Winter brunch outfits, How I style mini skirt in winter

Hello, brunch gals!. The best part about winter is that everyone is back in town and wants to hang out. Personally, I love to go for brunch with my friends. First, we have so much to catch up. Second, there is rarely anything to do in winter besides go shopping which is rarely happening these days thanks to the internet and free shipping. Thus, I sometimes wait for holidays and winter time to hang out and eat delicious food at the same time. However, The most annoying part about heading out in winter is finding what to wear. In fact, I used to struggle with putting together a look that my friends have not seen me wearing before while staying warm and looking stylish at the same time. Therefore, today, I will give you some ideas on what to wear for brunch in winter; winter brunch outfits.

Winter brunch outfits, How I style mini skirt in winter

Also, who said skirts restricted to summer, spring or even fall? I love to wear skirts in winter too.

Besides, There is no need to hide your skirts for a night out or special occasion. Thus if you have a skirt that is hidden on the back of your closet. It is your time to be inspired to wear next time you are going out.

Winter brunch outfits, How I style mini skirt in winter

Winter brunch outfits, How I style mini skirt in winter

Winter brunch outfits

Brunch is perfect friends get out. First, you wake up late on weekends. So, It is not breakfast or dinner time. But you still want to go out to eat and have a friend with you or two sounds like a perfection. Thus, friends brunch time set right in. However, you need an ensemble that is Instagram worthy just in case you and your friends decided to record the event. Thus, I will make it easy for you and sum up three essentials look will never fail you. I am pretty sure you have one or more items that you can add to give it your own identity.

Winter brunch outfits, How I style mini skirt in winter Go fancy with a skirt – How I style my mini skirt

give yourself an excuse to wear that midi or mini skirt you have somewhere in your closet to your brunch gathering. Skirts should not be limited to special events or night out. You can glam up your winter blues by wearing a midi silk skirt and pair it with a knit sweater, tights and accessorize it with boots. Here my friend you just rocked a summer skirt in winter. Or go mini with a mini skirt like I featured today. I tucked my black basic top in it. For extra warm, throw a cardigan and OTK boots.

Winter brunch outfits, How I style mini skirt in winter

Winter brunch outfits, How I style mini skirt in winter

The outfit I choose today is from express from head to bottom except for the boots; I got the skirt a year ago ( you can find similar in here). The top is asymmetrical drape bodysuit. You can also find similar in here.  To add, I wanted to pair a cardigan to tone down my mini skirt.

Winter brunch outfits, How I style mini skirt in winter

Winter brunch outfits, How I style mini skirt in winter
I love that this mini skirt since it has warm tones colors. It is knit with leather trim and has a flattering opening from one side.

As for boots, I wanted to keep my feet and legs warm, So I opted in for the over the knee boots with corset lace on the back. I found these boots at DSW in store. Despite, I have OTK leather boots featured in how to wear a shirt dress in fall, I couldn’t resist not getting a new one. I always find it difficult to find over the knee boots that fit perfectly without sliding off consistently from my knees. Besides, these fit my small calf and has flat heels perfect for walking. These OTK boots add the drama I want without feeling I don’t fit in the brunch look. For more comfort look, You can instead wear sneakers or ankle boots.

Winter brunch outfits, How I style mini skirt in winter

Dress and go outfit

Dresses in winter are easier to style than you think. All you need is a dress in any color you like and pair it with boots and cover it up with a cardigan or even a sweater and you are ready to go. If you like to look trendy then choose a plaid dress or throw a coat or leather jacket over it along with ankle boots for a comfortable look. And here my friend, you just rocked one of the best winter brunch outfits.

Keeping it extra casual

Nothing says comfortable and cozy than an oversized sweater with jeans. Choose your grab-and-go sweater when you do not want to feel you like to dress up. finalize it with accessories such as belts and pieces of jewelry. Don’t forget your combat shoes. You, my friend, will be ready to go. You can also wear the asymmetrical sweater I featured today along with cardigan with your jeans. This is why I love basic tops. They go perfectly dressed up or down. I consider basic top to be essential for winter brunch outfits.

Winter brunch outfits, How I style mini skirt in winter

Winter brunch outfits, How I style mini skirt in winter Weekend brunch is not just a casual get out. It is a gathering that mostly accompanied by group selfies. Thus, it is important to look our best even for a friend get out. Thus, give yourself an excuse to wear whatever you like by elevating the look to be brunch worthy. Whether you like to step it up with a feminine look such as mini skirt, or dress or keep it comfy with oversized sweater and jeans. The fun about these outfits is that you can mix and match among these three winter brunch outfits and you will be ready to go out with a different look each time.

