Silver Metallic mini skirt – 4 tips how to style your metallic skirt this fall

Hello, there my fashion friends!. How many of you remember twirling around showing off their skirt when they were kids?. Raise your hand! If you are one who loves swirling around. After all, who did not love skirts since childhood 😁?. Skirts are one of the basic in every girl’s closet including mine. Today, I will be talking about a skirt and not any skirt; A silver metallic mini skirt. I will also give you 4 tips on how to style your silver metallic skirt this fall/winter.

“Of course, the party we went to didn’t have a good lighting. Bummer!. therefore, I set up a backdrop along with lights in order to show the lovely silver metallic mini skirt.”

Silver Metallic mini skirt-4 tips how to style your metallic skirt this fall

Metallic is always my best friend close to holidays and new year. However, this year trend along with runaway fashion week inspired me to sport metallic in everyday style. Thus, I wore my silver metallic mini skirt I got from express two years ago to a dance party ( Salsa dance, My husband and I know the basic along with a move or two. By the way, Salsa and bachata are our favorites.) and everyone loved the look. While a metallic skirt fits well in parties, I am planning to bring it to the street or work.

Silver Metallic mini skirt-The metallic trend

If you want to sparkle and shine like a diamonds, then this year is your year. Metallic skirts hit the market early this year but it is still going strong with all sparkle, sequin, glitter, high, low. You name it! the trend fits every taste. The idea is to sparkle in each style without looking like you are going to hit new years eve party. The silver metallic skirt will be your go-to choice to work, party, date night and beyond. Below, I will be discussing 4 tips to style your metallic skirt.

Silver Metallic mini skirt-4 tips how to style your metallic skirt this fall

Pair it with a sweater

If you are wondering what to wear with your metallic skirt no matter the style, Then sweater is your best bet. Sweater tones down the party look. In other words, a sweater gives a subtle look to your metallic skirt. I love to pair my metallic skirt with turtleneck white or off shoulder black or dark grey sweater. Since I was planning to go to a dance party. I chose off shoulder metallic black sweater from Express. I know. What can I say?. I am an express fan. They have what I need when it comes to mix or match :). You can look for a similar sweater in here from gap. This look would be perfect for work if you have a knee-high metallic skirt or even better a pleated skirt. which brings me to another office-worthy look.

Silver Metallic mini skirt-4 tips how to style your metallic skirt this fall

Sport a blazer with your metallic skirt

Any colored blazer will make any outfit suitable for work including a metallic skirt. So do not be shy away from sporting this trend. Think black, blue, nude or even white blazer!. They will all give you the look you want for work. I have been loving black blazer with a silver metallic pleated skirt for work. You really need a pump or flat and you will be ready to hit the workplace with glam. As for under blazer, You can go with a white tank top or a color that complements the color of your blazer. What’s fun about a silver metallic skirt is that any color can go with it. from vibrant orange to nudes.

Sass it up with top tank

Wonder what top tank goes well with your metallic skirt, Then you need to think lace with a tank. A silky staple tank is a versatile piece that is suitable for work, night out and beyond. You can dress it up with a blazer at the office or shed a layer and add some sparkly accessories for a night out. I wore a burgundy spaghetti style tank with my silver metallic mini skirt and I added heels to spice things up. Also, lace bralette like the one I wore in the picture below will glam things up. I got this bralette from Victoria Secrets last year. I am so into this bralette and I have styled it so many times before. It flatters the black metallic off the shoulder sweater.

Silver Metalic Bralette with open back from VS

Silver accessory with a metallic skirt

Accessories are key. Sometimes you go minimal with one or two pieces of jewelry and sometimes you go all glammed up with a whole jewelry set depending on the occasion and the style of your dress or top. Since my top or in my case; bralette is turtleneck lace style, I skipped on a necklace and kept it my accessories to a watch, bracelet, earrings, and rings. I also choose the same category silver tone or three-toned piece of jewelry. As for shoes, I opt for the black dance shoes I have got from DSW. these are the only shoes I can wear all night out without hurting my feet. However, I have styled with stiletto style and boots. the stiletto such as black and white gives it a natural look while boots will give it a casual fall vibe.

Whether you like a silver metallic mini skirt or a long one, You need to stop hiding your metallic skirt in the back of your closets for new year’s eve and start showing off whenever you can. You can go bold with metallic on metallic to fresh up your style or tone it down with a cozy sweater or a tank topped with a blazer for everyday style.

Now that you know how I styled my silver metallic mini skirt, It is your time to show me your style. Tag chez_rama on Instagram and I will share your look and don’t forget to follow me for all tips and trick to style your outfit. Also, check How I styled my Metallic pants, what to wear with faux leather pants and How to dress for transition weather

Have a good day, Beautiful!

Silver Metallic mini skirt-4 tips how to style your metallic skirt this fall
That’s how bad the lighting was. It was yellow and dull ):


Anika May

Cute look! I love the background too, you look amazing!Anika ♡ | <a href=””></a>


    Thanks Anika, I had fun shooting these pictures 🙂 I wanted to give the right colors to this metallic outfit.


Nice ideas!!! Bling is big this


    Thanks gorgeous <3


Nice tipsBling is big this season


    Sweet of you Priya glad you like it


Looks great!


    Thanks Mira <3


Great outfit! I love that skirt! It is so cute!


    Thanks Laura! I love it too 🙂

Donna Walmsley

Looks fabulous on your lovely figure!! Enjoy! Metallics are fun aren’t they?


    Thank you Donna! They are indeed classy to style and they always let me feel the vibe of holidays.

Nancy Baten

Beautiful photos!


    Thank you sweet Nancy


The Metallic skirt is so classy! The accessories really compliment your outfit.

Aditi |


    Thanks Sweet Aditi! I am glad you like it. I agree I think it is chic <3


    Thank Aditi! I totally agree with you

Jessica A Jannenga

This is a beautiful style. I love the design of your metallic dress and the sweater worn over it is so stylish. I love the jewely too. Perfect for the style. I have been loving bracelets and cuffs more and more. You look lovely!jess xx


    I am glad you love everything. Bracelets are a cute way to sparkle your outfit 🙂

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