What to pack in your backpack for air travel

Hello guys! Happy Tuesday! I started this week by packing my bags for a long-haul flight to Europe. I have been to so many planes and countries that I think I got good at packing essentials in my bags especially backpacks. Given that, I thought I will guide you on what to pack in your backpack for air travel.

Essentials-What to pack in your backpack for air travel

Planning to get on a plane? Feeling overwhelmed with what to pack in your backpack for air travel Especially when it is more than12 hours? Don’t worry. I have been to so many long-haul flights to know what you need. Also, I have talked about What beauty essentials to pack for your weekend gateway and what clothes to take in your weekend gateway.

Sit back and enjoy your flight. 🙂

What to pack in your backpack for air travel
What to pack in your backpack for air travel


Most long-distance airplanes provide their customer with small meals. Staying for over 12 hours in the air with a rumbling tummy is not fun.  Therefore, Take a healthy snack or two with you. If you forget your snack. Don’t worry you can still buy some from the airport. Warning!! they might be overpriced. I got this coconut cashew snack from home goods. I have tried it before and it is my favorite snack on the go. Also, I find chewing gum eases anxiety and keeps breath fresh along with Altoids. Usually, I ran out of them pretty quickly when I am traveling.


It is important to pack a toothbrush, floss and a travel-friendly toothpaste with you. fresh breath in an airplane is a must for me. So after a nap or two, I would fresh up by brushing my teeth. Obviously, this is a good alternative to the one-time use toothbrush in case your luggage gets lost or you get airplane delay. At least you carry what is necessary to stay clean and fresh.


Brighten your look with a brush, hair tie and hair clip. You are not only stuck in an airplane for more than half a day or so but your hair also looks messy after so many napping. Keeping these essentials with you and use them will change your mood. They are also useful in case something goes wrong with your luggage.  Besides, It is important for me to travel with a small size mascara, lip balm, and eyebrow pencil. Three beauty essential I reach out often during my flight. I use lip Balm a couple of times on board to prevent dry and cracked lips. As for the mascara, and eyebrow pencil, I like to have them with me to look more awake before landing.


Cabin pressure and a massive reduction in humidity levels cause extreme skin dehydration for me along with dullness, as well as post-trip breaking out. That’s why I like to rejuvenate my skin by using a facial soap or wipe, exfoliate with clarifying lotion, moisturize with serum or lotion. My favorite beauty kit is the Clinique travel kit I got it as a gift with my last order. Clinique has types for different skin type. The one I am packing with me is type 2 for dry skin in here.


Packing eye mask is a breeze when you want to avoid airplane lights or to disconnect from the noise. Besides, I love packing my hydrating mask ( I got a Korean brand since it works best for my sensitive skin. You can check why in here ) to rejuvenate my skin before sleeping. Regardless of my scary look when I have the mask on, I would still put it on in an airplane. I  care more about my skincare than the way I look like for 20 minutes. Plus, the cool sensation from the mask relax my muscle and prepare me more to get some sleep after.


Most economic flights come with no internet unless you want to pay to stay connected. However, most have a built-in screen to watch movies, series or listen to music. Noise canceling headphones comes in handy. First, You are disconnected from the noise. Second, You will be able to enjoy TV and pass time. I also like to put some offline games to play and Kindle book in my tablet in case I get bored.

what to pack in your backpack for air travel

Extra things, You need to add :

  • Passport and its copy (I like to take a copy of my passport, Just in case I lost it).
  • Credit cards.
  • Driver license ID ( just in case you will be driving there).
  • Charger to charge phone and/or tablet.
  • medication ( including vitamins).
  • extra wipes.
  • travel-friendly sanitizer.

I recommend to think travel-friendly items and travel size containers when it comes to packing essentials in your backpack. Remember to abide TSA rules for liquids and more. These are my tips on what to pack in your backpack for air travel.

Let me know in the comment what do you backpack to your flight !?.

Have a fabulous day!.

what to pack in your backpack for air travel
My favorite backpack brand is Calpak.



Me gusta mucho el video gracias mi cielo 😍😍


    Thank you gorgeous


These are all such great tips! Hydration is super important to me too – it helps so much with jet lag.



    I agree. Annessa, Hydration is key to reduce jet lag.

Sophie sierra

This is such a brilliant post, i always struggle with packing and end up leaving everything to the last minute and getting stressed out so this was a perfect read for me 🙂 Taking a copy of your passport is such a good tip, i definitely need to REMEMBER that the next time i’m going on vacay. totally agree that hydration is essential too. thank you for all these fabulous tips! <3

Sophie | soinspo xo


    As long as you get the packing done! No biggie to take it slow. But to not stress out. I would recommend packing everything ahead of time. Beleive me. You will feel great and you will travel stress-free


I am traveling this weekend! Great tips, and very timely!

More to Mrs. E


    Have a safe trip 🙂 I love summer vacation. Hope you enjoy your time

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