeans, leggings or even tights.

Red booties : What color to wear with your perfect red boots

Red booties : What color to wear with your perfect red boots

Thus, any red booties or boots will work with your skin tone. Plus, Today I will be giving you a variety of ideas on how to wear them with your outfit. I got my red bootie from DSW a few years ago. I have been wearing them non stop in fall and winter. Though Dsw ran out of them, They have a great variety of red shoes.

Red booties : What color to wear with your perfect red boots

 The shoes have a lace-up finished with a bow detail on the back that adds ultra feminine style

All-in-for shades of black – How I style my outfit.

black and its shades are the perfect combinations to any pop of color such as red. Also, maybe it is the safest option when wearing red booties. Thus, I opted in for faux leather black leggings with red flower embroidered on the side. This is not the first time I style a faux leather. I styled similar one with white sweater a month ago in what to wear with faux leather pants. Anyhow, I got the leggings from express. While they ran out of them, they still have great faux leather legging collection in case you are in the hunt for similar in here.

Red booties : What color to wear with your perfect red boots Unfortunetly, these leggings look like pants on me. I needed to go one size down but since they did not have a smaller size. I could not resist not snugging them regardless.

Red booties : What color to wear with your perfect red boots

Then, I paired it with a fair isle pattern sweater. A classic yet trendy pattern with gray and black that toned down my faux leather leggings. I got the sweater from Marshalls. While Artisan NY brand is new to me, the fair isle print is not. I love the print, I get one each year :). Plus the prize tag was calling my name. I bought it for $25. Thus, if you are looking for a fair isle pattern. Then I suggest checking Marshalls.

Red booties : What color to wear with your perfect red boots

Red booties : What color to wear with your perfect red boots

Add more red color

Nothing says festive than pairing red boots with either pop of color in your bag or even a head-to-toe red suit. While matching shoes to an outfit can work against us sometimes but not with red shoes. Red is a daring color so wearing it with a daring outfit shows its distinctive personality. Or you can go with accessiry such as the red, white and black bag I featured in sweater dress for winter outfit before. I cannot get enough of this beautiful bag. I decided to wear it again. Also, The color and its size is perfect for holiday event. Plus, It is lightweight and easy to carry all day.

Red booties : What color to wear with your perfect red boots

Red booties : What color to wear with your perfect red boots

Red booties : What color to wear with your perfect red boots

When in doubt, go with Neutrals (denim included)

Neutral looks so elegant paired with contrasting intense colors such as red. So if you are in doubt about what to wear with your red boots, pick neutral for a feminine look. You can keep it toned down with calm colors or bring it up slightly with intense colors such as beige, rosewood, or even brown top to complement the red shoes. Moreover, I consider denim to be neutral especially when you add a pair of red shoes to it. red shoes look so great against denim. If you want an exciting twist to your look, opt-in your favorite pair of jeans. Which brings me to my last point

Stripes paired well with red – Animal print for a change

My last option is stripes. Stripes are great to wear with red boots. especially if you add jeans to it.  I paired my red shoes with my white and black striped sweater outfit previously. For an evening party, add red shoes to your striped dress and enjoy a daring look that will turn heads.

My last option is Animal print. Animal print adds a good contrasting effect to your red shoes. Thus, If you are in for animal print trend, then add your pop of color for an eye-catching look.

Red is powerful, sexy and daring color. It left my mood whenever I opt-in for it and I hope it left yours this holiday. If you have not found the perfect red lipstick to go with your outfit, do not fear to add red to your wardrobe instead.


Red booties : What color to wear with your perfect red boots


Finally, Here are my tips what to wear with your red boots or booties. what are your tips to wear with red booties?. let me know in the comment below or tag me on Instagram or Hashtag it with #chez_rama. I would love to see how you style yours. Tag chez_rama on Instagram and I will share your look and don’t forget to follow me for all tips and trick to style your outfit, hair and more.

Red booties : What color to wear with your perfect red boots


Have a wonderful day!.

It is okay to be daring while picking your outfit!.



Oh my gosh those booties are just gorgeous! I love the little bows on the back of them too! What a great way to add some festiveness to your outfit!


    Laura, Thank you so much. I love them too πŸ™‚ they are so versatile too


What a fabulous look! Those leggings are fantastic! I also have a pair of red booties and I love them more then I would have thought.


    Thanks πŸ™‚ I cannot wait to see you styling them πŸ™‚ I would love to see you in red booties

Maria | passion fruit, paws and peonies

You look so great in your festive trousers and jumper. You are so right about red – Valentines being another time. I love a pop of red and your boots are so fab! xx


    Maria, Thank you so much. Awwh I forgot about Valentine :). red is beautiful to wear around VD πŸ™‚

Sugar Lane

Cool! I love adding a red touch to any outfit!donΒ΄t miss my post next Friday with more Christmas outfits ideas ;)S


    Thank you love. I love it too


These are great tips and you wear your red boots so well! I don’t have red ankle boots like you but I do have red shoes and I really need to wear them more often! :)Hope that you are having a great week πŸ™‚ Last night we took the kids to a Christmas event at Movie World and it was awesome! :)<a href=””>Away From The Blue Blog</a>


    Thanks Mica, I am glad you enjoyed your time in this time of the year. It is nice to have quality family time

Jessica A Jannenga

Love this outfit on you! I bought a pair of red velvet booties last year. – love the style of those. booties. The pretty embroidery on your leggings are so nice! I havent seen that before. I need to take mine out to style!Merry Christmas!Thanks for linkingjess


    Awwwh Thanks Jessica, I cannot wait to see in your booties

Natassia Crystal

No surprise here.. I really love those red boots!! πŸ™‚


    Thanks Natassia πŸ™‚

Fatima Arnan

I’m loving that pop of red in your whole outfit dear. Great combo!XoxoFatima


    Thanks you Fatima πŸ™‚

Shelbee on the Edge

Rama, I am dying over this outfit! The boots are amazing! And I love the patterned sweater paired with the floral detail on your leggings. So much rich color and texture make this outfit so stunning! Thanks for joining my #SpreadTheKindness Link Up. This post will be featured today on my next link up.Shelbee


    Thank you so much

Emma Peach

I love those red booties! They look fab with the faux leather pants and fairisle sweater. Thanks for linking up!Emma


    Thank you so much I do too πŸ™‚


I just love the red boots! They are fabulous and really stand out!

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