What to wear in Spring when it is still cold: The spring outfit

What to wear in Spring when it is cold - spring outfit

Happy Spring!. Spring has officially sprung. However, it seems like the weather in my region didn’t fully get the memo. One day, It is a freezing temperature with snow. The next One, it is in the 60 (15C +) and sunny. Do we ditch the puffer coat? Should we go with a tank or sweater? Tights or no tights? Boots or sandals?. These are just a few of the question that we ran into basically each morning during spring. Mainly because Spring is unpredictable and we have to consistently check the weather. Therefore, I will tackle today what to wear in spring when it is still cold. Basically, it is tips and tricks how you can update your outfit without breaking the bank.

what to wear in Spring when it is cold outside

While it is easy to grab a tank or top and style it with pants or shorts in hot days, It is a struggle to keep wearing the winter pieces for the cold days. You probably are bored with the same winter items you have been wearing over and over that you cannot wait for some hot days to ditch. But reality hits when these days don’t come any time soon. If you are tired of winter capsules or looking for ways to elevate your outfit for spring, then these tips will be so helpful.

wear light colors

A smart way to feel spring vibe in transition weather is to wear light colors. In fact, it is time to swipe your black jeans with your white one. Also, It will instantly update your look. Nothing screams spring than nudes, white or pastel colors. Even if it is cold, the light color outfit will change your mood right away. As soon as it starts to look like spring, I will add light colors to my outfit whether it is top or bottom. I have been loving the white pants I wore in my velvet look that I have been wearing few time this spring.

Time for floral, striped or animal print

Adding a trendy garment such as floral or fun animal print will upgrade your look. One, because floral, striped and animal print are still in trend. Another reason, wearing these prints will spice your look. So, it is time to add floral, striped or animal print to your outfit. I guarantee you, no matter how cold it is, your look will feel fresh and spring ready. In my white booties outfit, I added as many floral prints to my look as I can including my accessories. which brings me to my next point.

Spring accessories

Try adding a different scarf, statement necklace or colorful bag. Sometimes simple changes can give an updated overall look. Also, It will put our mood in a spring mode. Thus, think colors taking from nature and you will have a new fresh spring look. Everyone including me has been loving these tassel earring in pink I got from Tjmaxx. I have been wearing it nonstop and each time I add it to any outfit, It vamp it up.

Add one spring piece

One smart way to not spend a fortune on a short season such as spring is to buy at least one new spring piece. Next, add the later to your outfit. I find that updating winter look with one spring piece whether it is a clothing item or accessories revamp your old piece and give a fresh new look to it. Recently, I got a silk top with a bow that I will be styling with my outfit. I love that silk top is a timeless piece I can wear any time and it will revamp my old piece instantly.

I just got new set of earrings and I am loving to add to my spring look

Look at pieces differently –
what to wear in Spring

One way of updating your look in spring is by looking at pieces differently. Itching to wear summer dresses when it is cold outside, you can layer a sweater or combine it with a cardigan. That scarf could be a hair accessory. Skirt with elastic can be dress combined with a top. Finally, a short dress can work as a long top with leggings.

Wear sweater over your spring/summer dress when it’s cold outside

Finally, These are my tips of what to wear in spring when it is still cold. I believe there are so many ways of updating your look without even spending money on new items. Sometimes, it only requires little creativity to revamp your wardrob.

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Spring is on, So have fun styling your outfit

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Great tips Rama! I sure hope the warmer weather is coming soon! I want wear sandals!

Ivana Split

Brilliant inspiration for early spring! love all of your outfits. The weather has been crazy here as well…and I’ve been asking myself the same questions, and I came up with similar answers. To make it seem like the spring has arrived, I wore a lot of straw accessories and I opted for lighter colours and prints. That is what I plan to continue doing.


This is UK weather to a T — in March we can typically expect sunshine, cold winds, rain and sometimes even snow. (And occasionally in the same day).This weather is deceptive, it can look bright and sunny but still feel very cold. I love your sleeveless top, it suits your colouring so well. And it’s a great idea to start wearing lighter colors. Thanks for joining #WowOnWednesday Rama.


Great tips for a colder spring day! Love those statement earrings and the velvet top styled with the white denim!Jill – Doused in Pink


These are great tips!! You look beautiful!Jennifer <a href=” https://www.effortlesslysophisticated.com ” >Effortlessly Sophisticated </a>

Julie | This Main Line Life

Love that “Sunday” sweater. I agree, I like to pull out my lighter, brighter colors even if it’s still chilly out.

jodie filogomo

I love these ideas. Especially add in spring accessories. I just bought a fun pair of statement earrings in yellow, and they scream spring to me.XOOXJodiewww.jtouchofstyle.com

Carrie @ Curly Crafty Mom

I needed these tips, because that is how it is here. I just love that velvet tank and that Sunday sweater!Carriecurlycraftymom.com

Jacqui Berry

Thanks for sharing this post on the #chicandstylish #linkup Great ideas, love the lighter colours for Spring. Jacqui Mummabstylish


This is always such a hard time for me living in the Midwest because it’s still cold, but I want to dress for spring! Thanks for sharing these great ideas!

Mariann Yip

Such a helpful post!! Spring is always such a fun season for clothes! So many options!! 🙂


Great tips, Rama. You look fantastic! I always add my lighter colours in spring, and in autumn, which is now in New Zealand, I start adding warmer tops to my summer bottom pieces, then slowly morphing into warmer outfits, as needed.


You really can’t go wrong with the sweater, skirt, and OTK boots combo. Such a classic spring look. And you’re rocking it dear! So pretty on you.Jessica | <a href=”http://notjessfashion.com”>notjessfashion.com</a>


These are great tips Rama! Spring brings about nice weather but dressing for it can be a challenge especially when the temperatures fluctuate. I love your Sunday graphic sweatshirt. My hubby and I were just discussing which day we liked the best and we both agreed that Sunday is the bestest! I hope you are having a great weekend so far.Maureen | http://www.littlemisscasual.com

Anna Shirley

Such a great tips. It so long when I experienced the spring. And the spring is my favourite time of the year. Enjoy!


Such great tips! I really like that first outfit, and of course I think bright accessories are a perfect idea any time of year! :)Hope that you have been having a lovely weekend :)http://awayfromtheblue.blogspot.com.au


The weather is not stable yet over here, sometimes it old and sometimes it hot like yesterday.


Such a chic and sassy look dear! Love the trench coat and velvet top combo. Jessica | <a href=”http://notjessfashion.com”>notjessfashion.com</a>


These are such great tips! I’m going from summer to fall right now so I’m trying to find ways to wear fall pieces while it’s still warm out hahamichellespaige.com


These are wonderful
suggestions! You look fab! Love your pink earrings!





    Thank you gorgeous

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