White booties trend: Transit your winter boots to spring

Hello Friends!. Since last year white booties have gained its ground. There are so many accessories that can elevate the look. But white booties can punctuate your style instantly. Therefore, If you are into the trend but not sure how to incorporate it into your wardrobe in Spring. Then, I will be tackling how you can transfer your booties to spring; white booties trend. Then, I will be talking about how I style my white booties.

White booties trend: Transit your winter boots to spring

White booties- white booties trend

White booties are a trend that I have had my eyes on since it started to come back about a year ago. I started to see them everywhere but I really wanted to find the perfect pair that would be my next black. A stable look that would carry me from season to season with no effort. Especially that I am from those people who are not afraid to style their booties or boots in Spring and summer. I like to pick shoes that goes with so many items in my closet. Some might argue that It is easy to shop for white booties. Well, after I tried so many. I can tell there are so many shades of white and tons of styles from no heels, western heels to little and high heels.

White booties trend: Transit your winter boots to spring

Therefore, I made it a mission to find the perfect booties. When I spotted these white booties, I had to get them. The detail on the side with the black accent really flatters the overall look while the little heels make it easy to walk a few miles in Spring without feeling the need to take them off. Not to mention the pointy toe style is a stable look. If you are in the market to get your white booties then don’t hesitate and take a look at shop similar shoes down below the post. Because you can easily wear it in Spring and Summer.

How you can style your white booties or boots in Spring

Boots and booties are not restricted to wintertime. In fact, booties and even boots add some fun and edgy style to your look especially if they are in neutrals such as white boots.

Like black booties, white booties go with everything. Therefore, If you have white booties or thinking of investing in one. Then, you are probably wondering how to style it. Rest assured that you can style it with flowy maxi dresses as well as floral ones, skirts, and shorts. You can also style them with my favorite piece which is jeans.

How I styled my booties

Over the weekend, I was invited to our friend’s house. So, I wanted to look casual yet elevate my look with shoes. Despite the persistent cold and sign of snow here and there, I wanted desperately to be in spring mood and wear my white booties.

White booties trend: Transit your winter boots to spring

Wear it with floral embroidered jeans

Since February is gloomy and cold here in Michigan. I decided to brighten my mood with floral embroidered jeans. If you know me, you know I am die hard an embroidered person from embroidered shorts, leather leggings to tone down jeans. Thus, I added to my collection these dark stretch jeans. The embroidered flowers are spread on my jeans nicely making it a statement.

Pair it with Sunday graphic sweater

Nothing brightens my day than a warm cream sweater. I picked the sweater from Marshalls last year and I forgot about it until I was doing some spring cleaning and found it hidden under my sweaters. I love that it has my favorite day of the week yet it is so warm and looks chic on.

Add accessories

To complete the spring vibe, I added a scarf on my hair. The scarf has a beautiful flower embroidered on it. This scarf is a vintage one. I got as a gift from my previous boss when he went to China for a working visit. He got all of the female employees similar embroidered flowers with different colors. Gladly, My boss let me pick what color I want first. Therefore, I picked the cream white one. So when I found it the other day hidden with all my scarfs. I decided to put it in use more.

At last, White booties trend is on increase. No matter if winter is at its final stages or not. I believe it is nice to invest in white booties to wear in Spring and even summer when a sandal or flip flop is not an option. Or you like to spice your look with white booties.

Also, let me know how you like to style yours. Snap it, pin it or share it and #chez_rama. Tag #chez_rama on Instagram and I will share your look and don’t forget to follow me for all tips and trick to style your outfit, hair and more.

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White booties trend: Transit your winter boots to spring

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Gary Melican

Love the white booties and how you style them personally.Thanks for the post Rama!Gary | https://trendfriend.io


    Thank you Gary. I am glad you do. Thanks for stopping by.

Christina Cenci

Making boots look great all year round! LOVE it.- http://www.youthofthesun.com


    Thanks love


They look very good Rama! And perfect to wear in spring. I still havn t got white ones, a bit of white I do have. But they are not as gorgeous as pure white.


    Thanks Nancy, glad you like them. I cannot wait to see in white shoes and to see how you will style them. You have great style my friend

Maria | passion fruit, paws and peonies

I really love how your boots have picked out the white in your trousers – LOVE that! xx


    Thanks Maria <3

Amy Arnold

Love the white boots! I have really been wanting a pair. Amy Ann <a href=” http://www.straightastyleblog.com/ ” rel=”nofollow”>Straight A Style</a>


    It is not too late. Hope you find what you like

Melody Jacobs

Great tips.Thanks for sharinghttps://www.melodyjacob.com/2019/02/mid-heel-ballerinas-block-heel-court.html


    Thanks Love,


You wear your white ankle boots so well and I love the white with the denim – your embroidered jeans are so cute! πŸ™‚ Hope that your week is going well so far and you have a nice weekend planned :)http://awayfromtheblue.blogspot.com


    Thanks Mica, I am enjoying white booties as much as I can.


Love the white booties with the embroidered jeans!


    Gail , Thanks sweetie

Lana Wariner

I own a pair of white boots that I never worn for fear of being a little too much but, this post inspired me. I will them this weekend. Love your boots!www.marieavenue.com


    Glad to hear that. It is not too much to go with white booties . Consider it an alternative to black and style accordingly πŸ™‚


Love the sweater & booties! So cozy & cutemichellespaige.com


    Thanks Michelle πŸ™‚

LaureN - The Little Lake Cottage

I love this look! The embroidered jeans are super cute and I LOVE the white booties! Super cute look, great for spring!!! Thanks for sharing!!!


    Thank you, Lauren. They are my favorite jeans. glad you love it

Shelbee on the Edge

I love my white booties! I have 4 different pairs. Love these paired with the embroidered jeans. So cute! Shelbee http://www.shelbeeontheedge.com


    Well, A girl cannot have enough white booties πŸ™‚ I love to increase my collection.

Shelbee on the Edge

I love my white booties. I have 4 different pairs. Yours are so great especially paired with the embroidered jeans. So cute! Shelbeewww.shelbeeontheedge.com


    Thank you Shelbee. I am glad you love these white booties. They are a statement and I love this purchase.

Shelbee on the Edge

Oops, I commented the same thing twice because my computer was being weird! Sorry! Shelbee http://www.shelbeeontheedge.com

Jessica A Jannenga

Love your white boots, the sides and the lower heel look perfect! I was so thrilled to get a pair this year, as they are fun and fresh to wear. I love it with your embroidered jeans! I love that we can wear white boots in the winter and spring! thanks for linking!jess xxwww.elegantlydressedandstylish.com


    Thank you Jessica. I agree white booties gives a fresh look

Emma Peach

I love those boots! They look great with the embroidered jeans. I just bought a pair of white boots – I’d been wanting some for ages and finally found some for a bargain price! Thanks for linking up!Emma xxxwww.style-splash.com

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