Winter athleisure outfit: what to wear with your sneaker for a casual look

Hello friends,.! Happy New year. I hope you all had a happy New Year. As for me, I had a blast with friends and family wearing my sparkle dress on New Year Eve. However, the next day I dragged my husband to get coffee with me (family tradition). A few years ago on the first of the year, I convinced my husband to go out early with me to get coffee along with French pastry at Starbucks. Since then, It became our family tradition. So, I bundled up in my winter athleisure outfit and headed out to Starbucks. In fact, It felt like the ideal style for a relaxed yet fashion-forward look. Thus today, I will give you tips on how to perfect your athleisure outfit in winter.

Winter athleisure outfit: what to wear with your sneaker for a casual look

Winter athleisure outfit

The athleisure is a trend that decided to take over the street. Whether you are into it or not, There is no doubt that the fashion industry makes it available for everyone. With so many athleisure capsules, the trend has evolved to be reachable for a comfortable chic look. However, putting together winter athleisure outfit while staying warm can be a struggle. But, with few tricks, you can pull off the look like a pro.

Winter athleisure outfit: what to wear with your sneaker for a casual look
Winter athleisure outfit: what to wear with your sneaker for a casual look

Sweater with jogger pants (sweatpants)

The ideal style for winter athleisure outfit is jogger pants with a sweater. I love to dress up or down jogger pants especially in spring. With freezing cold winter, I choose more cozy fleece pants that are lined to keep me warm. Thus, When I spotted Calvin Klein jogger pants at Macy’s, I got them right away. First, They are amazingly soft against skin thanks to the blush lined inside. Besides, the ribbed trim on hem and waist along with the logo on side of the leg gives a flattering chic look. Plus the color styles well with so many colors.

As for the sweater, It is also lined inside to keep me warm. I got it from Express last year. Sadly, they did not bring it back this year. However, they introduce a new collection and I am eyeing few in here.

Winter athleisure outfit: what to wear with your sneaker for a casual look

A cool pair of sneakers

winter athleisure outfit cannot be completed without fun, colorful sneakers to accompany it. With my casual chic look, I decided to up my game with the comfiest shoes in my collection. Thus, I paired it with OC (ON Cloud sneakers). I got the shoes from DSW. It is a new brand to me and I am glad I give them a try. Because as the name said, I feel like stepping on a cloud. While I use the shoes for running, I sometimes also wear them for a casual get out. Hone in on the trend and wear a pair of converse or sneakers for a change such as I did in red pants fall trend or in my sneakers with a coral sweater

Winter athleisure outfit: what to wear with your sneaker for a casual look
Winter athleisure outfit: what to wear with your sneaker for a casual look

Layer it on

While a sweater and sweatpants are the perfect way to sport the trend for the season, It will not keep you warm enough. Therefore, do not hold back from throwing a colorful down jacket over your outfit when you are heading out. Or if it is warm enough, throw at least a scarf. Preferably, a soft bulky one for a glam cold-weather look. I got my scarf from Express. It is my favorite scarf. It keeps me warm and the fabric is so soft on my skin. I also add my Calvin Klein gloves. These gloves are my favorites, I got them in two colors from Tjmaxx and I keep wearing them nonstop. I love that they are not only super soft but also convert from fingerless to mitten-top. I found similar ones at Macy’s for your reference.

Hat on –
Winter athleisure outfit

I love to add a hat to my winter athleisure outfit to give it a warm chic look. Plus, Why worrying about your hair when you have so many winter hat styles that can not only hide the messy hair but protect hair from extreme cold weather. Before stepping out of your house, throw a hat on your hair and maybe style it with a cute braid or two ponytails such as I did in winter hat hairstyles.

Matchy Matchy –
Winter athleisure outfit

Don’t step away from matchy-matchy sportswear. If you have a sweatshirt in the same hue as your pants. Then pairing them would step you in the trend game. If you don’t feel like it, then choose colors in the same hue. I love to coordinate my outfit sometimes. Actually, I like to have two items in the same color hue. In my look, I coordinate my sweater, with my shoes and scarf to give it a more polished look.

Winter athleisure outfit: what to wear with your sneaker for a casual look

While some other days, I like a color mix; I would choose blue sweatpants and pair it with a yellow sweatshirt to give it a funky look which is a trend these days.

Up your game with Jeans and hoodies

Spending the time to whip up an ensemble is not necessarily needed when you can just put on a pair of jeans along with an oversized cozy hoodie with your sneakers. If you do not have a cozy hoodie, a turtleneck top will fresh up your winter athleisure outfit while staying warm outside.

Sometimes the idea of mastering a chic outfit after a long night where you slept few hours will never exist. Thus, There is always a place for that cozy look that will never fail. I am glad that the athleisure trend exists. Since it makes it possible to style our clothes in a comfy-chic way.

Do you love the trend? Are you planning to wear sportswear next time you get out for a casual day? let me know in the comment below or tag me on Instagram or Hashtag your look with #chez_rama. I would love to see how you style yours. Tag chez_rama on Instagram and I will share your look and don’t forget to follow me for all tips and trick to style your outfit, hair and more.

Happy New Year!.

Don’t forget to enjoy your new you this year!.



Pretty colors!. The athleisure trend looks good on you!

Mariann Yip

Loving how the sneakers go perfectly with the outfit! Wishing you a Happy New Year! 🙂


You look so cozy and I love your joggers! They are so cute and fit you perfectly!

kanchipuram Silk sarees

Love your outfit


This is so cute dear. Loving the sweater and scarf combo. Such a chic color too. Jessica | <a href=””></a>

Jessica A Jannenga

This rose pink is an adorable color on you. Nice sneakers too! I think that is a fun new tradition for the Holidsays as well. I like a cute athleisure look. and your scarf is pretty too!thanks for linking!jess

Anna Shirley

This is such a nice look. I love matchy-matchy. It is so comfy too. I’ll be happy if you join My Red Carpet fashion link up.

jodie filogomo

I really like the scarf with this…it adds so much interest to the

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