Simple natural wavy hair-How to braid your hair overnight

Hello, It is Thursday!. Do you have a busy morning schedule? Do you wish to have a flawless wavy hair?. I do. Pretty much I wish it every day. Thankfully, I came up with a way to have simple natural wavy hair in the morning using no heat. You may have seen my three no heat methods in here here and here. They are fun and easy to do and this method is no difference. Each of these no heat methods gives you a different result.

simple natural wavy hair


Step-by-step simple natural wavy hair

You can master this cute wavy hairstyle in just handful steps and with elastic ties, serum (optional) and beach spray or salt spray also optional. Basically, sleep in braids and wake up with the wave you want.

step 1

This method works best with clean hair. I like to shampoo and condition as usual. Then, add serum to prevent my hair from looking frizzy. Besides, spritz the hair with Marc Anthony beach spray to give it the beach wavy look. However, you can skip on the conditioner, serum, and spray in case you have straight and fine hair. Towel dry it until it is 50-60% dry.simple natural wavy hair

Step 2

Separate your hair into sections. I sectioned my hair to two section first then to six in each side. I wanted to have more defined curls than waves. Remember the less hair you have in a braid, the more defined your wave will be. Clip the section you are not planning to work with.

simple natural wavy hair

Step 3

It is time for your creation. Imagine how you want your waves and work accordingly. If you love wave close to your scalp then you probably need to start your braids close up. On the contrary, If you want your wave to be little down then start braiding below. Take one section at a time and start normal braids. repeat this process with all your sections until you have no hair to braids.

simple natural wavy hair

  • Traditional three strand braids work great. Just divide each small section into three strands and put the right above the middle and the left above the middle. Your right section is the middle now so repeat it till you cannot braid your hair. Secure it with an elastic tie. In total, I had 12 braids on my hair.

simple natural wavy hair

Step 4

You can either sleep with your hair like this or wrap it with a scarf. In the morning, release your braids and shake your hair by running your fingers through your hair to give it the fluff and volume you need and enjoy it. :). Optional! You can finish off with hairspray to hold your wave. It is that simple.



This is a quick cute simple hairstyle you will love to do in the summer. You will spend less than 5 minutes on your hair in the morning and it will last the whole day.

Do not forget to let me know in the comment below what’s your heatless method to have simple natural wavy hair in the morning? while you are at it follow me on Instagram for all my life stories and quick hair video tutorials.





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