Workout at home: Tips to get you motivated in winter

Hello, Winter land!. We are a few weeks in the first year. In fact, the winter storm started to hit us making it hard to step out of the home. For sure, Getting to the gym or working outside becomes impossible. Whether the weather stands in your way to go to the gym, or maybe you have limited time during the day thanks to winter daytime saving, or probably you are financially aware and you do not like to invest in a gym membership. The best solution to stay in resolution plan is to workout at home. But, you don’t know how to motivate yourself to work out. Today, I am sharing how I work out at home and things that keep me motivated to stay active all year long.

Workout at home: Tips to get you motivated in winter

Workout at home – Best tips that keeps me active

The best thing about working out at home is that you can do it with your convince time while nobody judging. Besides, My favorite thing is that I put music on and start working out along with jamming to my music. No more getting sick from someone’s cold or flu. In addition, I don’t have to spend two hours; getting ready, driving the car, doing a few exercises, taking a shower and stepping out of the cold to get back home. Thus, I started looking for ways to work out at home while stying motivated to do it every day. After so many research, I found my way and I am super excited to share them with you

Workout at home: Tips to get you motivated in winter

Follow a good youtube channel

My first challenge was to find a workout I love and stick to. So, I started a search journey on youtube for all kind of workout since it is free too and click away from my phone, pc or even my smart tv. Some were too intense for a beginner like me, others were a joke.

Workout at home: Tips to get you motivated in winter
Workout at home: Tips to get you motivated in winter

Till I finally encountered fitness blender youtube channel. I love that this channel has everything for everyone. You want a workout for busy people, you got it. You want a HIIT workout for your abs, legs, hands, etc. They have it. Also, they have stretch and yoga exercises. Amazingly, this youtube channel not only helped to tone my body but it taught me how to properly do each exercise. And now, whenever I do not have time to go to the gym, I just follow one of their youtube videos for max 30 minutes and I am done.

Warmming up and coolling down

Workout at home: Tips to get you motivated in winter

Many people don’t pay attention to how important warming up and cooling down exercises are. Once they skip it, they will become so sore after one regular exercise and eventually give up. Warming up helps the body prepare for the workout making it enjoyable while cooling down lets the body recover gradually. Now, these exercises would n’t guarantee “no sore day” the next day. However, It will make it tolerable. I love fitness blender warm up and cool down exercises. Which gets me to my next tips

Dehyderate more

Drinking water before and after exercise is essential, I talked about how water is important for healthy skin before. But this time to help recover and hydrate while working out. In winter, our consumption of water decreases since we do not sweat as much. However, If you want to have the energy to work out each day, you really need to consume water more than usual. Lately, I’ve been a little obsessed with electrolyte-enhanced water. Unlike regular water, electrolyte lets your body absorbs water quickly without the need to visit the bathroom constantly.

Workout at home: Tips to get you motivated in winter

Wear your sportswear- workout at home

I find out when I plan to work out, wearing my workout clothes pushes me to sneak in my workout easily. I usually workout either early in the morning or before dinner. Thanks to athleisure boom as I mentioned in my athleisure fashion look, it is now possible to wear your workout gear all day without feeling uncomfortable. Thus, when I plan to workout at home, I wear my workout gear and when I feel I am ready, I throw in my matt and work out. No matter if you work out on a carpet or mat, make sure to wear your workout shoes. A few months ago, I was talking with a friend, when she mentioned that she slipped on the floor while working out at home without shoes and hurt herself badly. Since then, I make sure to wear my shoes while working out.

Workout at home: Tips to get you motivated in winter

5-10 minutes workout at home

I make sure to workout at home every day during winter. However, There are days when I feel extra lazy and don’t have free time for full workout. Thus, I started to work out 5 minutes for the lazy days before breakfast. Actually, It was my husband’s idea. So when I don’t feel like working out, I set 5-10 minutes timer through my Fitbit watch. Then, I start by warming up by running in place for 20 seconds. Then I do 20 push up, 20 squats, 20 sumo squats, 30 lunges, and 20 glute bridge. Finally, I stretch my legs through a few stretching exercises such as standing Hamstring Stretch, and spinal twist. That way, I feel charged and energetic throughout the day without feeling guilty that I did not work out.

Note: unless you do not have a matt or carpet, you do not need to wear your workout gear or shoes for these kinds of exercises.

Invest in a fitness tracker

Previously I touched about the importance of fitness tracker in how to get motivated to work out in winter and I am tackling it here again. Firstly, most fitness trackers have few apps that not only tracks your time but also have some exercises you can follow. Additionally, It pushes you to work out and stays active during the day. The one I invested in is fitness versa. I love the girly style of this one especially the rose pink one. It is also so light and compact on my small hand. In addition, I don’t have to charge it every day. I charge it every 4-5 days.

let me know your tips and trick to workout at home in the comment below or tag me on Instagram or Hashtag with #chez_rama. I would love to see how you work out. Tag chez_rama on Instagram and I will share it and don’t forget to follow me for all the tips and trick to styling your outfit, hair and more.

Workout at home: Tips to get you motivated in winter

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Shannon Jenkins

Love this! I cant wait to get back to working out after baby!

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    Thank You shannon, I am glad you find them useful. Congrats again and I cannot wait to see your baby 🙂


These are great tips Rama! I work out at home every now and then especially when hubby is away since I am left with our son. I wouldn’t dare put him in a gym child care so I instead work out at home. My hubby bought me enough basic equipment that I can complete a workout if need be. I do agree that hydrating is essential as well as finding a workout that suits your individual needs. I find that I don’t think about the workout if I am really into it. Love your workout gear! Maureen |


    That’s amazing. We got few weight equipment and I forgot to feature them. While I love gym, I find working out at home more easy and we love to workout when we cannot step out of the house thanks to winter storms

jodie filogomo

I’ve started an online yoga program, and it’s so convenient. It’s easier when you have some accountability like a friend joining in too!


Such great tips! I have a fitness tracker and absolutely love it! It really helps me get more steps in during the day. I love your tip about youtube channel too! I need to check that out!

Melody Jacobs

I think following a youtube channel will help


    Yes, It is a great way to motivate yourself. There are so many amazing youtube channel that beat any gym trainer.

Sugar Lane

Cool tips, I’ll have to check that youtube channel!I’ve just returned from my blogging break ;)have a great weekend!S


    Thanks love, Welcome back. I cannot wait to hear all about it.


There’s a plethora of great fitness channels in YT out there. Great tips you have here dear! Jessica | <a href=””></a>


    Indeed there are. Glad you enjoyed them sweetie.

Anna Shirley

Great tips, Rama. To have my iwatch is helping me a lot to keep moving. Very

Bojana Krienke

Great tips. I enjoy working out but always like to try something new so in the dead of winter I am definitely going to check out the YouTube channel you suggested. I agree that warm up and cool down are so important especially as I age.

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