Women Fleece sweatshirt: stay warm & cozy without sacrificing style.

Hello, fleece friends!. Over the last few months, Fleece trend has entered a new phase. A phase of transformation from “daddy sweatshirt” or in my case husband sweatshirt to wear at home to trendy one wear everywhere. In fact, Fleece has its moment in fashion and with so many different styles from pullover, jacket to sweatshirts. We start to see it trending everywhere. Even more, It becomes a fashion trend that we could dress up or down. Therefore, let’s talk about women fleece sweatshirt and how you can wear it with a style.

Women Fleece sweatshirt : stay warm & cozy without sacrificing style.

Women fleece sweatshirt is a soft sweatshirt I want to stay in all day, especially on winter days. However, when it comes to style it without sacrificing a trendy fashion look, we struggle. Right!. Hence, It is that oversized fleece style we connect to lazy days at home. But late last year, fleece has seen an increase in popularity. Therefore, the fashion industry takes notice and tweaked the style to make it a runway-ready fashion and even work worth one. Thus, if they can wear, darn sure we can too.

Women Fleece sweatshirt : stay warm & cozy without sacrificing style.
Women Fleece sweatshirt : stay warm & cozy without sacrificing style.
Women Fleece sweatshirt : stay warm & cozy without sacrificing style.

Women fleece sweatshirt and how to incorporate it into your style

The women fleece sweatshirt is functional, comfortable sweaters that look good over anything. Thus referring it to fleece as snuggle daddy sweater item is a thing of the past. Thanks to the variety of colors and styles, you can ace the fleece fashion for an everyday look without looking like you are about to go to sleep. Thus if you are wondering how to wear women fleece sweatshirts for every day, then check my list below.

Women Fleece sweatshirt : stay warm & cozy without sacrificing style.

Wear women fleece sweatshirt with tee and jeans

The obvious comfort way to wear your fleece is to wear them with your basic jeans and tee. Any jeans color would work with your fleece. Just make sure to wear a dark one if you go with light colored fleece. It complements your style if you ask me. If you want a bold trendy look, then choose a color that contrasts your outfit such as orange, yellow or animal print. To spice things up, wear bold sneakers with it such as the sneakers I wore with my athleisure outfit. Or dress it up with OTK boots such as the one I wore in my brunch outfit.

Over a tailored skirt for work

A women fleece sweatshirt does not have to be casual. Hence you can add extra sass to your work look by layering fleece over your top and pair it with a skirt of your preference. In fact, the fleece sweatshirt can work as a jacket especially if it is a fleece with a half zip to show the color of your top. Your look will ensure that things don’t get too dressed-down at work. If you doubt they might, just take the fleece off .

Women Fleece sweatshirt : stay warm & cozy without sacrificing style.

I styled my fleece I bought from Tjmaxx with a mini knit black skirt. Unfortunately, I cannot locate the brand anywhere. Therefore, if you scroll all the way down, you will see other women fleece sweatshirts. Further, the extra plush fleece on this oversized sweatshirt along with the cute neck style gives it a runaway look. I have to admit. A few years ago, I didnot dare to wear fleece sweatshirt to work. Maybe it is the style or it was not as common as I see it now. I am so glad now, it is possible to wear this stylish outfit for a colder month to any occassion even to work. You can just take off the sweatshirt at work or leave it on depending on your dress code at work.

Luxe it up with your tailored pants

What’s nice about the fleece is that you can treat them the same way you do to your coats. Unlike regular coats, fleece is extra plush, warm and soft against the skin. In fact, It is more like having your favorite blanket with you. Thus, If you like to look trendy and stylish at the same time at work, throw on your fleece. Even better, rock a camo print fleece over your top and pair it with a suit pants. In addition, It is a great replacement for the boring black coat you wear each year to work.

Wear it with leggings

For a more relaxed look, take your leggings out and style them with your favorite fleece. Choose your fleece with a hood or quarter zip for a more trendy look. Moreover, pair it with combat boots or high heels for my dressy look. Choose high heels ankle boots as I did in this look. In fact, high heels ankle boots amp any outfit instantly especially if they have comfortable heels. While in my look, I choose to wear it with a tight. The tight is cheer black with a hint of gold from express. Also, you can totally put on your leggings and get rid of the skirt and the tight for a change.

Women Fleece sweatshirt : stay warm & cozy without sacrificing style.

With jogger pants or active wear

If you are going for a walk or going shopping and need to keep yourself warm while doing so. Then wear it with your workout pants or better jogger pants. Besides, you can add a scarf and a hat to create an adorable athleisure outfit. The look will look polished and sharp. For instance, you can mix trends by pairing your black running tights with your camo print fleece and don’t forget to add your sneakers and hit the road with style.

Finally, Do you love your fleece that you wish to wear it with any outfit of your choice? you can now!. With my fashion ideas, you can wear your women fleece sweatshirt without sacrificing your style. Thus, next time you get your hand on a fleece don’t keep it for home, wear it outside with pride.

Also, let me know how you style yours in the comment below or tag me on Instagram or Hashtag your look with #chez_rama. I would love to see how you style yours. Tag chez_rama on Instagram and I will share your look and don’t forget to follow me for all tips and trick to style your outfit, hair and more.

Women Fleece sweatshirt : stay warm & cozy without sacrificing style.
Women Fleece sweatshirt : stay warm & cozy without sacrificing style.

Have a great Tuesday!.

You can elevate any outfit to the next level by incorporating one or more trend capsule to it.

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You are the first woman that makes fleece sexy! Good job!


    Thank you Nancy. It is sweet of you to say.


So sexy and sassy! Looks really lovely on you dear. Jessica | <a href=”http://notjessfashion.com”>notjessfashion.com</a>


    Thank you gorgeous Jess. sweet of you

Natassia Crystal

Looking great in this outfit!! :)Love those tights!! 🙂


    Thank you Natassia. glad you love them <3

Maria | passion fruit, paws and peonies

My daughter loves wearing fleece. I can so see her wearing this. She love the cosiness! Love your fabulous tights! xx


    Thanks, Maria. I cannot wait to see her wearing one like this :). I bet she will rock it like a star

Angela Johnson

I love the way you paired your fleece sweatshirt with a black skirt, You have definitely given me some ideas.


    Thanks, I am glad I did

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