Velvet fashion trend, Is velvet in fashion for another year

Hello, my friends!. It is this time of the year where velvet is everywhere. In fact, Velvet is in fashion for the third year in a raw. The luxuries textile is perfect for any occasion from work to dinner. Unfortunately, I was not able to get in this trend until this year. First, I was not a big fan of the styles. Second, the colors remind me of my black velvet dress with a red bow that my mom forced me to wear when I was little. However, this year I noticed new styles and colors. Finally, velvet captures my heart and I could not resist this fashion trend anymore. Thus, I got my first red velvet top. Today, I will tackle if velvet fashion trend will be in for another year and how I styled my red velvet top.

Velvet fashion trend-Red Velvet top-Is velvet in fashion for another year

If you want to tap into the trend without committing

Is velvet fashion trend in for another year?

 In my opinion, Holiday and velvet go together like peanut butter and jelly. In fact, It is the fashion stable that will come back every year with new colors and styles. To begin with, Velvet is a chic texture and great for fall, whether it’s featured as a top or funky sock ankle boots. This texture is so multifaceted and versatile that runaway and fashion magazines will not get rid of anytime soon. And you know what that means; indeed we will see it again in stores. So if you planning to get your hand on a few velvet pieces, this is your time.

Velvet fashion trend-Red Velvet top-Is velvet in fashion for another year

Velvet fashion trend-Red Velvet top-Is velvet in fashion for another year

Red velvet top – How I styled it

Red velvet top is the perfect addition to anyone closet including my closet. In fact, The color is ideal for elegant, retro feel looks. Thus, when I spotted a cherry red velvet top online from express, I had to get it. I was also thinking to get it in black because well you know the saying if you love the style get it in all colors. However, It was out of stock in my size by the time I get the fabulous cherry red velvet delivered to my house. I am guessing it was that famous. But I am eyeing other velvet styles from express in blue, teal and black. You can check Express velvet collection in here.

Velvet fashion trend-Red Velvet top-Is velvet in fashion for another year

Velvet fashion trend-Red Velvet top-Is velvet in fashion for another year

This top has a sophisticated -chic mock neck silhouette that flatters my long neck. Actually, I fall in love with this cherry red since it is versatile to pair with so many pieces; from skirts, trousers to jeans to even white jeans.

Pair it with jeans

In order to let the beautiful cherry red velvet shine through, I paired it with white jeans. I love to break fashion rules such as “no white after labor day” and wear my white jeans in winter paired with a warm lovely red top. The jeans I am wearing are from Bebe. I got them in the summer sale and they are my go-to white skinny jeans. If you are looking to splurge on similar jeans; Macy’s has a great white jeans collection or you can shop your closet to look for your perfect white jeans.

Velvet fashion trend-Red Velvet top-Is velvet in fashion for another year

 Velvet fashion trend-Red Velvet top-Is velvet in fashion for another year

Put a cape or coat on it

Layering a coat or cape on velvet top is a dream if you live in a cold area. Nothing let you feel warm and cozy than a coat or cape right!. This camel cape was a great steal from Nordstrom sale a few years ago. The style and the color of this cape send me back to the 60’s. Walking in fall in Paris!? Yes, do you get the picture. Or is it just me?. Anyway if you are like me who loves retro anything then look for a camel cape and sport it with almost anything you want.

One of the things that you cannot tell from these pictures is that it was 30F which is equal to -1 Celsius. So I was freezing and my cape kept me warm while I was taking pictures. Bonus !.😉

Team it with ankle bootie

As tempting as it is to wear my snakeskin print high heels or OTK boots I wore in my potential thanksgiving dinner outfit, I have to admit when it comes to my active life. I will pick low-heel ankle booties against any heels. Let’s get real, When it hits the end of fall, prioritizing is key. for me comfort comes first. When I came across, this gorgeous Leila bootie from Toms, I instantly had to have it. Besides, It is a brand I trust in both quality and comfort. These low-heel camel booties are sleek and comfortable with adorable tassel zipper on the back. It will complement everything from skirts to jeans.

Velvet fashion trend-Red Velvet top-Is velvet in fashion for another year
The effortless Booties I can walk in all day long

Now that you know that velvet fashion trend is in for another year or maybe more, Are you planning to get on the trend? let me know in the comment below.  Remember if you want to tap into velvet fashion trend without fully committing, choose one velvet piece even as accessory and style around it. This is my little secret and I am now sharing it with you :).  Tag chez_rama on Instagram and I will share your look and don’t forget to follow me for all tips and trick to style your outfit, hair and more.

Have a fabulous day!

Smile and the world will smile back to you!.

Velvet fashion trend-Red Velvet top-Is velvet in fashion for another year


Maria | passion fruit, paws and peonies

Velvet and Winter are a match for life as for as I’m concerned. Love your top xx Maria


    Amen to that 🙂 . Thank I am glad you do and have a fabulous day .

Emma Peach

Beautiful top! I love velvet in Winter – I’m looking forward to wearing my velvet jackets 🙂 Thanks for linking up!Emma


    Emma, I am glad you love it. I love your style and I cannot wait to see your velvet jacket on you


That’s a lovely velvet top you have there dear. The cape is such a great addition to it too. Jessica | <a href=””></a>


    Thank you Jessica, I am glad you like it 😍


That top is so pretty on you! I love it paired with white denim!


    Thank you Laura I do too .It makes it pop up


Oh I am all about the velvet and have had a couple pieces in my closet that I just love! You styled this top perfectly!


    Me too 🙂 I am glad you love it


    Mira, Thanks love

Sugar Lane

I love velvet!SO sad I left all my velvet clothes and shoes in Spain, I should bring them with me next time I visit!have a great weekend,S


    Awwh No ): I hope you get to buy some from your trip . Enjoy your time

Nancy Baten

What a beautiful warm rich color that top is! Looks fantastic on you!


    Thank you so much Nancy my friend <3

Jessica A Jannenga

I love velvet! I have many blazers of different colors, dresses, and a top I will style soon. I have always loved it as a kid, too. You look wonderful in this rich color and I love it paired with white, It really stands out! thanks for linking!jess


    Thanks I do too. I love your velvet jacket you styled. Thanks for stepping by


Love this sleeveless look! The velvet is so fun for the holidays too Shauna


    Shauna, Thanks love. It is indeed


I love velvet at this time of year! It just feels so luxurious and I love how it makes jewel tones really pop!


    Thanks and I am glad you like it. It is perfect for this time of the year

Julie | This Main Line Life

That red velvet top looks great on you and I really like it paired with the white jeans and camel. I just bought a pair if plaid velvet pants. Can’t wait to wear them.


    Julie, Thank you so much I am glad you love it and I cannot wait to see your pants


Like the top, its colour suits you very well. I have similar colour velvet top that I also wear with white jeans.


    Thanks Anna. It is nice to give the velvet a moment of love and pop it with white jeans


You’ve styled your velvet so well. It looks looks lux, comfortable and approachable.


    Thank you Kim. Indeed it is. One of the reason why I want to get in trend 🙂


velvet is always a winner when it comes to getting dressed for the holidays! Love this top on you!<a href=””>Chic on the Cheap</a>


    I agree 100% That’s why i love to have at least one item to show it off or more 🙂

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