Tips to stay safe while traveling-my theft incident and the steps I took

Tips to stay safe while traveling
Montjuic Castle

Hello there, I ‘m so excited to be back from my trip after having an unintended summer break. This summer has been a blast though we had an unpleasant incident at the beginning of my trip. My husband and I have gone on a road trip adventure + family visit in Europe in a rented car. During the trip, unfortunately, Thieves have broken into the car in Barcelona, Spain. The incident left us with no belonging for the rest of our trip and left us somehow heartbroken for all what we had to go through after the incident. Today, I am ready to put it out of my way and give you tips to stay safe while traveling hoping you can avoid what I could have avoided. But first, Let me take you through what happened.

Tips to stay safe while traveling

Tips to stay safe while traveling
The thieves were nice enough to leave my husband’s old sandals behind.

The incident

After taking so many road trips in the US and outside including Barcelona, Spain, I had never had anything stolen from me. I was always careful while traveling until August 6. On August 6, I was on the third day of my road trip and 3 hours away from reaching my final destination which is in Valencia, Spain where my parents live. I stopped to see Montjuic Castle that overlooks Barcelona and its harbor. So we parked in a designated car area and we walked up to the hill to the castle. We spent a total of 2 hours when we got back. The back seat window of the passenger was smashed in. In a hurry, We opened the trunk. And It was empty. Empty!. EMPTY!!!!. The Thieves took everything in the car; one checked-bag, carry on and two backpacks. A loss of thousands of dollars.

We stood there stunned by what happened. It was like destiny was laughing at us; we never left the car in an open area before that. The one time we did. Thieves broke in and stole our belongings. Then, my heart started to beat fast and my feet could not hold me any further so I sat on the ground near the car with my hands on my head and held my self from screaming.

After the incidents

After a few minutes went by, we started to think about what we should do next. Police!! We thought!. However, 911 did not work. The next step is to look for someone who could help us call the police. I looked around and glanced a bus driver standing by his bus. I knew at this point my one year of Spanish needed to kick in. He gave me the number and drove away.

At the police station

Unfortunately, after we called the police, They told us we have to drive with a broken car to the police station which was hard to achieve with our situation. We entered the police station and there was a row of foreigners standing before us with similar theft incidents. After one hour, We filled the forms needed with our stolen items; money, lenses, work laptop and iPhone ( my husband brought his work devices with him since he was planning to work remotely), Tablet, gifts, and clothes. Remember! I have about 5 weeks of vocation and this incident happened during the first week of our trip. Thus, You name it. It was packed. Anyhow! they gave us the final report and they told us you can not continue your road trip with this car anymore.

That’s why we had to call the rented car agency to get it replaced which took us 4 hours to get it done with. At that point, we decided we do not want to spend one minute in Barcelona anymore. Thus, we drove in a newly rented car in the middle of the night which is a NO NO when it comes to traveling abroad. However, We finally made it safe to my parent’s house around 6 am in the morning. Nothing matter to us but to arrive safely…

We had two choices; to spend the rest of the vacation thinking of what happened or to try enjoying the rest of our vacation with my parents who I have not seen for 3 years. You guessed it. We chose the second option. Plus, My parents were like the magic cream on our wounded scar.

Tips to stay safe while traveling
The damaged feeling on my eyes with this amazing view
Tips to stay safe while traveling
The view from my parent’s balcony in Cullera -valencia

Tips to stay safe while traveling- What I learned I should have done.

As heartbroken and annoyed I am from the incident and after the incident hassle. I learned I could have avoided the theft from happening. If we had stuck to our precaution safety till the end, the incident would not have happened. Despite the fact that our car was parked among other cars and people are coming back and forth, Thieves broke into the car. However, I learned a very hard lesson and here are my tips to stay safe while traveling on a road trip.

Be careful with your rented car.

Since you are renting a car and crossing countries. It will lure thieves to it while driving and stopping in public places. I rented a car in Germany and I crossed France coming to Spain. The whole time I parked the car in paid parking lot and I made sure the parking lot is not an open area but closed with camera surrounding it even in the hotels I booked in our way. The one time that I trusted the beautiful castle and its surrounding so much, thieves got their chance. Villains watch their victim closely and they will get the chance if they could. These bad people must have used a detector to see if we have something in the trunk. Something I discovered after I heard so many similar stories in the same area from locals.

I would have recommended buying theft insurance but really you have to make sure it covers your belonging 24 hours. Some if not all of Europe rented car insurance cover if the indecent happens from about 10 pm till 8 am. If the incident happens during the day, like in our case, the insurance does not cover a penny.

Do your deep research.

Tips to stay safe while traveling
Tips to stay safe while traveling-Montjuic Castle
Tips to stay safe while traveling
The view from Montjuic Castle-Barcelona
Tips to stay safe while traveling

While we did some research on Montjuic castle before getting into Barcelona, It did not cross our mind to check the safety of the place. After the incident, I discovered it is a targeted car theft. Hence, many people recommended parking the car in a paid parking lot. Sadly, we were so blind sited by the amazing view and distracted to do a safety research on Barcelona and its tourists’ areas. I recommend doing safety research on any place you decide to go to. It will save you. This is one of the important tips to stay safe while traveling. whether you decide to go by rented car, your car or by walking.

