What clothes to pack for a long trip to Europe, Summer capsule wardrobe

Hello! I have mentioned in my last two posts in here and here that this week I will travel to Europe. That’s why I want to end my packing tips with what clothes to pack for a long trip to Europe. This post will focus on packing clothing items on your trip to Europe along with tips and tricks to still be able to pack light for a month.

What clothes to pack for a long trip to Europe

Packing might seem simple, but it is a science that requires so many trials. You don’t learn till you found it the hard way. For instance, You find this cute dress, you thought you will wear it on your trip. and it is just sitting your bag all wrinkled and it comes back with you. Believe me, it happened to me so many times. There are so many items I wished I did not pack or I wished I packed.

What clothes to pack for a long trip to Europe

Casual capsules

Europe Especially Valencia, Spain where I will be spending almost 3 weeks in my vocation is as hot as boiling water in the summer. But it’s still the best time to visit it. The beach will limit what you will be wearing. Thus I am packing two versatile shorts with few soft, wrinkle-free and quick dry tops. In a way, I can have a limitless look without wearing the same outfit twice in one week.


The countries I am visiting in Europe scream for fashion and style ( France and Spain). Thus, I am packing only two dresses. You may question why two dresses only!!!. My answer is I will probably be in my swimsuit for most of the days. They are fun, light and soft on the skin. Dresses go beautifully with cardigans in case the night gets chilly.


Especially in Europe, You are expected to walk more than you usually do. There are so many places to discover and restaurants to try. Since it is summer, It is better to pack sandals and/or ballet shoes. They can take you from day to night look effortlessly. That’s being said, limit your shoes to a maximum of two; sandals and ballet shoes. Keeping into consideration that it should go with all of your outfits. I reach out to silver and gold colors and works like charm in all of my trips.

Beach outfit

Summer Europe trip cannot be completed without visiting the beaches a couple of times. I am packing two swimsuits and one cover-up. I will skip on packing flip-flop, towels, and other beach fun items. Alternatively, You will find these items packed in shops at the beaches there. It would be convenient to buy them there.

Athlete or sportswear

First, Since I like to run and workout in my trips, lightweight sneakers, shorts, and tanks are staple packed items for me. In addition, I might alternately wear them over swimsuit since they dry out quicker than normal pieces. Skip these if you do not think you will work out in your trips.


Cardigan, raincoat or light jacket is a must-have for chilly and rainy days. In addition, light Shawl is great for not only on an airplane but also to the beach as a cover-up or night out over my clothes. As for jewelry, I love to change my look with accessories that’s why I am packing two necklaces, two bracelets, and two earrings.


I limited myself to five pairs of panties, two bras, and two pairs of socks. I know I will be washing them a couple of times a week. If I feel I need more underwear. I will buy them when I get there. moreover, I am packing one sleepwear. Considering hats, I am taking one beach hat due to my small head and the fact that most beach hats come in standard head size. However, I will leave my baseball hat and buy only if I need it once I get there.


The key to strategically pack light is to lay everything around you and wrap what you need in the bag. Another key is to get rid of “Just in case I need it items”. If you really need them, you can buy them there. After all, you are not going to an isolated area. You can basically find everything you need. To sum up, These are my tips and trick of what clothes to pack for a long trip to Europe.

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What clothes to pack for a long trip to Europe


Julie Caron

Wish I were going to europe, So jealous. I love to bring dresses to pair with cardigans for evenings out on vacation too. they are easy, look a little more polished and I always need a sweater for restaurants because I get cold. Have a great trip.

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