The Perfect Travel dress for Europe-Summer-Ready+travel friendly

Happy Tuesday! Although we see fall in every shop, every magazine, and every blog post, summer is not planning to break up with us anytime soon. Am I complaining about it?. Definitely not:). Thus, this past weekend, I grabbed the striped dress I bought from Cullera, Spain and wore it on a family gathering. I even wore it twice before since I got back from my trip. It was the first and only dress purchase I made after thieves took all of my belongings while traveling. You can read about it in Tips to stay safe while traveling-my theft incident and the steps I took. Besides, it was so worth the investment. Meanwhile, It flashed back to me how it was the perfect travel dress for Europe trip. Today! I will discuss what is the perfect travel dress for Europe.

The Perfect Travel dress for Europe
My perfect everyday dress-Cullera, Spain.


While travel season might be ended for some, I for sure have so many friends that just started their travel plans to hot weather places. Even in some countries in Europe, Summer is still in full effect and it can get messy. Since our mind is telling us fall is here but the weather is saying otherwise, we stand in confusion about what we should pack with us. For me and after going on so many trips, I found dresses to be perfect capsule to take with you anytime and anywhere.


The Perfect Travel dress for Europe
Lyon, France.
The Perfect Travel dress for Europe
Open up, Montpellier, France 🙂

The Perfect Travel dress for Europe                                     On the road leaving Montpellier, France to go south to Spain.

The perfect travel dress for Europe- Spain, Portugal, south France, and south Italy.

Whenever you plan for a trip, The first thing that comes to mind after booking is what you should pack. Then you start pulling your clothes out and put them in the bags. However, when you arrive at your destination. You find most if not all of your clothes do not match and do not even fit in the place. I get it! you are not alone in this. after taking many tips, I learned how to pack light while traveling. However, after the sad incident that happened at the beginning of my trip, I decided to be on a mission to at least fit in while still being light. So I went shopping for dresses in Cullera, Spain. Luckily, I found the one.

Light dress with the right accessories.

While browsing, I found a beautiful navy and white striped dress with a belt from a local store there. The dress is made of light soft cotton. It not only makes it suitable to be worn for a night out but also perfect for a swimsuit cover-up.

As for the night out, I accessorize it with the costume gold jewelry and gold gladiator shoes. I talked about it in what to wear in a hot weather. I wore this shoes none stop during my trip. Actually, I was wearing it at the time of the theft incident. Thought the dress would be perfect with high heeled sandals and bold gold accessories for night out. But I stuck to what I had at that moment.

For a casual day or beach day, I let my bikini be the accessory and the star while pairing it with navy flipflop. 

How to choose the perfect travel dress for Europe.

whatever dress you choose, comfort and easy mobility should be at top of priority. I recommend choosing a piece that is not only versatile to carry you from day to night but also allows air circulation and moisture to pass through easily. This would decrease your chance of getting a blood clot. Since there is a chance that you will be spending long hours sitting in one place. I found cotton, silk, and linen are the best fabric to choose in a dress. Besides, Look for the fabric that is not only from these materials but also is wrinkle-free and better light enough to be wadded up in your bag. Finally, What I love most about dresses while traveling that if it gets cold. I can throw in a light jacket and maybe tights and it would still look polished.

The color and the length of the dress

It is your call to choose the length and the color. Because no matter what length or color you choose, you will be able to get dressed in a flash. However, The easy way to choose color or length of your dress is to look for a versatile color that goes with all of your accessories and look for a length that goes well with your shape. For instance, I had gold accessories, gold gladiator sandal, and navy flip-flop. Thus, white and navy fit well with what I had. If I am in doubt, I could go with either white, floral, navy or even nude colors. With some accessory changes, I was able to dress it up and down.

Style of the dress

You need to avoid a style that is tight or leave marks on your skin. In other words, look for the hassle-free style. A style that can serve so many purposes without looking overboard. A style that is flattering for a special occasion but also can be rolled into a ball and stuff into the bottom of a backpack for a quick change during the day in a bind. I choose fit and flare babydoll dress. Because first this style has strappy design and yet it does show some curve with the belt. I wished the local store I bought my dress from had kimono, asymmetrical, or tank wrap dress. I would have gotten more than one dress to change between. But to my bad luck, they carried not only minimal style but also in fewer sizes.

Remember travel dresses are all about getting creative and keep upgrading your look to stay fresh through your trip. Now that you know the perfect travel dress for Europe. What’s your perfect travel dress? Do not forget to check my Instagram @chez.rama for updated posts and life stories.

Have a great day!

The Perfect Travel dress for Europe
The Perfect Travel dress for Europe




Cute dress!! Your pictures are beautiful


    Thank you Elle <3

Jessica A Jannenga

We hope to travel to Europe next year, so i liked the points you made. your striped dress looks versatile and very comfortable. you look great. i would love to visit italy 1
thanks for linking!
jess xx


    Jessica, You will love your time there. France, Spain, Germany, and Switzerland are so worth visiting it. Just follow some safety tips and you will have once in a lifetime trip experience I promise you.

Shelbee on the Edge

Rama, these are such beautiful photos and that dress is the perfect travel dress. You look so comfortable and chic! I cannot believe all of your BELONGINGS were stolen. What a nightmare! Thanks so much for joining my #SpreadTheKindness Link up. This post will be FEATURED on tomorrow’s post.



    Thank you Shelbee. I tried my best to forget what happened and work with what I got from my trip. Though It was hard to find style from diffierent country you like :). I appreciate you will be sharing my post. It means so much <3.


You look great!

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