Travel precaution- other general tips to stay safe while traveling

Do not stand out in the crowd when traveling.

I have talked about how I like to fit my dress to go with the local briefly in here. By choosing a wardrobe that goes with the country I am in, I am less target for mugged or bugged in tourist areas. Also, walk like you belong to the place you are in. Do not act like a tourist and avoid big maps. Of course, our DSLR camera prevented our low profile no matter how hard we tried. but we did not have any incident where we were mugged or bugged in all of our road trips before. I was always looking when my husband took pictures and this helped us a lot on our trips.

Notice the people around you.

I remember I glanced a man sitting in his car from the back of the passenger seat three cars away from where we parked. he looked away when I glanced at him. As he did not want to notice him. I did not think of it then. But now, it flashes back to me what he was doing alone in his car in a tourist area like this. Of course, the car was gone when we got back and noticed the smashed window. We could have avoided the incident if I thought about what was he doing and changed our mind to leave the car. But we trusted what we thought a peaceful place.

Put your belonging in a safe bag with you and take some copies.

 The only thing that saved us from a bigger trouble is that our both passports were in my crossbody bag glued to my shoulder in front of me in all of my trip. For ladies, always have practical crossbody bag while traveling with your passport in it. For men, always put your passport with you in a safe pocket or Anti-theft backpack. Besides, before traveling, I scanned and photocopied our passport and ID in case something happens. I talked about it briefly in here.

Tips to stay safe while traveling
The crossbody bag that saved us during our trip-Montjuic castle-Barcelona

 Try to divide the money and do not put them in one place if you decide to have cash with you.

Otherwise, I would suggest relying on the credit card or traveler’s cheques. Unfortunately, One of the things that we were not lucky is that the backpack my husband left in the trunk had dollars and Euros in it. We divided the money between us which was a good idea. Then, he decided to divide his money between his wallet and his backpack. But in Montjuic castle visit, He thought the backpack will be safe in the trunk for an hour or so.

I know these tips to stay safe while traveling might scare you off from going on road trips. But with these precautions, you could travel safely to so many places anywhere you like with no issue.  In fact, We traveled back to catch our flight back home to the US. During our road trip back, we stopped by France. We also visited Switzerland for a few days. It was a meditation with the Alps view. I cannot wait to share my adventure with my fashion look next. So stay tuned.

Tips to stay safe while traveling
Villains try to damage and hurt you. But LOVE always wins in the end.

Now that I have shared my tips to stay safe while traveling with you. What’re your tips to stay safe while traveling? Let me know in the comment below or share it by tagging #chez_rama on my Instagram @chez_rama.

Have a wonderful day.



So sorry to hear of this. it’s unreal that something like that can happen especially when you’re out enjoying yourself. how hard for that to happen without knowing what to do next. sounds like you ended up having a lovely time with your parents though!


    Thanks! You are right
    It is hard to quickly know at the shocking incident what we need to do. As sad as this incident, I am happy I got to share it with you all to know if something like this happen what you can do.


great advice, its the sort of thing eVeryone knows in the back of Your mind could Happen, but we never ensure we get all the basics done! I like some the images you got though, its just a shame this incident ruined what would of been a lovely trip.


    That’s so right. That’s why I wanted my incident to be spread out. So everyone remember to take all the safety precautions needed.


I’m so sorry your trip was partially ruined by this experience. I went to Italy a few years ago and I was warned of theft problems. I wore my passport and money around my neck in a pouch at all times. Now my husband and I do road trips all the time in the US. We always divide the money. Some we put in the car and the others on our persons, so if we were robbed in person we still have money in the car and vise versa. Your other tips are great too!


    Thank you so much. I am glad you had a blast in Italy. It is in my bucket list for places to visit and I hope one day I would do it. The most important thing is to take the precaution step needed and hopefully you will have a great time.

Malvika @ TeacupsandLipsticks



    I am glad you find them useful. Have a safe trip


What a harrowing experience. I used to carry a money BeLt. Spain is not as safe as it used to Be


    Indeed Mark, It is not only Spain. But it is not safe anywhere you go especially if people feel you are a tourist. You will be a target. Key is to take safety majors and hopefully you will fine 🙂


Oh my gosh girl, I am SO sorry that this happened to you! It sounds so awful. I love that you are taking some positivity in it though by sharing your experience with others and tips for others on how to avoid this.
LeE | LegalLee Blonde


    Lee! Thank you, sweetie. I am happy you find my tips useful. Life is good with and positivity is ON 🙂


So sorry to hear this, there are just some people that know how to ruin a good time and es out of your home state! The samething happened to us well, my husband got pick pocketed in vegas and we wEre worry on how to get home, but we know what steps to take next time we go


    Thank you Laura. It is really hard to worry about these kind of issues while enjoying our time. But the world is not full of good people and some will just enjoy what we work hard for in a blink. But hey love always win


So sorry about what happened to you on your travels. Your tips definitely will come in handy for me when I travel out of the country. You have done so much good by sharing your experience Rama. I’m glad you were able to have your family there for you. Also, thank goodness you had your passports on you. Sending you much love!!



    Thank you sweetie Tania <3. I m glad my passports were with me in the time of the incidents.

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