Western Style-Cowboy Hat – What to wear with it this summer

western style-cowboy hat
western style-cowboy hat

Hey Fashionistas!. It is finally time to hit the beach and catch some rays. With summer, comes the trend of straw. Precisely, Straw accessories such as straw bags. However, Today it is not about straw bags. 😀 It is about hats. Particularly, the fresh take on the straw hat-the western style-cowboy hat.

western style-cowboy hat

Western Style-Cowboy Hat

Summer 2018 carries another Western trend from boots, skirts, dresses to belts, vests and hats. The thing that attracted me more toward it this season is  that fashion industry added one or two pieces from the western look to any modern style. In fact, It made it more appealing to be worn in today’s time anywhere. I picked this heart attack cowboy hat from country outfitter in Malibu, CA. My husband and I were walking in a sunny day without hats. When I saw it at the store, I had to pick it. As a matter of fact, I fall in love with the detail on the hat. It has the rhinestone heart along with the chain. This hat comes with sizes which is perfect for my small head. 😛

Incorporating the western hat to your look

western style-cowboy hat

Let’s address the elephant in this picture, I am not a cowgirl. But, I love the trend so much that I could not avoid it. Thus, I wear this fashion statment with non-western looks. By doing so, It keeps my look grounded in modern times. Moreover, This hat adds western vibe without going overboard.

western style-cowboy hat

First look, I pair it with strapless high-low beach dress. This dress has aztec sequin embellishments that I think it looked so cute with the detail on the hat. I got this dress from Express. You can find similar dress in here or here.  Since I was walking on the sand. I did not feel I would add anything else but my flip flop :).

western style-cowboy hat

Secondly, You can wear it with regular tank top and jeans skirt. I choose to wear my nude top along with jeans skirt and it looks so chic. These pieces may already be a part of your everyday wardrobe. I suggest to wear them with the cowgirl hat. You will wow everyone. Sadly, My husband did not take picture of my whole outfit. Instead he got only this picture while I am having my tongue out. 😛

western style-cowboy hat

Lastly, I love jeans shorts with top. It is everyday basic and it add to the cowgirl hat look. My top is pink with guess logo on it and I paired it with bebe cutoff jeans shorts. I can see my self grabbing the cowgirl hat with this style in here.

western style-cowboy hat Western hat-cowboy hat

Take it from me! It is easy to pull off the trendy western look without looking overboard with it. Think jeans shorts,skirts and long jeans, dresses along with sandals. You can rock the western style-cowboy hat like a cowgirl in our modern time. 🙂

“In a cowboy hat, you become a cowboy – walking a little taller and striding with confidence as others acknowledge the Western aura about you…”.



QUE guapa estas !¡!¡😍😍😍

Kelsey Bang

you rock the cowgirl hat! super cute!


monica sors

Amazing dear!

Mónica Sors

Grace Liang

I love all the pictures for this post! Such beautiful summer vibes. 🙂

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    Thank you gorgeous Grace! I am happy you liked them

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