Red pants fall trend – How to wear red this fall/winter

 Hello Fall!. Although I am sad that the warm weather is fading away, I am thrilled for fall. Why? you may ask!. Well!. I am excited because of the fall wardrobe colors that accompanied it. Precisely, Colors that gives sun and summer warm while being cold. You guessed it! It is the red trend. And not any red. it is more of a clear poppy red. I know? You may ask well how someone is going to wear this color by keeping it chic and work worthy. After all, It is so vibrant, edgy and no way It would go with some outfits. Do not worry- we all have been there!. Today, I will not only inspire you to wear red pants fall trend but also tackle how to incorporate any red color in your outfit because sometimes It might take a bit of inspiration.

Red pants fall trend
Faux-Leather Red Pants fall Trend-Zurich,Switzerland

There is no doubt that there are certain colors that you know look good on magazines, shows and on shelves but can be intimidating to try out. I hear you. And Red is one of them. Actually, not till recently that I have started to go out of my comfort zone when it comes to colors. I started with baby blue in summer. You can check it in not your average everyday baby blue dress. And now daring clear poppy red pants.

Faux-leather pants/red pants fall trend

As I mentioned earlier in my post about a twist to plaid trend fall 2018, I went shopping for warm clothes to finish up my Europe trip without getting cold. First on my list? Pants, which can be a bit of a minefield. After all, it’s hard to find a pair that fits “just right” in shops you do not know. I was browsing around to see what I would like in a mall in France. When I noticed that leather pants are dominant on the shelves along with the color red. I thought! Hmm, are we sensing a trend in here!!.

Red pants fall trend
Shopping and traveling can go together 😀

Thus, as soon as I entered a store called Promod, My eyes caught faux leather red pants. The red was not like any red I have seen before and the shine on it gives it that leather look. Also, the red on these pants is a clear poppy red. Yet, they are stretchy. Besides, they look not only comfortable but stylish. Though the pants have a high waisted style which is not my forte, the stretch material used in these pants elaborates the style to the next level and hugged my curve nicely. Plus, They are the perfect red pants fall trend. Hence, I bought them in two colors; One is red and the other is black. You know the saying if you love it, buy it in every color.


What I wore with my faux-leather red pants fall trend

While I was browsing in the same store, I spotted a gray soft sweater and a black tee with red kisses all over it. The gray sweater complements the red pants by toning down the vibrant color. The black tee is so cute with sneakers when it warms up a bit during the day and a hint of red on it to go with the pants. I kept my accessory minimal to a heart necklace and earring and my crossbody handbag. As for shoes, I bought a high sequin black and silver sneakers. After all, I wanted to walk for hours and hours in Switzerland while looking stylish.

Red pants fall trend-Faux leather pants
Wear layers on your trip. It is fun to tie your sweater on your shoulder when it warms up.

I found a few red pants that give the same feeling of faux leather in here:

  1. Guess coated jeans: The style and the fit of these jeans are not like any other jeans. No one would ever tell they are jeans.
  2. AG Ankle Shiny Jeans: The color of these red jeans are so toned down. It looks burgundy than red. It is still fun color and trendy since it has a leather-like look.
  3. Express skinny pants: These does not look like faux leather red pants. But they are trendy enough to be on my list.
  4. Joe’s coated jeans: These ruby red are fun to have in your wardrobe.

How to wear red this fall/ winter

Red is loud! Red is bright! Among other colors, Red stole the eyes this fall/winter. It is your chance Not to fret away from it. There are so many ways to incorporate red into your outfit. Besides, red is a color you will definitely be able to wear during the holiday. Here are a few tips to inspire you:

-Choose one red color in your outfit: In the outfit I wore, I choose one dominant red and worked around too. When in doubt choose a comfort color with it such as gray, white, or black.

-add red as an accessory: If you are uncomfortable to add the vibrant color such as red to your wardrobe, Do not be hesitant to add it as an accessory. Think shoes, jewelry, and bags!. A pop of color such as a red bag to your black dress complete your night out look beautifully.

-Red as a touch of sexiness. If you are looking for ways to wow everyone. Opt-in red dress and add a black accessory or metallic for an edgy look.

Say goodbye to boring black, gray and white. And welcome red with an open heart. You would love to put this color in your wardrobe, as the holiday is upon us. And no fun to have a holiday without red in it. Right!. I love pants and these faux-leather red pants are perfect to be dressed up and down in the tricky transitional weather.

Let me know in the comment below if you are considering to add red to your wardrobe. What would it be?. If you decide to add red, tag #chez_rama and I will repost it on my Instagram. and do not forget to follow for more fun style and stories.

Have a wonderful day!

Red pants fall trend
Red pants fall trend


Elizabeth Ramsey

I’ve always wanted a bold colored pant – red, hot pink or bright blue – but I never seem to pull the trigger on them. love the way you styled this pair. Have to get out of my comfort zone and away from all my black/grey/white!! Great inspiration.



    Elizabeth!.Thanks! It is a change from our usual comfort colors. I say going out of our comfort colors would shift our mood so go for it when you find some colorful pants you like. I cannot wait to see how you will pair it love.

Emma Peach

I love those red pants! I’ve only seen dark faux leather in the shops. I’ve passed promod shops when I’ve been travelling in Europe but never actually been into one…I’ll make sure I do next time! Thanks for linking up!

Emma xxx


Love these faux red pants and how you have styled them! They make such a fabulous statement and I think they look so cool with the sneakers.


    Thank you Jennie <3 They indeed are a pop of color to any basic outfit. I enjoy styling them

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