Winter brunch outfits, How I style mini skirt in winter

Now that I talked about all my winter brunch outfits. what do you wear when you go out for a brunch? Do you have any tips you like to share with me?. let me know in the comment below or tag me on Instagram or Hashtag it with #chez_rama. I would love to see how you style yours. Tag chez_rama on Instagram and I will share your look and don’t forget to follow me for all tips and trick to style your outfit, hair and more.




MAriann Yip

I love how you incorporated a skirt into this outfit! I feel more motivated now to wear my skirts in the Winter 🙂


    I am glad you do . I love to style skirt in winter.

Maria | passion fruit, paws and peonies

Love the long boots – it’s a great way to wear mini skirts through Winter. Love the skirt – it would be a shame not to!! xx Maria


    Maria, thank you. I have to agree 🙂 OTK with mini skirts are the perfect combination


This is the perfect brunch attire and your tips are spot on! That mini skirt is beautiful and it looks great on you. I still don’t own an OTK boot and I love this one you own especially the fact that it’s low heeled. I am such a low heeled or a flat shoes girl! I hope you are having a great week so far and happy Tuesday! Maureen |


    Thank love. I am happy you love them. That’s why I love these OTK they are low heel and comfortable to walk in all day


Love this cute sweater! This look is so holiday cozy!


    Thank You Shauna, I have to agree with you 🙂 It is not only perfect for brunch but a change for all green, navy and red dresses in this time of the year


That skirt is so cute! You look ready for the holidays. Can I also say how much I love the volume in your hair? You look just gorgeous!


    Ruth, Thank you so much. Super sweet of you my friend. I try to take care of it as much as I can.


That’s such a cute skirt and I like your cosy cardigan and statement necklace with it! :)Hope that you are having a good week so far! Our heatwave has finally ended which is a relief! :)<a href=””>Away From The Blue Blog</a>


    Mica, Thank you. I am glad you like them. They were easy to style. It is already snowing in here 🙂

    Have a great day my friend

    Thanks Mica .I am glad you love them. They are my favorite


Oh yes, I wear skirts all year! Almost never wear trousers. And how much fun is brunch with friends! Enjoy!


    Yay for skirts. Twinning 🙂


loved your skirt, OTK boots are both warm and super stylish


    Thank you Priya. Glad you love it


This is a beautiful skirt! I am jealous that the weather allows for a mini in the winter. Great look! xx,


    Awhh with good layer under you can beat the weather 🙂

    Thanks ELise

Love the mini skirt with the over the knee boots. Great styling!


    Thank you Michelle. I am glad you do. I love how comfortable the shoes are to be worn all day.


Love this outfit! That skirt is so cute on you! I like to wear my skirts with OTK boots in winter too!


    Laura, thank you so much. I agree they are the perfect combination


Ooh this is such a cute skirt! Perfect styling for colder weather! Gina || <a href=” “>On the Daily Express</a>


    Thank YOu Gina, I am glad you like it. I have to agree. It is so comfy to wear skirt with OTB in winter


Skirt and OTK boots always makes a great combo. And you’re rocking it dear! Love the pattern on your skirt, such a chic touch.Jessica | <a href=””></a>


    Thanks love. I am glad you do


This is such a cute look for brunch! Your skirt is so pretty! The OTK boots are perfect to winterize your mini skirt! Jill – <a href= title=Doused in Pink>Doused in Pink</a>

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    Thank you jill my friend. Aren’t OTK great in winter 🙂

Anna Shirley

Such a great pictures – you against the brick wall. Love it. Another girly and cute look, Rama. Love it!


    Thank you Anna. I am glad you do. It is hard to find a nice empty place to show off my picture. So when I found this place it is like I found a million dollars :P.

Jessica A Jannenga

Love the warm tones in your skirt, the print is so pretty! I enjoy wearing mini skirts with OTK boots too, its a great style! I love that your boots are flat too. The grey cardi is beautiful too, love the length with the mini! Beautiful!thanks for linking!jess


    Thank you Jessica. It is perfect to pair a mini skirt with OTK boots ;). So happy you love everything <3

Nahid Akhter

Nice outfit & you look beautiful. Thanks for sharing with us.Nahid |

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